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SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 21st Nov 2017 10:04

If a picture paints a thousand words...how many for a video.
If there is any doubt that there was intent to deceive, and memories are getting jaded and views on her changing then I suggest a re-watch.

Oh, and Sam, you have a Private Message.

newsjunkie 21st Nov 2017 11:16

How ironic that a woman who has publicly described her avoidance of university studies, formal qualifications and modern technology and whose path to celebrity and acclaim has been facilitated by the patronage of a string of high net worth men should be touted as the "inspiration" for young women to pursue studies in STEM subjects.

clareprop 21st Nov 2017 13:36

Has G-KEST had his account hacked? That last post is a very abrupt 180.:confused:

piperboy84 21st Nov 2017 18:07

Originally Posted by clareprop (Post 9964507)
Has G-KEST had his account hacked? That last post is a very abrupt 180.:confused:

No CP I think G-KEST is just acknowledging what others who have attended TCT's public speaking events appear to have felt. Specifically, thats she's a very engaging and entertaining public speaker which in itself is quite a talent. Notwithstanding the probity of the subject matter she's presenting, her manner of delivery is well received.

Bottom line: She may be talking bollox but she looks and sounds the part. Kind of like that Weegie prat that does the history of Scotland show on the telly.

Checklist Charlie 21st Nov 2017 21:45

So, do we agree she is just a good talker (of perhaps "bollox")?

And that is all.


SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 22nd Nov 2017 15:09

Originally Posted by Checklist Charlie (Post 9965051)
So, do we agree she is just a good talker (of perhaps "bollox")?

And that is all.


That about sums it up. I watched the documentary and was suckered into believing it was all SOLO. Only later did the penny drop and all of the smoke and mirror tactics clear. Initially believing it to be just an unfortunate turn of circumstance but then, having dug a lot deeper, I see the deliberate acts of someone out to deceive; from the outset to garner funding and then later to continue the myth.

airpolice 22nd Nov 2017 17:10


Let's not forget that she didn't do it all solo, if you see what I mean.

She not only needed to be accompanied in the aircraft, she needed people on the ground, before setting off and afterwards, to raise the money and keep the lie alive.

I don't think she's the only person who lied. Clearly she's not the only person who eventually knew it was a fake, and kept quiet while it suited.

What we need now is more of the insiders to come out and expose the whole thing as a fraud. I'm not sure we will get any, but we do know they are there.

This is not a simple tale of a charlatan uncovered, it's deeper than that.

This was at some point, I would hope, simply a wildly over optimistic endeavour, which blossomed into a conspiracy to defraud. I suspect that when it became clear that it wasn't the right bus to be on, it was already going too fast to jump off, without some damage. Perhaps when that damage was weighed against still being on board when the inevitable crash came..........

Mike Flynn 22nd Nov 2017 21:41

What puzzles me is how pretty much all of the major aviation societies are ignoring the fact that the global press were misled in to printing this fake news story.

Which in turn led to the awards.

I fail to see what TCT has achieved for women in aviation apart from proving it can be easily done with a good bloke up front and bucket loads of sponsors money.

She may have a passion for biplanes in much the same way I have a passion for travel and nice hotels but let's face it ....we all do if someone else picks up the bill.

Has anyone in these societies ever asked her to justify the solo claims on youtube or the the solo backdrop to her speeches?


I must say I find that UN Geneva speech promo highly amusing. While it promotes her solo flights it also displays commercial pilot Ewald up front hiding from the press when they landed in Sydney.

Danny42C 25th Nov 2017 18:04

I think that our Tracey should certainly receive some sort of award for being the first person (AFAIK) to run up 4,000 Posts (and well on the way to a million 'hits') on this Thread, devoted to a single individual. As I've said, it has been the Best Show in Town.

Any suggestions ?

Once Bloke in a Biplane (and a Stearman to boot).

Mike Flynn 26th Nov 2017 13:50

Whatever happened to Caroline Frost and Lesley Hardy?

Dare I say two British commercial 'birds' on the flight deck 38 years before the term aviatrix was resurrected from the 1930's :ok:

In October 1977 ,under the command of Captain Caroline Frost and First Officer Lesley Hardy, British Air Ferries (BAF) operated its inaugural scheduled passenger flight from Southend to Dusseldorf. With this flight, BAF became the first British airliner to fly with an all-female crew.

Forfoxake 26th Nov 2017 20:16

According to other thread on pprune:

Lesley Hill (Hardy)
03/10/2012 Very sorry to say Lesley died a few days ago in Ireland. Peter her husband died a few years ago. Chris Barnes (ex pupil EMSF) 01538 702544

JW411 wrote on 21/2/17:

The last time I saw Caroline she was a training captain on the Airbus A300 with Channex.

Haraka 3rd Dec 2017 08:43

Tracey Curtis-Taylor Facebook
March 12 2017
The Sprit of Artemis wintered at 3G Classic Aviation in Austria/Hungary while I had been overseas for some time, missing most of the British winter. I will be bringing the bird back to the UK in a few weeks ..... ready for the next flying and airshow season.
Out of interest, apart from the USA cross country trip, has the good lady been seen in the U.K. flying and participating in this "airshow season" ?

Chris Martyr 30th Dec 2017 09:33

Please accept my apologies for exhuming remnants of the past , but it may have just slipped by without notice in some quarters , and I do feel that there is a relevance here.
But it is felt worth mentioning that the Bill Woodhams Trophy for 2017 was awarded at the recent LAA-AGM to none other than Colin Hales...:ok:

Considering the controversy over this particular trophy the year before , I feel that this is poetic justice indeed !

ChampChump 30th Dec 2017 10:36


Mike Flynn 31st Dec 2017 00:01

Thanks for the update Chris.

I cannot think of a more worthy recipient of the trophy than Colin Hales.

Meanwhile Tracey seems to have disappeared from the public eye. The last entry on her Bird in Biplane Facebook page was last May and the much heralded appearance at UK airshows never took place.

I can't find any evidence of 'outreach' either.

Any news on her flying biopic?

It surely must have been edited by now?

27/09 31st Dec 2017 00:47

Originally Posted by Jay Sata (Post 10005921)

Any news on her flying biopic?

It surely must have been edited by now?

I'm guessing once the editing was finished anything worth showing was on the editing room floor. Not much call for a blank screen these days. :\

Chris Martyr 31st Dec 2017 19:04

Originally Posted by Pitchpoller (Post 10005307)

Secondly, for not awarding it to an unworthy individual.;)

Well , ironically enough , I do believe that she does have an interest in vintage aeroplanes and the flying thereof and had there not been this smokescreen of lies and deceit then she would have been a worthy recipient of said trophy !

But there's no substitute for playing with a straight bat is there ? and she certainly learnt the hard way about that one.

But WtF , it's all water under the bridge now and one thing's for sure ! There will certainly not be any such shadows hanging over Colin Hales and I hope that the trophy takes pride of place on his mantelpiece.
May I also take the opportunity of wishing Colin all the best for his 2018 agenda.

And I think we all know what that is don't we................:ok:

Tay Cough 31st Dec 2017 23:05

On that note - and I write as a humble Ppruner on my second ID (certainly add ten years and probably add 1500 or so posts) - maybe it's time for the mods to have a look at today's date and perhaps lock this thread for posterity.

Justice of a sort (if that's what people feel it to be) appears to have been served and life - short as it may be sometimes, as I have found out to my cost recently - continues. As I've professed in the past, although perhaps not as prolifically as some, I'm no fan of TCT but equally I don't wish to see anyone disgraced unnecessarily. I believe the message has been effectively sent. Having read the entirety of this thread over the past however long, it would appear that one of the main protagonists in the form of G-KEST (sir! :cool:), agrees.

If the subject matter reappears in a dubious form in the future :=, in the way of this Pplace, I suspect a new thread will appear shortly afterwards.

Happy New Year. May all your take-offs equal your landings. :ok:

Chris Martyr 1st Jan 2018 20:28

Originally Posted by Tay Cough (Post 10006807)
I believe the message has been effectively sent.


Tay Cough old boy , I almost agree with everything you've said mate. This thread has indeed reached 'middle age' and as you say , the msg has been effectively sent . One small detail though is , has it been received !

It takes absolutely nothing to make a small post on here , we've all proved that ! And if the person in question was to just acknowledge that , this thread would die tomorrow !,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You can't tell me that she's not reading anything here , but because she chooses to ignore it , it just carries on.

Another point worth bearing in mind is , it's not just about Ms Curtis-Taylor , it is a merged thread and several other well respected and very worthwhile people within aviation have been acknowledged here , so with respect to them , I do not feel that the thread should just be locked off per-se.

Sure , if it was to fizzle out naturally , then fair enough , but not on one persons say-so.
Everything that Colin Hales has achieved [and he hasn't finished yet] has been done in a manner that Curtis-Taylor wouldn't even dream of , if she wants to REALLY network in the right places and wants to REALLY acquaint herself with folk who live , breathe and understand STEM , then perhaps she should stay tuned !
PS. SWB , check your PM's.

piperboy84 1st Jan 2018 21:53

How is Colin? Did he ever make it out of Japan? From the last news I read about him it was apparent that any anticipated ballroom dancing lessons would have to be cancelled or at least postponed.

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