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Chris Scott 12th Jan 2017 22:18

Re the BBC Radio 4 Midweek interview on 15 June 2016, this is what I made of it at the time, as posted on the AH&C thread:


At one point she distinctly said "...the two p..." [pilots], before correcting herself:

[listen at 12:18]

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 13th Jan 2017 00:34

She will have said it so many times that it has become hard-wired into her "let's talk about me" speeches. Watching the degree acceptance speech you can see on a few occasions she wanders off into familiar speaking territory, almost as if she is doing one of her talks.

I reckon that if you were to engage in conversation with her it would be a matter of minutes before she was recounting her solo exploits; in her head she believes it was a solo effort and so her subconscious takes over.

A bit of light relief for you all...

I don't know if any of you watch The Big Bang Theory. Watch the clip below where Sheldon has a problem with closure.


In much the same way that TCT feels compelled to say "solo" ever time she says "When I flew my Africa flight" or "when I flew to Australia" she doesn't get the closure she yearns for. When the chance to do so is removed she must struggle. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets away from the venue and screams SOLO, SOLO, SOLO. :E

Lafyar Cokov 13th Jan 2017 00:36

A slight aside here - but on Fakebook, have all the comments in reply to her "Press release" after the LAA rescinded - been edited to remove any 'doubters' and only leave those in support of 'The great Aviatrix'??

I didn't think that was the done thing..???

B70 13th Jan 2017 09:00

"A slight aside here - but on Fakebook, have all the comments in reply to her "Press release" after the LAA rescinded................"

I too believe that most of the negative comments have been edited out. The evidence is that, under 'comments', there are replies referring to earlier replies that have since disappeared. Are any of the computer whizz-kids able to take that back to an earlier screen?

A tangled web innit?

27/09 13th Jan 2017 09:02

Step Turn: As a Canadian, I'm rather embarrassed to be associated be reference by TCT, she sure does not represent personal qualities I recognize in mainstream Canadian private flying!
Similar sentiments would be echoed from New Zealand as well, especially from some of those ex military pilots that get mentioned so often.

Step Turn: I know only of TCT what I have read here, but my experience tells me that she would be an "avoid" for advanced type training. I would not be available to carry her luggage.
An astute assessment I'd say.

The Old Fat One 13th Jan 2017 09:04

I can't be sure, but it seems that some "cleaning up" of her Facebook Page has been carried out. There were previously plenty of comments (in the replies to acolyte comments) pointing out the facts as we know them, and they seem to have been removed. Again I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure only Facebook themselves can do this, so presumably the Bird in a Biplane has petitioned Facebook with a list of names she wants removed/blocked from her page on the basis that their comments are malicious or some-such??

I'm not sure this matters too much, because Facebook cannot be as easily manipulated as wiki seems to be, and ?possibly? her page is locked to all external wall postings now??

Certainly she is not posting herself. With the exception of the "official cover story" (25 October) she stopped posting 2 September. Ultimately this will drop her well down the social media ratings.

Interestingly if you type "Tracey Curtis Taylor" or "Bird in a Biplane" in toFacebook's search box (not Google's or your URL bar, but the actual FB search facility) you will find an endless splurge of "solo" material from all over the world, most of it in 2016.

clareprop 13th Jan 2017 09:26

Again I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure only Facebook themselves can do this,
If you are the page owner or an editor assigned by the page owner, you can hide comments, delete individuals and/or block individuals from further posting.

piperboy84 13th Jan 2017 09:31

TOFO you're correct FB has been scrubbed but it looks like it's only the replies, my post "A View Of The Gods, Solo" is still front and center under the Oct 24th statement. I guess FB policy does not allow for removing original posts. Unless of course the scrubbers think that was meant to be a compliment.

The Old Fat One 13th Jan 2017 10:13

cheers CP & PB84...my FB knowledge is getting quite dated, as I have weaned myself off it. :ok:

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 13th Jan 2017 10:44

5 Attachment(s)
I have been sent some more photos of the crash site in Winslow and a Lat/Long for it. Problem is that there is an error in the longitude figures so I have had to ask for clarification.

One thing that struck me looking at these images is just how lucky they both were irrespective of the cause. It is sad to see such images and one thing where I am in agreement with TCT, it really is testament to the ruggedness of the Stearman design. No matter what we feel about her exploits it is a beautiful aircraft, it saved their skin and I can understand her attachment to it.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 13th Jan 2017 10:48

5 Attachment(s)
I was sent 11 in total, one you already have seen here are the final 5.

topradio 13th Jan 2017 11:04

All the blue tarps to protect the names of the innocent ! Well nearly.

B Fraser 13th Jan 2017 11:14

They were both very lucky to walk away from it and for that, we are all very thankful indeed.

It looks far more like an accident rather than the "incident" that was declared on the report.

sharpend 13th Jan 2017 11:18

It was a good landing as they walked away from it :) I wonder if now she wishes she did not.

brakedwell 13th Jan 2017 11:22

If that was an incident I would hate to have an accident.

rugmuncher 13th Jan 2017 11:45

Originally Posted by B Fraser (Post 9639420)
They were both very lucky to walk away from it and for that, we are all very thankful indeed.
It looks far more like an accident rather than the "incident" that was declared on the report.

She called it a Crash in her post on F-book.

"Ewald Gritsch and his team of Hungarian engineers at 3G Classic Aviation have done the most stupendous job of rebuilding my Boeing Stearman after it was very badly damaged by a crash landing in Arizona in early May.
With the rapid and brilliant support of my global insurance partner, General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC Re), we were able to expedite the airlift of the Stearman back to Europe where the engineers have been working eighteen hour days to get it serviceable again."

I can't imagine it taking 18 hour days to swap a Mod-Plate from one of Ewalds Aircraft to another though.

Also, I wonder if General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC Re) had any stipulations or conditions in place regarding who could be Pilot and who could be passenger?

sophi 13th Jan 2017 11:54

Unsurprisingly that was not a very good day for Tracey. She could never have imagined the extent and magnitude of the repercussions that would follow.

robin 13th Jan 2017 12:13

Certainly going to put the mockers on any future sponsorship deals

Mike Flynn 13th Jan 2017 12:34

Clearly they were concerned about covering up the Artemis name. TCT seems unwilling to pose?

Ewald appears to be camera shy:{


SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 13th Jan 2017 12:47

The important thing to notice in these is that the GoPro cameras are on there.
Where is the footage from these?
I have no doubt that they will have been running as these form the bedrock of the documentaries.

It is possible it is being held back for the USA flight blockbuster.
If not and they showed things as described and the valiant effort to save the day then we would have seen footage by now - that would be video TCT could not resist in showing.

or maybe they showed something that was not as described in the reports and as such the cards have been put through the nearest shredder.

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