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Sir Niall Dementia 4th Jan 2017 10:35


This thread is umpleasant, but so has her behaviour been unpleasant. She has made false claims, has accepted awards for acts she did not carry out, various organisations have now tried to cover the fact that she and her team have pulled the wool royally over their eyes.

She is a fraud, a disgrace. You are rapidly becoming badly tainted by association and your preparedness to defend her actions.

I have met Ms T C-T a couple of times before her Africa trip, I didn't like what I met, I thought her a self serving, narcissistic publicity hunter. It seems my first impressions were probably right.

Cetainly when I asked a couple of pertinent questions she ignored me, but then I'm just a 30 year,15000 hour pro pilot unimpressed by someone who makes such idiotic claims, not a member of the upper echelons of either aviation or polite society.

Back before GPS was common place and I-Pads with SkyDemon were everywhere I flew several single engine aircraft from the USA to Sub-Saharan Africa, its' a logistical challenge, but not difficult. And I have flown a Stearman, again its' a challenge, not difficult, unless you are a below average pilot. But then with T C-T's accident record I suspect she is way below average on the piloting front, otherwise why would she need a 10 000 hour instructor in the front seat? Is it because EG saw her flying skills and was not prepared to let her loose alone with his machine?

I do hope we are spared any future aviation claims from this woman. I fly with some damn good lady pilots, but thats' what they are, PILOTS, not making claims to their greatness, or claiming the misogynist card every two minutes.
I personally found her speech to the LAA insulting, and it demonstrated her lack of knowledge of the LAA and the outreach it achieves.

Go ahead, defend her, just don't expect to ever be taken seriously again.


clivewatson 4th Jan 2017 11:18

Sad to read you're leaving Terry because I had a question for you. According to your logic Tracey and Ewald were not worthy of being joint recipients of any award. In retrospect I wonder which of the Wright brothers or which member of the Alcock and Brown duo you would have felt comfortable to deny recognition?

piperboy84 4th Jan 2017 11:37

Terry, you say there were "positive aspects to her flights" I genuinely can't see any. Breaking down the 2 aspects that would have made them positive or unique enough to merit an award, we know the solo part to be nonsense and the alleged outreach has borne no fruit so what are you left with? A junior pilot in a plane with an instructor burning gas on a very long cross-country?

Sam Rutherford 4th Jan 2017 11:44

I was drawn back into this by the "advertised in advance" claim.

Followed by:

"It was in her blurb for the trip and on her web site."

Given that both these claims are incorrect, I'll disappear again from this thread!

Safe flights all, Sam.

thunderbird7 4th Jan 2017 12:31

To put into context, a positive aspect of her flight was an interesting tv programe about flying through Africa in an old biplane which must have been bloody good fun (and a challenge - even with the support and backup) and put aviation on the tv. If she had just left it at that, it would have been actually quite good - just a shame she tainted it with stupid self aggrandising claims.

Maurice, it appears, is actually doing what she said she did and then some more, albeit not in a skirt. My beef with him is he appears to behave quite obnoxiously to anyone who isn't prepared to bend the rules like he does and puts flyers into the cowboy category.

I guess you just have to be loud and egotistical to get yourself in the news, unlike Colin Hales on his solo flight, stuck in Japan.

G-KEST 4th Jan 2017 12:43

Terry and I have been in contact on Facebook and I deplore that disgusting phone call he was subjected to by, possibly, a person who has followed this unpleasant saga on Pprune. I think his decision to leave this forum a sensible one since any posting from him merely fans the flames. I did suggest that if I should ever be unwise enough, at 78 years of age, to set up a new company it would be called 'Prat in a Pterodactyl'. I also offered to be his vigilant 'tail gunner' on this forum should any sensible NEW item appear which he might find relevant or be interested in. May we all enjoy a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year in 2017 and may peace descend on this thread.

9 lives 4th Jan 2017 13:10

Though I don't agree which some of what he says about TCT, I applaud Terry's initiative in expressing his position to a hostile audience. I respect his honour. The idea that Terry received a harassing phone call I find to be very poor - Terry has said he is not TCT's spokesman, and that deserves to be taken at face value.

individuals whose sole motivation appears to be to continue to discredit TCT. This negative thread continues to be very unpleasant about her, and also to anyone else who either speaks up for her, or attempts to point out the positive aspects of her two flights.
This thread has created enough of its own critical mass, that it has just become something to talk about in its own right. If TCT wants the thread to cease, she could simply, truthfully address the concerns raised, answer the questions presented, and probably nearly all of the discussion wind would be take from the sails of the thread, and it would fade away.

For her obvious skill in PR, she has chosen to completely ignore her peers here, and that is very conspicuous. Her silence is deafening, and the din has yet to die down....

clivewatson 4th Jan 2017 13:37

G-KEST. Long time no see, and I hope you are well.

It seems that Terry himself introduced the new information when he claimed "it was in her blurb for the trip and on her web site." Unfortunately Terry vacated the thread as soon as his claim was questioned.

I echo your sentiments in relation to any threatening phone call Terry may have received, but I'm sure many here would like to know precisely what "blurb" Terry read that everyone else seems to have missed - especially if the blurb he refers to influenced (as he claims was the case) any award nominating panel.

If Terry really did read blurb of this nature on any TCT website don't you find it strange that it no longer exists? Surely blurb of this nature would be useful as a solid piece of evidence to silence TCT's critics? If you are keen to act as his tail gunner perhaps you would be kind enough to field this?

Best wishes for 2017, Clive

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 4th Jan 2017 15:21

I agree with Airpolice, let us stay focused. I have written to the University again reminding them of their obligations under an FOI request. I have also copied my reply to the Vice Chancellor. Earlier requests from others were met with a "it is premature for us to act at this moment" type of response; I have suggested that maybe now is the time for them to reconsider their position.

As for the call to Terry, that is bang out of order, and it is regrettable that he has been contacted in this way and that he has now chosen to pull away from this thread. For what it is worth, even if you receive a "caller withheld their number" call, your service provider can easily identify the caller - the information is not blocked to them.

Picking up from the earlier comment by Above The Clouds; although it would be extremely damning if it were true that TCT scooted around the corner and, out of sight of everyone, she picked up Ewald at Farnborough. That did not happen, video of that departure clearly shows the Stearman with one person on board. He was certainly there on the ground though to see her off.

Oxeagle 4th Jan 2017 15:31

IIRC to access the aero club at Farnborough you have to go through the Qinetiq site which means that Ewald would had to had signed in at one of the security gates. Perhaps worth following up?

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 4th Jan 2017 15:42

Originally Posted by Oxeagle (Post 9629744)
IIRC to access the aero club at Farnborough you have to go through the Qinetiq site which means that Ewald would had to had signed in at one of the security gates. Perhaps worth following up?

A red-herring.
I am certain she left Farnborough alone in her open cockpit.

The Old Fat One 4th Jan 2017 15:48

see you later Terence, but go with this parting shot...

I served up to the rank of Squadron Leader on three squadrons, six tours, two wars, five thousand hours and most of the times assessed as "Above the Average"

Here's how professional aviators apologise (so you'll recognize an professional apology next time you see one, as you clearly don't at the moment).

Regardless of whether the room has one other, ten other, one hundred other aviators in it...stand up (on a chair if necessary), stick your hand in the air and proclaim loudly...

"sorry about that guys/gals". My **** up completely. I'll try and get a grip next time". First round is on me."

You don't need a **** ing PR team...just moral courage, integrity and a professional attitiude.

Most of the people on here, know exactly what I mean.

toodle pip.

Jonzarno 4th Jan 2017 16:09

I wrote the following post earlier today but didn't have a chance to post it. Since writing it, several other posters have made many of the points I wrote about but I still think it's worth posting.

One specific point: if anyone really did make an abusive or threatening phone call to TH: I think that behaviour is beyond disgusting. :yuk:

Here's what I wrote:

Those who have seen my earlier posts in this thread will know that I carry no torch for Ms Curtis-Taylor.


In his post 3151, Terry Holloway says that the Air League gave her their award for her Australia flight and NOT her Africa flight. Further, he says that it was known all along that the latter flight was never planned as being solo and that the award was given with full knowledge of that.

If true, that would provide a justification for one of the many awards she has received. Of course, people can form opinions as to whether it really was justified, just as they can argue whether someone winning a medal really deserved it.

He also said that there was a "blurb" to that effect that he saw before the flight. Sam Rutherford has asked for sight of that blurb and that seems to be a request that is both easy and important to fill.

Sadly, Terry's post also unleashed a number of attacks against him personally. With all respect to those making them, I have to say that this really isn't helping in the campaign to get at the truth: at best it is playing the man and not the ball, and at worst it just gives Ms Curtis-Taylor a smoke screen to hide behind.

I know Terry Holloway to be an honourable man, with flying experience way beyond mine and that of many of those who insult him. I don't agree with his apparent defence of Ms Curtis-Taylor's increasingly ridiculous refusal to face facts, but I respect his right to do so and believe that I can have that argument with him based on the facts rather than by seeking to belittle him for daring to argue his opinions and disagree with me.

IMHO we have a better chance of achieving the clarity we all want by sticking to pursuing the facts. As Sam Rutherford put it in his recent post:

"Can we keep away from the distractions for just a short while?"

I think that is a really good idea.

My £.02

piperboy84 4th Jan 2017 17:06


I too believe from what I've read on here that Mr. Holloway is an accomplished individual who is as entitled to argue his corner as anyone else is. That being said I must have missed prior posts where you say he's been subject to "personal attacks" and belittlement. All I have seen is counter arguments backed by proof that his statements in defense of TCT were incorrect.

And to totally belabor the point on which the awards were made, specifically "outreach" where is there a shred of evidence that any outreach took place? Sam was in charge of paying the bills on the Africa trip but hasn't mentioned writing any cheques for this purpose, Kelly, Artemis and TCT havent announced anything of consequence. In the absence of any verifiable proof I assume this was a scam also, albeit a highly rewarding and honoured one for the prime participant.

Fibbing about ones exploits to get medals is naughty, falsely claiming to have performed charitable acts of helping the poor and disadvantaged with a view to being publicly lauded for such is diabolical narcissism.

Jonzarno 4th Jan 2017 18:51

I must have missed prior posts where you say he's been subject to "personal attacks" and belittlement.

I don't want to quote individual posts here, but they are there for anyone to see.

I also don't want to argue with the other points you make as I pretty much agree with them.

My intention in posting as I did was simply an attempt to rein in some of the rhetoric aimed at TH, and to shine as bright a light as possible on the simple questions that Ms Curtis-Taylor continues to refuse to answer.

clivewatson 5th Jan 2017 09:14

To be fair to Terry Holloway as far as I can see the only thing the Air League bestowed upon TCT was a framed address.

The following awards will be made at the Air League Annual Reception to be held in St Jamesís Palace on 3 May 2016.
The Founders Medal to Major Tim Peake for his exploits in space.

The Gold Medal to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Air Cadet Organisation which was founded by the Air League.

The Scott-Farnie Medal (for achievement in the field of air education) to Dr Robert Pleming.

The Quill Medal (for work encouraging airmindedness) to Keith Williams, retiring chief executive of British Airways.

Framed addresses will be awarded to:

Tracey Curtis-Taylor for her flight in her Boeing Stearman open cockpit bi-plane from
Farnborough to Sydney in Australia.

Johan Wiklund, a Swedish commercial pilot who completed a solo unsupported flight in his
de Havilland Cirrus Moth from Sweden to Cape Town.

Howard Wheeldon for his distinguished work as an aerospace analyst and commentator.

My only questions to Terry are:

How is it that he managed to source "blurb" from TCT's website and PR team that ever stated it was planned as a dual sortie? I have seen nothing to indicate that this could possibly be true. In fact it was not until June 2016 that TCT published her now famous "clarification" statement.

Why, if it was known in advance by the Air League that Ewald would be the pilot accompanying TCT, was he not a joint recipient? Surely for a known joint effort this would have been the correct thing to do.

RomeoTangoFoxtrotMike 5th Jan 2017 19:45


TCT has made the following statement on her website :-

"In planning the expedition through Africa in 2013 there was an initial hope of a solo flight in the beautiful & original 1942 Boeing Stearman.

However, in the early stages of the flight this concept was intentionally and officially dropped as I and the Bird in a Biplane Team brought our flight planning and logistics increasingly in-house"

A question for you, if I may. At what point during your involvement with the BiaB project was that decision made, as far as you are aware ? Was it before you got involved, was it while you were still "carrying her bags", or was it after "the Bird in a Biplane Team brought our flight planning and logistics increasingly in-house" as she puts it ?


Sam Rutherford 5th Jan 2017 20:11

On the morning of the second day out of Cape Town (ie just before the third flight of the journey), when instead of leaving solo, Ewald jumped in the front. Nobody knew about it (neither I, the film crew or anyone else) until perhaps 20 minutes before... When it became obvious after a couple of days that this was the new 'normal', the sponsors were informed.

9 lives 5th Jan 2017 21:18

when instead of leaving solo, Ewald jumped in the front.
Ah, so it's Ewald's fault! I wonder what happened which caused Ewald to jump into the other pilot's seat of an intended solo flight by another pilot? I would think that TCT would have been resistant to that, as it would be interference with her planned solo flight! I'd be offended if another pilot decided to jump into an aircraft I was planning to fly solo, particularly when publicity was involved!

piperboy84 5th Jan 2017 21:28

This Ewald bloke is a serial jumper inner, didn't he do this soon after she left the U.K. departure point on her Oz trip also ?

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