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Saab Dastard 21st Feb 2014 00:39

Posting YouTube videos
It seems that this is proving inordinately difficult for people, so here's a simple guide:

First find the youtube video URL that you want to embed, for example:

Second, copy the string after the "=" sign, in this case

Now go to the post you want to embed it in and click on the "YouTube" icon (it's the one with YouTube written on it), not the Insert Link icon (the one with the globe and link).

This will create a pair of YouTube HTML tags with the cursor handily placed between them:


[YOUTUBE] | [/ YOUTUBE] (I've had to add a space to show this)
Paste your string above (remember, just the 44mw37d8LQw bit) into the space where the cursor is.

Job done, take a rest and admire your handiwork.

Please note that there is NO equivalent facility for Vimeo - I believe that you can only post the link to vimeo material.


treadigraph 12th Feb 2015 13:41

Thanks SD, just corrected one I tried to post a few days ago - job done indeed!

andy1977 18th Nov 2015 11:53

Thank you Saab Dastard!

I learned something new.

India Four Two 7th Dec 2017 02:44

I canít see the YouTube icon any more. What happened?

Saab Dastard 7th Dec 2017 19:24

IB techies have changed the way that youtube videos are handled.

The youtube icon is gone, because all you have to do is paste the URL into your post and it will automatically appear as embedded.


is all you have to enter - result below:

It also works if you use the "insert link" icon to wrap URL tags around it - see below:

[url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44mw37d8LQw[/ url]

The good news is that all existing YT videos that were embedded in the old way will still work, and manually wrapping YOUTUBE tags as described above will still work.



Even better news is that Vimeo clips can now be embedded as well, just paste the complete URL:




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