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kindupnorth 3rd Jun 2013 20:49

Furthest Traveled in a 150/152
Hi All,

I have just transitioned from club hire to owning a share of a cessna 150 !
Im not one to stay local but i am aware that a 150 is hardly a tourer.

Whats the furthest you have strayed ? Would your cross the Irish sea in one? (minus the tricycle gear/water somersault issue) :O

piperboy84 3rd Jun 2013 21:06

Im not one to stay local but i am aware that a 150 is hardly a tourer.
Why not? under 200hp, spamcans are all about the same, around 100MPH burning between 7 to 9 USG makes for a fine tourer, unless your planning on hauling a lot of sh*t the 150/152 does just fine, the longest leg you want to do before a break is about 3 or 4 hours anyway and that would get you a fair old distance up or down the country.

On Track 3rd Jun 2013 21:27

A year or two ago I met a pilot who'd just flown his C150 from Tasmania to the south island of New Zealand non-stop. That's roughly 900 nautical miles.

I must say it's not the way that I would choose to cross the Tasman.

welkyboy 3rd Jun 2013 21:28

A C150 was flown from UK to Australia about 25 years ago, is that far enough?

On Track 3rd Jun 2013 21:36

But I bet it wasn't non-stop!

IFMU 3rd Jun 2013 22:03

I have personally done about 268 NM in a C152, from KMMK to KBHB. then down to Portland ME all in the same day. Seemed ok, but I was a lot younger.

Big Pistons Forever 3rd Jun 2013 23:50

A friend of mine once did a 740 Nm non stop flight in his C 150. He had the long range tanks and a honking tailwind and ended up with a flight time of just over 6 hours.

Just the thought of sitting in a C 150 for 6 hours straight makes my butt start hurting :ugh:

XLC 4th Jun 2013 00:12

Some used C150's to cross the Atlantic Ocean as well.

Pilot DAR 4th Jun 2013 03:13

My longest flight in a 150 was Toronto to Brownsville, Texas - 3050 NM return.

Also Toronto to Freeport Bahamas return -2550 MN (50 over ocean), with my wife and two bikes, Toronto to Madeline Islands return - 1700 NM (60 over ocean).

And also Toronto to Florida, Kansas City, Winnipeg, and Edmonton.

A reliable and very economical cross country machine, if you're patient....

squawking 7700 4th Jun 2013 07:18

KUN - if it's the 150 that I think you've bought a share in it's certainly done it's share of long range trips, it may have been as far as Morocco, it's certainly been to France and the Scillies and back in a day.


Pace 4th Jun 2013 08:35


All manners of flying machines to far less capable aircraft than the Cessna 150 have flown around the world so there is no reason on Earth why a 150 should not either.
I learnt to fly 30 years ago in 3 150s and saw one of them still cruising the skies recently.
It was like meeting up with an old friend you have not seen for 30 years and felt very strange.
Enjoy your aircraft as they are great little aircrafts and a lot of fun


localflighteast 4th Jun 2013 13:27

how does 64 days sound ?

The world record longest flight in a single engine airplane | rnjennison on Xanga

Piper.Classique 4th Jun 2013 18:31

Why on earth shouldn't you go touring in a C 150? it's a very capable aircraft. Make sure you have at least a PLB for France. Enjoy!

kindupnorth 4th Jun 2013 19:41

It seems like i have a lot of catching up to do ! Ive got quite a few long distance trips planned this month, if the weather stays as it is of course ! :D

dieseldo 4th Jun 2013 20:47

Get hold of some of Chris Beltons trips in back copies of pilot magazine..

Rumania, Bosnia, Morrocco (edge of the Sahara), round the Baltic are but a few of her trips. Well written and always very entertaining.
Not seen anything from her in recent years although I hear her regularly on the radio.

Her aircraft being described on a flight plan as being white with orange tits!!!!!!!!!

The Flying Stool 4th Jun 2013 20:51

Flew EGNT to LFAT on a couple of occasions. Not a bad touring a/c really.

thing 4th Jun 2013 22:04

It's (with the standard tanks) got about 2.5-3 hrs with a sensible amount for divs etc depending on how hard you drive it. Depends what prop it has as well, a cruise prop will give you around 100kts cruise at 2400rpm. So you have about 300nm still air range which is a fair bit, your backside will give out a long time before the a/c.

jxk 5th Jun 2013 04:21

Wasn't there a 'marine' version of the 150 with long range tanks?

AdamFrisch 5th Jun 2013 05:19

I seem to recall there's an aux fuel tank you can install in the baggage compartment that holds 18gals. So if you happen to have the long range tanks factory installed (36gals?) you're looking at almost 54gals capacity. That should be enough for almost 1000nm if favourable conditions. Don't know if you can carry that much fuel with a pilot, though.

Pace 5th Jun 2013 08:28


It does not matter about W&B with the 150. They are unique aircraft not subject to such detail.
Even the flying clubs train in them overweight :ugh:
Do a W&B calc and you wont carry much in people or fuel


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