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Shelter 12th Mar 2013 00:13

From EU to China
Hi, we are group of Czech microlight pilots, who travel every year a long trip. For this year we have chosen China as our destination. Behind “EU borders” we would like to fly – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, China. Does anybody of you an experience with “small” flying within these countries? Habits, permissions required, AVGAS/MOGAS availability, VFR specifics, crossing Chinese border etc. …. I would appreciate any advice.
We have contacted AN-AVIATION company (AN-AVIATION) regarding permissions. Do you have any experience with them?


500 above 12th Mar 2013 10:15

No experience with AN Aviation, but the website isnt too professional. We use TAS for our Egyptian permits.

You should get in touch with Sam Rutherford at | p r e p a r e 2 go | come here before you go there. He operates light aircraft through Africa.

You will be aware that in China, you will be flying metric altitudes. Some (if not all) of the countries you mention could be 'challenging' to say the least, but not impossible.

This may help too.

Earthrounders: round the world flights in light aircraft

Oceanic815Pilot 12th Mar 2013 10:29

I spent four years in China with an airline so my GA knowledge of China is limited as is I believe that of most Chinese controllers. Metric altitudes will probably be the least of your worries. Flight plans must be filed well in advance and subject to military approval. Controllers aren't used to handling GA flights depending on where you want to go. Most airports probably won't have Avgas or limited availability at best. Use caution with ATC communications since I assume none of your group and that I the ATC controllers have English as their primary or native language.

The devil is in the details. Get those all worked out and enjoy your trip. China is a beautiful country.

Good luck.

Shelter 12th Mar 2013 10:53

Thanks a lot for the info!

Ellemeet 12th Mar 2013 23:20

Cool trip!!

I am very curious to see how this works out. Please post your tripreport.

silverknapper 13th Mar 2013 00:04

Agree with Oceanic.

Also some rules you'd never think of. For example in a foreign reg GA aircraft we were only allowed a limited number of flights inside China. It was 6 or 8, can't remember. Most airspace is controlled by military, GA is an alien concept. Unless you're flying to large airports I'm not sure how you will stand language wise. We needed a nav for a lot of stuff. I wouldn't like to guess how Vfr microlights will be received.

Best of luck.

Shelter 27th Mar 2013 22:08

In case we exactly fly, we will put our experience on Dragon Expedition - Expedice ultralehkými letadly do ?íny (for sure in English ;)).


Shelter 27th Mar 2013 22:14

RE: silverknapper

Yep, it looks like very difficult in China. We are just going through discussions on their embassy. Anyway, starting at Egypt we have to forget any VFR and we have to fly IFRlike (for sure declared as VFR). 2 of 3 are IFR certified pilots, so it should be no problem and all microlights are fully IFR equipped .... We have similar experience from Greece and Turkey, where flying IFR routes and SID/STARS makes life more easier. It's "just" about caution regarding weather as we have to remain VFR (more/less) ....

quilmes 29th Mar 2013 01:41

Cigarettes & Chocolate
Coming from Bearsden, I've noticed that anytime I go somewhere stupid those static bus conductors ([frontier] gov't employee; blue shirt, epaulettes & most likely a moustache) are looking for a little acknowledgement of their status.
Irritatingly, I've had to pay US Dollars to leave their idiot country.

If you can manage to carry a few sleeves of 200 Marlboro & some half bottles of malt whisky, it may well prove handy over the route to ease the passage when necessary. Additionally, very simple EU chewing gum & sweets gifts seem welcome with far away folks.

May well be it's now 2013 for sure, but possibly still kindergarten trophies are needed for these people ~ probably a little Toblerone or Lindt would ease some issues in passing as well. Guess now maybe it's microSD cards pre-loaded with the most recent Top Of The Pops that'd be.....?

John Reid's foolishness has now meant I can't take a small bottle of Buckfast in my hand luggage these days, so I'm sunk good style with Johnnie Foreigner ~ for it's a new friend maker absolutely.

Gonnae post any prep work in OK-land videos?


magpienja 29th Mar 2013 10:36

Hi Marek sounds quite an adventure,

I have just finished reading a book by a British flexwing microlight pilot...Dave Sykes....he made the flight from the UK to Australia in 2011...going through most of the countries you mention...he was badly delayed by weather amongst other things,

His web site is Solo Flight Global

His book is well worth reading and I'm sure if you contact him he would be happy to give advice of his problems in counties you maybe crossing that he had experience with.

His flight was all the more amazing when you consider he cannot walk and took his wheelchair with him.


XLC 30th Mar 2013 01:51

For China you will need much more than going there just for your own fun; you are flying single engine planes/microlights and that is more or less a no go for the time being. The only way for you is to get a major exception, and expect that you will have to fly with "safety pilots"

Prepare also a fair amount of cash to buy your way out of some countries (China is actually quite clean for that matter and so are Myanmar and Thailand) ; as far India is concerned arm your self with an extra load of patience

It seems to me that the least expensive and most effective way to achieve your journey is if you turn it into a valuable event with proper press coverage and official support in some form of another.

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