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caroberts 10th Oct 2012 18:39

Renting aircraft in Turkey (Istanbul/Bursa area) ?
Does anyone have any recent experience or info that could help me in renting a C172, PA28 or similar in the Istanbul area? I'm going to have a trip there shortly and would like to do some flying as the driving times are huge.
Have seen the archive info...

007helicopter 11th Oct 2012 07:09

Bursa which I visit from time to time I think you have ZERO chance, in Istanbul a better chance but the only outfit I know is Top Servis Havacilik -Top Air-Cirrus Uaklari Trkiye Satis Merkezi

caroberts 16th Oct 2012 16:53

Thanks - I'll let you know if I get this to work...reminds me how easy the USA is....

007helicopter 16th Oct 2012 17:57

reminds me how easy the USA is....
Lets just call it chalk and cheese, will be interested to here how you get on.

I got involved in Helping some business suppliers in Bursa to look for a plane to import , in the end it fell through but I recall him telling me there is a military airport in or near Bursa that is being opened up for GA so it may be worth doing a bit of research to see if that ever happened.

caroberts 30th Nov 2012 06:07

The most helpful response was from the Istanbul Aviation Club at Sabiha Gokcen Airport www.ihk.org. By the way they have a T34 in their fleet.

No response from Top Air.

Rates seem roughly comparable with European rentals.

Another tip if visiting Istanbul is the Air Force Aviation Museum at the southern edge of Ataturk Airport. There was a great deal of info on early flying in Turkey and they seem to have been blessed with a greater diversity of competing countries' aircraft than most.

As it was the weather forecast was so bad I decided to rent a car- and then had poor enough visibility over the mountain passes to struggle to remain on the road.

I have really enjoyed visiting Turkey and look forward to a holiday there, rather than rushed business trips.

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