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JAJW 12th Sep 2012 09:34

What's Your Favourite Weather to Fly in?
The title says it all. What's your favourite weather to fly in?

Are you a warm sunny day pilot or a cool crisp winter night pilot.

It would be great to see what the general consensus is.


BackPacker 12th Sep 2012 09:40

Well, since we don't get to pick and choose, normally, I'd say anything VMC is fine. A bit better than marginal VMC for aerobatics.

But the best memories I have are from those crystal clear winter days just as a cold front has passed through and dumped a lot of snow on the ground. Magic.

(And extra sweet since flying is also a reward for spending an hour outside in bitter cold trying to get the plane clear from all snow and frost.)

Pace 12th Sep 2012 11:26

I am not a great lover of cloudless skies as the whole scene becomes a bit bland!
I prefer cloud to add its own scenery to the stuff on the ground!
Flying around huge mountains of dramatic CBs can be amazing as can dropping down through multiple layers of sunset tinged clouds can also be amazing.
Flying over a solid deck close too gives a sense of speed.
For me the scenery of clouds holds equal importance to what is on the ground.
Ground scenery as you climb flattens and even mountains like the Alps which are so spectacular close too diminish to a flat insignificance when I fly over them in the jet at FL380.
Then we go to the challenge of weather flying? Breaking out at minima? Icing and storm avoidance? Finding smooth air for PAX.
In the jet the challenge of minimising the effect of headwinds and jetstreams ?
I must admit to quite liking the unusual buffeting you get around jetstreams.
The challenge of weather and reading it as well as dealing with it brings its own thrill factor :E


Dan the weegie 12th Sep 2012 11:33

I like flying in all kinds of conditions, this year I've been enjoying flying round CBs and through wee gaps in clouds to avoid rough air.

When I'm flying for me I like a tailwind for going places and nil wind for bimbling.

Genghis the Engineer 12th Sep 2012 11:34

Depends what I'm doing.

Long trips in IMC are demanding but a lot of satisfying fun.

Bumbling around in perfect cloudless VMC on a warm sunny weekend, is aso tremendous fun, especially in an open cockpit.

I don't like icing!


Pace 12th Sep 2012 11:52


If there are no clouds then low and slow in a light aircraft :E The lower and slower the better or maybe low and fast? The ex car racer in me :ok:
Always remember flying an RV6A which belonged to a friend over the Welsh mountains literally flying over deserted country and forests at tree top and then flying low over lakes and banking around rock faces with the wings a few feet away magic. :E :E :E
Sorry delete all the above do not do it!!! 2200 feet VFR only :ugh: yawn :rolleyes:


Pilot DAR 12th Sep 2012 12:53

Of course, if you really want to get somewhere VFR, the more clear the better.

However, my favorite weather to fly in just around home is just when the winds begin to calm and the rain has stopped, after the passing of a thunderstorm. The mists, clouds, and character in the sky is amazing to appreciate. Similarly, I enjoy flying in the mists of the crack of dawn....


Picking through the morning fog in the mountains of British Columbia (turning back was always an option...)


And, my wake in the fog, parallel to my runway....


dont overfil 12th Sep 2012 13:52

Crisp clear moonlit night with snow on the ground.:ok:


AndoniP 12th Sep 2012 14:15

as I don't have my Night Qualification yet I love flying first thing in the morning. lovely, clear and calm and a bit cooler.

foxmoth 12th Sep 2012 17:21

Best has to be flying an open cockpit when it is nice and clear plus warm enough to fly in shorts and tshirt (and Idealy from a field that is non radio so you can leave the hat on the ground) :ok:

Unusual Attitude 13th Sep 2012 08:16

Depends what I'm flying.....

Cassutt - Warm summer day since I have no heater, no wind or maybe 5-10kts down the strip, sunny and lots of scattered puffy clouds to play in.

TriPacer - Windy, bumpy and Gusty crosswinds so I can give myself a bit of challenge....

C172 - Cool crisp winter night, climb up to 10k, turn the radio down and admire the view!


FlyingLapinou 13th Sep 2012 08:40

A night full of stars. Smooth. Alone. Pure magic. :ok:

FirstOfficer 13th Sep 2012 08:48

Great Pictures Pilot DAR.

I am still learning, so limited weather wise hehehe :O but I do tend to book all my lessons as early as possible in the morning, I like that cool, calm environment coupled with some, but not too many clouds and the green fields of England. :ok:

JAJW 14th Sep 2012 07:57

Some great pics on here. I like the idea of lying above the morning mist, although no IMC or IR would limit me a bit!

Unfortunately my instructor didn't do early mornings so I never had the joy of a crisp, calm and quiet morning. Now I have my license I will definitely get up just before sunrise and give it a go.


BackPacker 14th Sep 2012 08:21

I like the idea of lying above the morning mist, although no IMC or IR would limit me a bit!
Actually a layer of morning mist might be one of the trickiest conditions to fly in, if you don't have an IMC or IR.

The mist might look doable from ground level because you can see blue-ish sky and a watery sun above. So you take off and find that the only thing you can see is mist, with virtually no ground features (apart from the occasional high mast or other high feature) visible.

Furthermore, as the sun comes up and starts heating up the ground, that mist layer may rise a bit and become an OVC002 layer for half an hour or so, later becoming BKN005, then SCT010, then FEW020. But do you have the patience and fuel to wait that out?

mad_jock 14th Sep 2012 08:37

-5 to -10deg CAVOK viz 50k calm winds.

Scottish mountains covered in snow.

If flying for myself

Work 15knt x wind cloud base 900ft into clear blue skys by 5000ft temp 15 degrees or lower, no rain or snow, viz 1.5k-3k but not LVP's.

For work.

An occassional 40G65 RVR 550m in snow with a couple of windshear levels with a rollercoaster down the ILS or NPA (increase the RVR mins though) is quite enjoyable. But everday for a week becomes more of a stamina test than anything else.

Pace 14th Sep 2012 09:07

Thunderstorms can be fun :(

Watch your C150 climb at 2000 fpm shake around like you never did on the disco floor, duck the projectile vomiting from your PAX. All great fun!
The occasional lightning strike is great too! Means you get tranquil peace from the usual ATC chatter as all your radios go into crackle.
Lightning strikes are great for teeth whitening and giving your hair that extra body and lift as well making you look the part when you do take to the disco floor.
For you adrenaline junkies the icing buildup can be really amazing to watch and certainly adds a challenge to the handling qualities of the aircraft.
Above all when you come out of the CB you can always turn around and go back in for another go:D beats fairground rides hand down.


mad_jock 14th Sep 2012 09:21

Don't forget the st elmo's fire playing all over the windscreen.

BackPacker 14th Sep 2012 09:39

Pace, that reminds me of one weather type I have not encountered so far, but still like to experiment with (honestly).

The type of weather where it's bumpy as hell, and a great day for soaring. So great that you can soar in a SEP spamcan with the engine shut down and the prop stopped, hopping from one thermal to another.

(I do wonder about how the billing is going to work out though... 0.3 on the tacho but a flight time of two hours...)

mad_jock 14th Sep 2012 09:55

Your not missing much Backpacker.

I would be quite happy to never go in one again.

You know when its been rough when you take off the harness and it pings off when released after you have pulled it in 20 odd times during the last flight.

Then when you try and put it on again the seat has expanded again and you have to slacken it off to get it fastened again. Shoulders are aching where the straps have dug in and elbows are black and blue banging off the back of the arm rest.

And I have had a gliding converstion student in a tommy gain 1000 ft and travel 20 odd miles while doing a PFL.

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