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irish seaplane 20th Jun 2011 14:26

Any Scottish Strip Flyers here?
Looking to see if there are any scottish strip flyers here, interested in hooking up with us on our Strip flying tour of Scotland this summer. We're flying a C180 on 8.50's and are looking to explore all the places accessable for STOL A/C and any off airport sites. Have one or two good contacts, but anyone who flies with "nothing on the clock but the makers name" ;) then drop us a line.

We can receprocate the same local knowledge for Ireland, so send us a PM if your in the game.



Them thar hills 20th Jun 2011 17:13

Have a look at the Highlands Strut website. It's a good starting point.
Scottish strips are closely guarded.......

FleetFlyer 20th Jun 2011 18:07

Make sure you have your catering sorted as 'You'll have had your tea"!!

Seriously though, if you happen to stop in at Berrier in the Lake District then please let me know how you get on as I may stop in there this summer and I'm keen to know what its like.

Maoraigh1 20th Jun 2011 20:41

What's your required length? There are some Highland microlight strips I won't attempt, to whose owners I could mention your request.

irish seaplane 20th Jun 2011 21:07

Anything down to 200m is doable depending on the day/load. Have a few shorties in mind already. If you can put us in touch with anyone through a PM it would be great.

LAA Highland Strut was a great suggestion. Will try hit one or two of the events and meet the local operators.

Good times....

Oldpilot55 20th Jun 2011 21:32

Try Perth, Cumbernauld and Strathaven on a Sunday.
LAA guys also meet at Cumbernauld on a Thursday.
Sometimes, well everytimes, the weather gets in the way, but you are Irish so you know that.

Crash one 20th Jun 2011 23:48

LAA East of Scotland Strut Fly in barbie 25/26 June, this weekend.
Kingsmuir 620metres well cut grass.

Tinstaafl 21st Jun 2011 02:07

Out Skerries in Shetland. 381m. The other Shetland out islands are all around 450m or greater. Mainland Shetland 750m or greater

S205-18F 21st Jun 2011 08:06

Hi I fly out of Thornhill near Stirling. It is grass and reasonable, Sue the owner has a Stinson and George has a Cub there are a few other aircraft including a mad mental europa monowheel!!!! The field is marked as a microlight site on maps and is just North and slightly West of Cumbernauld EGPG. Strathaven is also grass and short but ok so is Strathallan. Glenforsa on Mull also Bute! PM me for more info.:ok:

Flyingmac 22nd Jun 2011 09:55

There's East Lochlane,Balado, Glendoe, Insch and Feschie. All 182able.

NorthSouth 22nd Jun 2011 10:27

Jura's the one I've always wanted to get to but never had the right aircraft.

Tinstaafl 22nd Jun 2011 11:34

I've flown into Jura in an Islander when I was working for Loganair.

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