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Martin_123 29th Jun 2015 10:51

roughly around 2000 professional and 1000 ppls here in Ireland (ROI) so that's 0.065% or one in 1500

Flying Binghi 29th Jun 2015 11:18

via Jan Olieslagers #2:

Sorry, only a microlighter...
Unless yer a commercial microlighter i woulda thought yer still a private pilot even if your driving a powered parachute..:)


SidT 2nd Jul 2015 00:12

Don't forget about whales... some of them are pilots ;)

I'll get mi coat...

abgd 2nd Jul 2015 00:20

Nah, they're a sort of big dolphin.

Flying Binghi 2nd Jul 2015 05:58

via SidT:
Don't forget about whales... some of them are pilots
Apparently they didn't do the nav part at pilot school, they keep geting stuck on beachs..:p


kzinvogon 29th Apr 2017 02:01

Originally Posted by Fuji Abound (Post 6417468)
What does?

It makes you think we are a pretty special bunch really. ;)

and dont some of us know it. ;) ;)

Then again it is just a matter of money - it is not difficult really. I reckon you could train a monkey given enough time.

Sure if a monkey can do radio , - and turn up for a medical, bi-annual , etc etc . - you reckon wrong

mary meagher 29th Apr 2017 06:33

A lot, but how many would you trust with your life? Statistics.. vs currency!

Sam Rutherford 29th Apr 2017 08:26

Whales or Monkeys?

Ebbie 2003 29th Apr 2017 13:43

License is for life.

The right to use it goes with medical certification etc.

Looks like the number in US and Europe is about 1 in 1000 who at sometime qualified to fly powered airplanes - rest of the world would likely knock that down to 1 in 10,000 taking into those who no longer meet medical standards.

Oooh, aren't we all so special? ;)

Three Lima Charlie 29th Apr 2017 18:23

US (FAA) Pilot--Total 584,362
Student 128,501 (valid for 60 months)
Recreational (only) 175
Sport (only) 5,889

Private 162,313
Commercial 96,081
Airline Transport 157,894
Rotorcraft (only) 15,518
Glider (only ) 17,991
Flight Instructor Certificates 104,382
Instrument Ratings 302,572
Remote Pilots 20,362

Non Pilot--Total 652,943
Mechanic 279,435
Repairmen 34,411
Parachute Rigger 5,851
Ground Instructor 65,053
Dispatcher 19,758
Flight Navigator 67
Flight Attendant 212,607
Flight Engineer 35,761

Maoraigh1 29th Apr 2017 19:43

A very high proportion of instructors. And more than the number of commercial pilots.

India Four Two 30th Apr 2017 04:54

UK PPL A 10,576
I haven't re-validated mine for more than twenty years. Am I included in that number?

Sam Rutherford 30th Apr 2017 06:12

Yes, of course!

India Four Two 30th Apr 2017 09:19

So how long will they keep me on the list before they figure I'm dead or past it? ;)

Sam Rutherford 30th Apr 2017 09:23

I heard a long time ago that many ARE dead. The NOK rarely inform the CAA (not exactly on the 'list of things to do for probate') and the CAA are hardly going to research it.

I would imagine there's a system where you're automatically 'knocked off' at 100 years old or something (but even that could come back to bite)...

177 27th Oct 2018 21:16

Is there any statistics how many EASA pilot licenses issued each year?

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