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Kestrel 3rd Feb 2011 21:27

Ravenair announcement
Heard on the grape that there is meant to be an announcement forthcoming..anyone any idea what??

Sir George Cayley 5th Feb 2011 16:39

Well it won't be "every things OK so no worries" will it.

In light of the current economic climate, especially in the North, I fear the worst but hope for the best.

Some great people there from the top down - wish them all well.

Sir George Cayley

horsebox 5th Feb 2011 19:01

I believe that the aoc work had dried up a bit, but no idea how the flying school or engineering parts of the business are doing?

fisbangwollop 5th Feb 2011 21:15

Speak to you boys quiet often as you do the Pipe inspections over Scotland in the PN68..Hope all turns out OK for you all. :cool:

sammypilot 8th Feb 2011 18:26

Still waiting - or did I miss it?

gg190 8th Feb 2011 19:05

Going by the conversation I had with them today I think the announcement is that they are going to strictly enforce their no-credit policy from now on.

They've always had a policy of no credit, but in my experience it's never been strictly enforced. That's seems to have all changed today.

commander73 9th Feb 2011 11:51

Business as usual !


niknak 9th Feb 2011 20:45

Business as usual !

So Primo is about to come out of hibernation?:p

commander73 9th Feb 2011 20:48

Yes, been back for a while.

Hudson Bay 29th May 2011 21:29

More bad news from Ravenair. Flying school closed. Engineering facility closed. No standard 30 day payment policy. Anybody know who is in charge these days? Looks like the ship has lost it's rudder.

horatio_b 29th May 2011 23:39

Ravenair closing bar/clubhouse at Barton from end of this month City Airport - Airport News

BRL 30th May 2011 01:14

Already a thread running. http://www.pprune.org/private-flying...ol-closed.html

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