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Domi 8th Feb 2009 16:40

Jodel crushed by rock - who's that plane belong to ?

there is in Paris an expo of Jimmie Durham art.

We can see on a picture a brave Jodel completely destroyed by a rock in order to create what is called a 'work of art'. :suspect:


A big picture can be seen here : http://baimages.gulbenkian.pt/images...5795&img=34418

Does anybody knows more of the story of this german Jodel ?

Pilot DAR 8th Feb 2009 17:57

Perhaps this is actually "performance art", and the artist was fliyng the aircraft at the time the rock struck...

Pilot DAR

Them thar hills 8th Feb 2009 17:59

Aft CG
It looks like a case of use the rear tank first, once airborne !

Sir George Cayley 8th Feb 2009 18:03

Proof that obscenity is in the eye of the beholder:{

Mods, No don't delete otherwise I'd be accused of censorship:=

Pointless waste of an airframe in my view.

Woder if the artist would pose for my next piece?

European Man Squished by Old English Steam Road Roller?

Sir George Cayley

TheGorrilla 8th Feb 2009 18:15

Who's the artist? I'd like to throw some rocks at them!!


Islander2 8th Feb 2009 19:25

I'm appalled!

Why is it that pilots, of all people, who surely must have some affinity with artistic merit from the esoteric nature of their pastime, simply don't get it?

Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin, et al (amongst whose number we can now include the maestro, Jimmie Durham, apparently) are redefining what it takes to be a great artist.


I'm grateful, it means my 15-year-old will be able to keep me in the way I'd like to become accustomed (heaven forbid he'd actually need any artisan talent)!

TheGorrilla 8th Feb 2009 23:31

Cos it's a waste of a flying machine you muppet!

Like the same way that plonker hurst wasted a cows body... perhaps I should take a dump on a piece of cardboard and call that art too?

No? I dispair. Like with many modern artists pieces the first thing that enters my head quite often is: what a plonker! Who the fek can call that art and keep a straight face.

Sorry but... REAL artists = Turner, Rodin, Constable, Van Gough....

Pilot DAR 9th Feb 2009 00:22

I was in Toronto last week walking past a building (which I suppose the architect figured needed some flair. So somebody obviously arranged for the placement of a piece of "art" to add flair.

This "art" would be best described as several pieces of 2" think steel plate torch cut offcuts, carelessly welded together. It now sat on concrete, encircled by a rust spot.

But you know what, they can weld together scrap steel all day long and call it art, and I'll hold my tongue, if "artists" will stop defacing someone else's hard work, particularly apparently violently.

To make it worse, the "artist" squased a homebuilt aircraft, so it's someone's labour of love being insulted, rather than mass produced aviation art.

This guy gives the term "artist" a bad name. I hope every time he flies, he gets searched, delayed, bumped, bad meals, and turbulance. Oh, and lost luggage!

Pilot DAR

aviate1138 9th Feb 2009 06:27

The 'Artist' described. Anyone really understand what is being said?

" .......and since the ‘80s he was been creating strange objects, assemblages and installations that find their principal source in his Native culture, which he uses to deconstruct the stereotypes and prejudices of Western culture. For this reason he has already been recognized as one of the protagonists in the international current that has anthropology and so-called "postcolonialism" as its central moments of inspiration. He has participated in several international exhibitions, such as Documenta IX in 1992, and the 50. Biennale di Venezia. Ironic and shrewd, his work responds to the sceptisicm of Western culture for different beliefs and lifestyles with the recovery of materials and found forms: a plastic tube or a stick are not a serpent, but they can act as one, as they reanimate the situation they are placed in. Man is surely a part of nature that includes everything. However, postmodernly, couldn't the artificiality of certain materials that are integrated in his objects, the flirtation with kitsch of the common idea that one has of Natives and their culture, the history of the assemblage form, and the cross-reference with the "primitivism" of 20th century art, be keys to the irony with which Durham looks at himself as well? And doesn't this turn the prospective upside-down in an indication for the future instead of an impossible search for roots that are too buried by time?"

Maybe the 'Artist' should take the place of the Jodel?

Laundryman 9th Feb 2009 07:12

Maybe he found an old plane that was never going to fly again, I'm sure caravaner's must feel the same way about the likes of Hammond continually blowing up caravans.

kalleh 9th Feb 2009 08:47

This is what happens when you try to load you aircraft over MTOW

Adrian N 9th Feb 2009 11:41

I quite like it, and also like his rock on a car:


Slightly degenerate, perhaps, but interesting and memorable. Anyway, I'm off to see my Jodel now to promise it that I don't plan to crush it with a rock. ;)

mikehallam 9th Feb 2009 13:36

Surely he was just doing the CAA (over) proof loading ?

Or was it just too big to fit inside on the parcel shelf ?

{P.S. if an older casein glue job & parked in the damp, it could have been a failed G.Visite scrapper}

Anyway I did something similar to mine whilst still sitting in it though the rock was a stout hedge & it did worse damage !

Pace 9th Feb 2009 16:27

Art it is! aircraft? Not definately. Saw a piece of art where the artist had taken the moulding of a large white shark, made a fibreglass moulding of the fish and set it in the roof of a building.

The Shark looked as if it had fallen from the sky and embedded itself in the tiled roof :)

While it may have been a real aircraft then again maybe it wasnt?

Quite like that Salvador style art that puts something in a place you would not expect to see it in
Also had a farmer neighbour who had a field of blue flowers which looked like a lake. he cut two Dolphins out of sheet metal, painted them and fixed them in the field. The press pictured the scene and published it as art.


Domi 9th Feb 2009 16:47

Here is the Jodel in flying condition : "Photo of Jodel DR.1050 D-EDNF s/n 34"

It was D-EDNF, s/n 034, a DR1050 type.

Does anybody have access to the german registration files in order to find the former owner and the selling conditions of this aircraft ?

Pace 9th Feb 2009 16:58

Shame if a flyable aircraft was wrecked even for art :( Why not a mock up ? Lazy artist


miroc 9th Feb 2009 17:08

Would be nice to send the "artist" a link to this discussion.;)

hoodie 9th Feb 2009 17:42

Je ne parle pas Francais tres much, but the title of this piece is given as Encore Tranquillité.

Therefore, je pense he is just un NIMBY, and should be treated appropriately. :}

A and C 9th Feb 2009 18:23

It takes a very sad person to see this as art.

Pace 9th Feb 2009 18:44

It takes a very sad person to see this as art.
No it doesnt! The visual is art!

It does take a sad person to take a work of art like an aircraft which is a living flying masterpiece of art and reduce it to that :(

Companies use mock formula 1 cars as display objects but they are mock not real.

I do not understand this Artist having to use a real aircraft. he could have used his skills in building a mock and impressed more of us with his skills than pinching someone elses art (the aircraft) to use to stick his lump of rock on.


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