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Vone Rotate 21st Sep 2008 15:39

The next step after Le Touquet...
Hi people...

I went to Le Touquet last weekend and yesterday too (got the bug for going over the water now)!!

I was wondering where people recommend to go next time once over the channel?

I like to stretch myself slowly, not the kind of person who could just go anywhere and make it up as you go along. I was thinking of Ostend next time maybe.

I suppose what I'm asking is what other airfields in reach of a return trip from the UK in a day are as UK friendly as Le Touquet.....

Many thanks

DavidHoul52 21st Sep 2008 15:50

Do you mean Ostend?

vanHorck 21st Sep 2008 17:10

after my start as a PPL i did a weekend tour Norwich-Rotterdam-Brussels-Dahlemer Binz-Luxemburg-Charlesvile- Brussels- Rotterdam-Norwich. Full immersion as a way to loosen up on international flight.

The one which stood out was Dahlemer Binz, a german airfield with a good tarmac runway just east of the Belgian Ardennes in fab countryside (also en route).
Not sure if they have customs there, remember Europe is now mainly Schengen, so you may have to land at Oostende on your way down there

(Closer by you could go to Midden Zeeland or Texel, both grass strips in good condition)

LH2 21st Sep 2008 17:12

Pretty much anywhere in France within a comfortable range from your home airfield (or beyond, you could always overnight somewhere on this side of the channel).

One suggestion would be to get hold of the France trip kit from Jeppesen and corresponding VFR charts (or even the DGAC's VFR guide, which comes with two one-mils covering all of France metropolitaine). What I do is read the aerodrome information on the Bottlang, and whichever looks nice, that's where I fly, simple as that :)

France is quite possibly the most GA friendly country in Europe, and if you can do your radio in French (giving you access to the really small places) then you could just cut off your engine(s) pretty much anywhere in the country and glide yourself into an airfield, there is that many of them :}

gasax 21st Sep 2008 17:42

even cheaper - have a look at nav2000.com. Got really good information on french airfields and will do a PLOg and a whole lot more. Very useful for planning.

BackPacker 21st Sep 2008 18:26

Why limit yourself to a day trip? Take a weekend and visit Berlin Tempelhof while you can. It closes, definitely, really soon now - from memory the date is Oct 31st. After that there won't be any chance anymore to visit this epic airfield in full operation.

Zulu Alpha 21st Sep 2008 18:55

Try the Channel Islands, Get your drawback, low priced fuel and rent hire car for £18/day
in order of preference
1 Alderney (check whether fuel is available)
2 Guernsey
3 Jersey

Dieppe is also nice


Ken Wells 21st Sep 2008 19:44

St Omer
St Omer , just abit further great flying club good cheap hotels, day trip or overnight!

S-Works 21st Sep 2008 19:44

Try the Channel Islands, Get your drawback, low priced fuel and rent hire car for £18/day
in order of preference
1 Alderney (check whether fuel is available)
2 Guernsey
3 Jersey

Dieppe is also nice

I would agree on the CI, would avoid Alderney unless you are the sort of person that likes to watch paint dry...... :p

PompeyPaul 21st Sep 2008 20:02

I'm on the ame position as you
Have opted for the Netherlands. There's a thread here. That describes the in's and out's of it.

Guern 21st Sep 2008 21:15

Alderney might not be the best place to try if you haven't tried a runway that has a cliff at one end and is reasonably short!

Vone Rotate 21st Sep 2008 21:54

Thanks people.

I've had some really good info offered up:ok:

ChampChump 21st Sep 2008 22:29

Another vote for St Omer, but Abbeville is also really useful and popular as you can fly in direct (vis a vis flight plan) and St Omer can only arrange customs on their special fly-in days.

Abbeville also has a motel and good restaurant on site and it's comforting to be able to see your aeroplane from the bedroom window.

Leezyjet 21st Sep 2008 23:55

Ostend is pretty good. Proper full on Airport with full ATC and mixing with the big freight haulers. Very GA friendly when I went with a friend before I had my PPL a few years ago. The marsheller drove us to and from the terminal and was happy to go back when I realised I had left something in the a/c that was parked at the very far end of the apron.

There is a bus from the airport to town that takes about 10 mins. Lots of nice cafe's and shops to look around and a nice beach and marina to keep one occupied too.


500 above 22nd Sep 2008 10:34


Try Antwerp/EBAW. A very good evening out can be had there.

London Flyer 22nd Sep 2008 16:35

I will second BackPacker's suggestion of Tempelhof. A wonderful approach to 27R, and enthusiastic ground staff more than happy to talk to you about the airport's history.

This was part of a 5-day VFR trip in July Blackpool - Cologne - Tempelhof - (unexpected, but enjoyable, wx diversion to Rügen) - Malmö - Charleroi - Blackpool with only 120 or so hours to my name and having held my licence for eight months.

It was a wonderful way to familiarise myself with the formalities for international flight, play with the Garmin 430s and autopilot and spend an afternoon in charming cities (Blackpool excepted...).

Researching and planning this trip did take a little time due to inexperience, but there's plenty of help available on here and subsequent jaunts to continental Europe are now planned in a jiffy.

PM if you need any charts or Jeppesen trip kits.

Zulu Alpha 22nd Sep 2008 19:39

I would agree on the CI, would avoid Alderney unless you are the sort of person that likes to watch paint dry......
Wouldn't want to spend two weeks there as it is quite small, but a day or two is interesting. Looking at the forts and the wonderful beaches.
It is a bit like going back in time. People don't lock their cars. We rented a car. The lady left us a phone message to say it wold be in space 1 at the airport with the key in it. We drove off without seeing anyone, no paperwork, no showing our licences. After half a day of locking it we gave up and just left the keys in the ignition (saves them getting lost on the beach). When we left we called the lady and she said " just leave it in the car park with the keys in". Took a while to relax and get into their way of life.

I would say its worth a visit.


ps the runway is 880 mtrs so not that short!! and they have another in case there is a crosswind. Do check on the fuel availability as sometimes you have to nip over to Jersey or Guernsey for fuel, (there is a special rate for aircraft visiting for fuel)

Pianorak 23rd Sep 2008 08:23

Just returned from my first solo trip to Bielefeld (EDLI) which was no more difficult than Le Touquet. Route: DVR - KOK - COA - HMM.
However, flying solo I was glad to have the A/P to help keep wings level when changing squawks “every five minutes” (or so it seemed ;)).

Beware the undulating runway at Alderney! :rolleyes:

Fright Level 23rd Sep 2008 08:43

Another vote for Alderney! Not many places you can park up and walk the perimeter of the whole country in a couple of hours.

Beware the undulating runway at Alderney!

Have you been to St Mary's??? Makes EGJA look like Heathrow!

Don't forget the added bonus of cheap fuel at Alderney (£1.07 last time I bought some) as well as the drawback ex UK.

PS The duty paid, therefore, drawback rate was due to increase 2p on 1st October from 30.03p p/litre but this has been postponed by Mr Darling, so drawback remains 30.03p for the time being.

wsmempson 23rd Sep 2008 09:06

Cherbourg is a good field to visit; runway 10/28 is 2,400m with an ILS and NDB and Luc and Edith do really quite nice food - and they speak impeccable English....:ok:

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