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smortimore 15th Jul 2008 13:16

Aircraft Hire NY City Area
I am off to NY early part of September and wondered if anybody could reccomend an FBO for aircraft hire? I have a US licence but usually take an instructor for the RT/Nav so that I can enjoy the flying.

Also, must be able to get to them by public transport.

Potter1 15th Jul 2008 13:50

I've just spent a wonderful weekend in Andover NJ (50 miles West of NYC) at
Aeroflex (Andover Flight Academy).

Spent some time in their Stearman & J3.

Thoroughly recommend the Stearman, and at 125 ph Dual it's cheapest Stearman training I could find, compared to 500 ph in the UK.

Not sure about the transport links as it's a bit out in the sticks, well worth the effort though!


mm_flynn 15th Jul 2008 14:15

Panorama at KHPN just to the North of the City (train and taxi)
Air Training at KTEB close by in NJ (they also do Linden a bit to the south) (train/taxi or bus)

Morristown and Caldwell (Essex) are a bit farther into NJ - but not as far as Andover - and a little less frenetic than HPN and TEB.

Fright Level 15th Jul 2008 17:38

at 125 ph Duel

Did you have to fight with the controls?? :)

007helicopter 16th Jul 2008 07:16

www.performanceflightny.com if you want to fly a cirrus SR20 or SR22 I was there this year and had a great flight around Manhattan at 1500ft, Practice steep turns over the statue of Liberty etc, we also landed at a few local airfields and Andrew's Airforce base.

I got a train to Weschester from Grand Central Station which is a must visit site in New York in it self, the train was about 45 minutes and $15 return as I recall, they may pick you up at the Station or a cab was only $10 or so.

KHPN - is an interesting airfield with Jets etc operating.

PM me if you want any more info or contact

Performance Flight
Lewis Liebert
(914) 227-3481
[email protected]
Performance Flight - Home

20driver 17th Jul 2008 02:46

Lots of good places around NYC but Westchester is probably the easiest if you are in the city and don't want to rent a car.

Aeroflex is a great spot but you will need a rental car. Stay away from TEB. It is easy to get to but very busy with Exec Jet traffic.


smortimore 17th Jul 2008 15:29

Thanks for the reccomendations

Thanks for the reccomendations. Goto NY quite a lot but never been able to fly there before!

airbourne 5th Oct 2008 23:23

I thought the best thing to do was do a search and see what it throws up at me. I also am going to be in NY for a few days but I want to rent a R44. Can anyone point me in the direction of a heli school?

airbourne 6th Oct 2008 14:15

Ive just been on to a company based near NY called awesome flight and they inform me that I cannot just rent a machine with a pilot that isnt a discovery flight. I need TSA clearence, fingerprints etc etc. Can anyone confirm this or point me in a direction that I can get the exact information I need to do a bit of private flying in NY.

On the Spot 10th Oct 2008 19:43

you don't need any of that to just rent and fly, only for training
you do need ID and they might want to check you out for a while longer if they don't know you
( I mean you could do a load of damage in a 172)

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