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Comfort Break.

Old 28th May 2019, 14:39
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Yesterday, the Shoreham runway was very briefly blocked, when the GA flight, prior to my Mrs', descended through some lively convergence, landed and came to a halt, so that a passenger could be disgorged to be 'ill'. This sort of thing may well be a common occurrence, but she had never seen it before.

She didn't see it, just her interpretation of what she heard on the radio, so may well have been on a taxiway (infinitely safer) or even further away. Makes more sense.
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Old 28th May 2019, 21:14
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One hot and turbulent day I drank more water with my lunch than really needed to combat dehydration before seeing off from Cherbourg to fly the rest of the way home to Chauvigny. Now you can accuse a cub of many things, but not of being fast. After a couple of hours I really needed a convenient bush to provide cover for a quick wee. Fortunately one of France's many grass fields was close to track so I dropped in (Monday, so didn't expect anyone else to be there) and taxied clear of the runway. Shut down and jumped out, just about to enjoy watering the grass, when a whole lot of happy pilots rushed up to greet me and offer me a drink to compensate for missing the previous day`s airshow.
They were off course the tidying up party. Yes, they had a loo. I got there in time.
I think that's technically a landing to use facilities not available on board.
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Old 28th May 2019, 21:33
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Ah! There you can see where masculinity is superior!

(Ducking for cover)

(and by the way, my grandmother, long dead, would not have had any issue - jump out, squat under her wide skirts with only a "p_ss_-droite" underneath, and let nature have her way...) (Then again, whatever the intimates, long wide skirts might be less than perfect attire for piloting a plane - a Cub least of all, probably ))
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Old 29th May 2019, 09:11
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The subject of on board relief in GA is something that is not often discussed but usually results in a multitude of methods being declared by those who've taken the time to find a solution.

Whilst my Archer can fly for five hours my wife and I can only last two at the most. We are at that age I'm afraid. For me I've tried the tailor made gel bags with a funnel top to be good but unreliable as having to pee 'uphill' into a bag lying at a shallow angle over the seat lip doesn't always guarantee the down flow needed to prevent a flow back. I have some on board as back up but have since found that the 500cl soft drinks bottles fair better in that they'll provide a suitable size inlet with a rigid frame to ensure a down flow. If you see a Lucozade bottle anywhere near my cars or aircraft .........Don't...Just Don't!

Whilst I tried to get my wife to use the gel bags she quickly accused me of not appreciating the female anatomy enough to realise that without squatting getting anything to go where you wanted it to was impossible. As doing so in flight was impossible we've just had to rely on having no caffeine and preferably a bacon sandwich prior to flight to promote dehydration. However, this subject was covered well by a contributor to another forum whose wife has a medical condition requiring quick relief. After much trial and error they found a small Tupperware style container filled with Silica Gel Cat litter provided the ideal solution and catered for the 'variable direction' element of the female relief process.

Hope that helps..... I need to go now............. ;-)
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Old 29th May 2019, 09:37
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I cannot be the only female needing that comfort break at a deserted French airfield and failing to find any bush/back of hangar not in view of the road.
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Old 29th May 2019, 13:28
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ask a glider pilot

Ask a cross country glider pilot as they regularly do 6+ hr flights. There are male external catheters available that drain into a collection bag or outside, resealable plastic bags etc. Females also have their own solutions.
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Old 29th May 2019, 15:15
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As they say: "Everything's bigger in Texas!" Check this site for an assortment of collection devices:
- Ed
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Old 29th May 2019, 19:03
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On the way back from Scotland once I was forced into a deserted Eshott by my squirming wife. As she shot off to the Portaloo a figure emerged from nowhere and relieved me of a tenner.
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Old 29th May 2019, 19:31
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I cannot be the only female needing that comfort break at a deserted French airfield and failing to find any bush/back of hangar not in view of the road.
Of course you aren't! Just wait till you can't see any cars approaching....
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I think I finally deployed the male truck driver attitude...
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Old 30th May 2019, 00:37
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One of the advantages of float flying. Many years ago, when I was doing my float rating. I was returning to Vancouver International from circuits on Alouette Lake. I was desperate for a pee, so I just landed on a stretch of the Fraser River, hopped out onto a float and was away again in a couple of minutes!
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Old 30th May 2019, 16:13
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I read that U2 pilots used to wear nappies (diapers )......
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Old 31st May 2019, 08:27
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Once saw the pilot of a Beech 350 relieving himself at the rear of his plane, he then shuck the hands of his ViP passengers as they boarded the aircraft.
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