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Proviation customer care problems

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Proviation customer care problems

Old 15th Feb 2013, 18:43
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Shame... They seemed in their previous post to be trying to make things better and I genuinely hoped they would be a company one could order from in the future.

I think this is why so many companies are folding these days (generally). Only those who offer good customer service; have good online processes; have a good reputation; and most importantly are lightning quick to deliver will survive. Thats why I shop online now, and in the UK and in the aviation world, Transair are second to none. Pretty much anything I order, arrives the next day, and it's the right product, it works, it does what it says on the tin, and so on. Because I trust them, I wont use anyone but them now.
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Old 15th Feb 2013, 19:39
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don't forget.....

I also recommend the lightspeed II - apart from excellent noise cancelling capability the blue tooth functionality means I can use it as an indiscreet hands free phone kit on the way to the airfield, wandering round Tesco etc.
.... if you enjoy wearing your discrete Lightspeed Zulu II headset around Tescos, make sure you buy the obligatory "Pilot Inside" (apologies to Intel...) T shirt.....
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Old 21st Feb 2013, 15:38
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returned a small item last month (5 yr warrenty) have not benn able to contact them since either by e mail or phone anyone have an update
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 19:54
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Would not use them again. Ordered an item which was in stock. Paid for next day delivery 4 weeks later 5 phone calls and 3 emails. It eventually turned up. I did get my delivery cost back but the lack of a sincere apology from the company would not entice me back.
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 20:37
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I bought the clarity aloft headset through them. They took the money and didn't deliver. After I contacted them they said they had a lot of fraud to deal with. It was time sensitive so I cancelled the order and got refunded. I later ordered it again having had to borrow a headset for a few flights and paid through PayPal. I had no problems at all. My only complaint is that they didn't know I'd been charged the first time and didn't contact me to say they thought there was a problem. I had to chase them instead.

I would order through them again but not for anything urgent and not with a credit card.
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Old 25th Feb 2013, 14:50
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Breaking radio silence a little here, but this is an update to our last post:

I'm very receptive to the comments on here in an aim to keep service standards high. We're one of the only internet-based businesses to have had a thread started, while a lot of our competitors have avoided this. So we have to face the music! I'm sure all mail order companies have problems from time-to-time; we can only respond to the main concerns here. I for one set out our service levels based on my own experiences- good and bad, with internet (especially aviation and marine) e-commerce stores.

High-value orders: Such as the Dynon order and Clarity Aloft- we have a traffic light system from our payment processor. These often raise 'red light' concerns and we hold despatch and request billing details from customers. There is a lot of fraud in electronics at the moment, and we have been stung more than once. We regret any delay this causes, but it's always to protect the cardholder. We normally email customers as soon as we receive the order and ask them to confirm their billing address. This pretty rare however.

Our warranty service for repairs is comprised of extended warranties, and a commitment to free returns. For high value items we'd arrange a collection, repair/replacement, and return. For headsets, GPS, and essentials, we also try to loan out equipment so you don't go without.
We're still stretched on manpower, so warranty requests have been picked up slower than I'd like- we're issuing a new email address to catch warranty requests via the site, and enable us to intercept these as quickly as possible, using technology a little better!

As usual, we'd appreciate any concerns or requests for info to be directed to our orders email address.

[We permit these factual responses to customer complaints posted here, but will not allow this to include self-promotion in the forums. Paid-for advertising is, of course, encouraged. Mods]

Hope to go on serving your needs well in 2013. All the best. .

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Old 26th Feb 2013, 15:29
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proviation customer care

ok so the other day i was pretty fed up as i could not make contact with proviation either by phone or e mail / they have now contacted me and i am completly satisfied with there after sales / i will be a little more patient in the future

thanks & sorry nick
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Old 3rd Mar 2013, 21:07
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Refund received

Thought I'd give an update........

I finally received a refund on Friday 1st March (5 weeks after payment was taken from my card and 3 weeks after my first complaint).

That's good (though my credit card company would have refunded me anyway).

What's not so good is Proviations attitude that it is perfectly acceptable to ignore customer complaints for a week or more (or perhaps until the customer posts a complaint on PPRuNe?), or indeed, if we look at merret's first post........ 3 weeks or more.


Did I get my money back? Yes.

Am I happy with a shoddy, second class service? No.

Will I buy from Proviation again? Absolutely not.
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Old 16th Apr 2013, 05:27
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Thumbs down Never Again Proviation !

Be Warned! Never Buy Anything from Proviation Unless You Are Prepared to Lose your Time and Money.

It has been already 5 months and the order has not arrived yet from Proviation.

1. 13 Nov 2012, Order #O-13900 was placed. 2 Twin Handle Leather cases with handling and shipping at a cost of £185.95.
2. 13 Nov 2012, the full amount of money taken from Credit Card.
3. 28 Nov 2012, sent an inquire email.
4. 2 Dec 2012, Nick replied saying that the order was taking extra unexpected longer time from a supplier.
5. 18 Jan 2013, emailed again to request mailing the order or refunding in full.
6. 21 Jan 2013, Nick responded saying he would be checking with the supplier to see if stock was available.
7. 14 Feb 2013, emailed Nick again, requesting for sending the order within 2 weeks, which according to his website the stock was available at that time. Or if he wished, he could refund the full amount.
8. 14 Feb 2013, Nick emailed back and claimed he wanted to make sure that the delivery address was correct and promised I would be receiving the order within 2-4 days.
9. 1 March 2013, Nick was asked again why the order was not received as promised.
10. 6 March 2013, received Nick’s email saying this time he would use UPS, provided I would pay extra fare for the express service.
11. 7 March 2013, I emailed back to Nick saying that I would be able to wait an extra few days, since I have been waiting for such a long time, it would not have had any difference for me.
12. 7 March 2013, on the same day, Nick answered that he is sorry, saying that this time, only one case remains, and he needs to order more stock.
13. The cycle continues ...
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Old 2nd May 2013, 10:51
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I ordered a Go Pro camera but after receiving an email to say it might be sometime in April or May.... and will be sent on first come first served basis felt that laying out £374 odd was a bit too nebulous to wait for an item and seemed a bit strange as if the Company wait for orders and money before getting the stock in.
So asked for refund, after all they have a 'consumer orientated' policy and refunds guaranteed etc etc....
Was told a couple of times money is being refunded and to date nothing and no replies except one from 'Nick' telling me that Paypal want to take the money from their bank account.....and he was trying to sort it.... nothing since.....several calls this week, no replies/answer machine/being fobbed off with Nick isnt there and no idea when he might be??...
I am actually feeling quite sick that I placed trust in what appeared to be a genuine company and they have taken my money, I should add that the money was taken on the day I cancelled the order! Its not like it's tenner .....
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Old 3rd May 2013, 16:02
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Proviation are utter Carp and nick has no idea of the simple principles of customer service.

I eventually received my 900 pound life raft, but it was without doubt the worst service I have received from any company. I cancelled the order, emails ignored, replies not sent for days on end. Nightmare.

I think they are basically honest, just useless, so I'm sure you will eventually get your money back. They seem to disappear a lot.
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Old 3rd May 2013, 16:28
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Last night, after putting reviews of Proviation on consumer sites, one of which I understand 'they are a member', part of my money was refunded yesterday evening. I wrote an email to them and pointed out that there was an outstanding sum still due.

Today Nick rang and we spoke about what had happened and how disappointed I was and so were others. I said that his communication was appalling and that his customer care needs a lot of work. I pointed out that we as customers were not cash cows but people who were not only sending him money for goods but placing our trust in him which he has betrayed.

I suggested that he did not offer such customer care policies if he couldnt live up to them and that if he was to sort everyone out now and also publicly let people know it may help towards restoring some faith in him.

It may interest you to know that he operates with him and his wife/partner, and they use a call centre hence perhaps the reason for the strange responses when telephoning.
I said I would tell people that my particular problem has been resolved.

However, I would never use this company again and will say that Nicks problems are due to himself and not of Paypal/his customers/his 'call centre', nor anyone else. If you run a business then you face whatever that brings with it, personal problems aside -thats life you deal with it-I dont believe he runs his business using good practice and would advise that he review his methods.
I hope those who are still waiting to get matters resolved do so without further delay.
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Old 4th May 2013, 07:41
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I was also disappointed with non delivery and less than prompt communications. Refund did eventually happen but far too many broken promises.
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Old 6th May 2013, 22:36
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Trying to decide whether to buy a Sportys SP-400 at the moment but with Proviation appearing to be the only UK supplier I'm a bit wary.

In the opinion of you guys, would I be better to buy from Sporty's USA, paying the Import Duty and getting no legal assurances, or buying from Proviation and getting the backing of UK / EU law? Price ends up about the same.

As far as I can tell, if they have something in stock (ignoring what their website says) then you are likely to get items quickly and well packages with no problems. If something isn't in stock (and the people in the call centre wont know whether it is in stock or not) then its a lottery - but no one has ended up out of pocket - just very frustrated.

What you you do?
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Old 7th May 2013, 18:11
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Proviation is a bona fide company, accredited by consumer organisations

Hi there. To address some concerns; we are always going to see delays on some orders not in stock, however we are increasing our deliveries from the US to weekly orders.
The SP-400 transceiver is on an order already.
We also recommend the FTA-310, which just came available as an alternative.
Yes, we are a family run business but this shouldn't be touted as a bad thing...We started very small, but growing efficiently. We all operate the company full time around the clock. We have a good team working behind the scenes in despatch as well as taking calls. While someone on the phone is not always up-to speed on all products, we'll always try to call you back with more information as we have a lot of real-world product expertise.
Our stock management is tied into the website, and we have probably the most comprehensive and far-reaching supply network of any aviation store in Europe. And, we have excellent relationships with all our suppliers. So whereas some stores will sell-out, we will always do our best for you and your order to procure stock via the fastest means possible.

Aviation stock management is a balancing act- no aviation product is mass-consumed; and some stock can sit on shelves for months or even years! These are symptoms you may encounter further down the supply chain too.

Anyone is welcome to direct any outstanding concerns or enquiries to feedback'at'proviationshop.co.uk. While I am aware we have been behind on our emails, this is improving, but some recent PayPal-related issues have caused us horrendous problems, and to save this happening to anyone else, we've removed PayPal from the website. It'd be unprofessional to go into too much detail here, but suffice to say that they can impose radical account changes in order to manage their business, which can have a less than positive impact on the business which has to then supply a huge amount of information in order to maintain smooth running of the account.
In the case of the camera below, PayPal debited the account before our account entered issues, which delayed the refund. However we did explain on the site the lead-time with the camera at the time, which has proven incredibly popular.
With regards to the missing bag for dwmk- this was lost on the way to Australia by a company who took on Australiasia shipments- we now use UPS, for the better. We sent a new bag, which wasn't quite what he wanted. We refunded him in full, and let him keep the bag. So he now has a free case. We do sincerely care about customer care.

Finally, we have gone to great lengths to gain accreditation to just about every consumer organisation going- including SafeBuy, Trusted Shops, ISIS, ShopSafe. Trusted Shops especially gives you an extra level of buyer protection. They will cover you up to £2,000. We go to great lengths to be audited by these organisations.

Aside from these, we built the business, and named it, around 'professionalism' - and this is what we hope to bring to every dealing.

Again, we can't post regular updates or answer order queries here, but it always seems sensible to answer these concerns publicly. We do value the support of all of those who have tried us for the first time (we are now into out 5th year) and accept it may be difficult to try out a new firm. Thankfully we have served a huge number of customers over the last few years, mostly without any problems. We do hope some people may take the time to express occasions where they have had good service, since unfortunately the title of the thread has attracted some of the more problematic experiences.

Wish best wishes
~ 'Proviation'

Last edited by Proviation; 2nd Aug 2013 at 14:14. Reason: added a new email address for feedback.
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Old 8th May 2013, 13:00
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Further to my comment on 3rd Oct last, I am prepared to take Nick's explanations at face value and have just placed an order.

Sincerely hope all goes well.

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Old 10th May 2013, 08:38
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Thumbs down Unacceptable

Order placed 21 April, paid for by Paypal. No delivery or replies to requests for updates after 12 days.
Order cancelled after 18 days and refund requested, still no reply.
Request repeated and as per above email, forwarded to 'Nick'.
Still nothing, Paypal dispute raised, it will be interesting to see if that does the trick.
You judge
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Old 10th May 2013, 10:44
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The problem is these days on the internet, service is everything. For me the 3 key things are 1: Up to date stock items displayed on the website 2: Super fast delivery 3: Good customer contact solution by email or phone, with a quick resolution. I feel a bit sad about writing this because the comments from Nick seem genuine and heartfelt, but from comments on here his company in my opinion exerts none of these consistently at the moment. There is a reason why Transair do so well ;-)

I think if Nick can actually sort out his supply chain problems / stock issues and be able to delegate customer service to trained and reliable people, just maybe there is a good honest bit of business to be had. I agree there is a market for a UK distribution point for some of the mainly US products, but if it isn't quicker and easier and less hassle than ordering direct from the US anyhow, its pointless. But I do wish Nick and Proviation well and hope there will be positive comments too.
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Old 10th May 2013, 12:01
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Placed my order on PM of Wed 8th, just had an email from UPS to say it was left in my front Porch at 11.39. Have asked Mrs DG to check it's the right stuff.
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Old 10th May 2013, 12:01
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AFE PPL book set ordered on 21st Jan. Part order came through. HP was damaged. Got replaced a week later. Book 3 (NAV/MET i think) didn't arrive.

1-2 Months of phone calls and emails still no Book 3.
Sent letter to one of their offices about taking legal action.

Got Book 3 on on 22nd of March.

Oh almost forgot, they gave me a £5 voucher of next Proviation order. How kind

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