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But I get the impression that these things are a lot more anal in the UK
Not really, the examiner wants to know you can divert OK and give a rough estimate on time - does not matter if it is a bit out as long as you adjust it, so if you have worked thumb lengths as 6 mins and they fly as 5 then adjust your eta accordingly and you should be OK, a lot of people do make it harder than it needs to be though.
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Its quite different for glider pilots, because we spend a lot of cross country time going around in circles, we keep getting a look back track and every other direction besides. Also, landing in a field is our usual diversion....

But in power I can still remember a flight up from Florida with two remarkably calm and tolerant passengers, sailing people. I was flying IFR, with flight following, and went through a very rough and nasty front, only lasted 5 minutes but seemed like forever, and landed at Norfolk. Only planned to stop for fuel and coffee, the front came on over, so we extended our stay for overnight, and then the next afternoon, tried to head north once more, as twilight was gathering. Destination Baltimore. The closer we got the more forlorn the hope of landing at Baltimore, as the RVR was deteriorating...and then BANG, we ran into the back of that same nasty front.

I didn't turn the 180, the Cessna did the 180. It was such a basic practically unconsious uncommanded turn, seemed like the airplane declared "Are you nuts? I'm outa here!"

Another night in Norfolk.

Such is trying to get anywhere in a light aircraft. We still managed to enjoy the trip!
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