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Danger areas...very dumb question...

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Danger areas...very dumb question...

Old 8th Jul 2007, 19:22
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Danger areas...very dumb question...

Im actually quite embraessed about asking this question as to be honest its something that I should know as im PPL(H)...

Im planning to fly into a private site near hereford at some point soon...the problem is that its right on the very edge of one of those maroon circles of doom...."D216/2.3 OCNL/FL150"

The landing site is a millimeter or so outside of the 'zone' but depending on winds etc I might have to enter the area right at the edge to make an approach/departure..

Now my realy silly question: Can I get away with doing this or do I need prior permission...

I know the 'D216' is suposed to corospond to something at the bottom of the map, but I think my instructor got distracted by a woman walking past and forgot to tell me what to do...

Can anyone help me out
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Old 8th Jul 2007, 19:29
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look at the key on the bottom of the map for D216 and it tells you!

In operational hours call salisbury oprerations on 122.75

Out of hours 122.75 becomes ATIS, so listen in to it.

or check in the AIP section ENR 1-5
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Old 8th Jul 2007, 19:51
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look at the key on the bottom of the map for D216 and it tells you!

In operational hours call salisbury oprerations on 122.75
I can't find that bit....and last I heard, Hereford was not near Salisbury! (I suspect you're refering to 126 )

I just checked 216 on the AIS web site and there is not much info about it. I suspect it is something to do with the SAS so probably not a good idea to bust it. Many of the ones down south have a phone number which you can phone beforehand to check whether they are hot or cold....if cold you can go right through them. Otherwise there is a freq you can call for a crossing service or info service....but this mysterious 216 doesn't seem to have much info about it...:

Country code EG
Type Danger
Designation 216
Multi Code
Lower Limit
Unit Indicator Lower Limit
Upper Limit
Unit Indicator Upper Limit
Area Code EUR
Controlling Agency

Activation Information
Time Code
Time Indicator
Time of Operation 1
Time of Operation 2
Time of Operation 3
Time of Operation 4
Time of Operation 5
Time of Operation 6
Time of Operation 7
So sorry, can't be much help.
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Old 8th Jul 2007, 20:01
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Look in the AIP: http://www.ais.org.uk/aes/pubs/aip/pdf/enr/2050103.PDF
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Old 8th Jul 2007, 22:06
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Oops i was looking at 126

Yes 216 is the SAS base at Credenhill.

As there is no service there and it is H24 the best advise is to speak to London Information on 124.75 when going to your destination.

You cant miss the zone. Look for a load of huge satellite dishes which is actualy D147, north of those is a load of big green sheds that is D216 and to the east of that is Hereford town
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Old 9th Jul 2007, 00:08
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Entry is only technically prohibited to some danger areas. Those to which it is are marked with an asterisk on the 1:500 chart and also (rather cryptically) with "SI" in the remarks section of the AIP document to which Getrude provided a link.

Thus, entry to 216 is not prohibited from what I can see. Good airmanship would dictate you try to stay out and/or you try to find out the status from London Information or some such, but if you can't and you creep just a little inside you're not actually breaking the letter of the law. Given that it's helicopter landing and parachute dropping it seems like a good lookout would serve you well.
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Old 9th Jul 2007, 12:28
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Or trying to be very clever question!

This sounds like a Journo fishing for info to me! "ANY PILOT" would know where to look for that most basic of info. You must have a radio licence if you got a PPL then you would have the knowledge of who to speak to when flying to access such basic info! Any ATC unit will tell you the current status of any airspace within their area. Just seems a tad suspicious that you want to know if flying into the SAS's home base without permisiion is going to work?
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Old 9th Jul 2007, 15:13
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Pumper_bop... Unfortunately im not a Journo and genuinly wasnt sure what the sitation was..

I just got myself all confused because the zone didnt appear to be on the index of the map.... I have always been told "if in doubt, shout"...So I thought I might as well ask on here just to make sure...

I will call up the ATC at the nearby airfield and ask them what the deal is...
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Old 9th Jul 2007, 15:31
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The best thing to do is to ask the owner of the private site you intend to fly into. Since they operate the site and if as you say it may be necessary to enter the danger area in order to make an approach then it is likely that they have some local arangement.

Similar situations exist at sites such as Brimpton and other sites located within or close to Prohibited Restricted and Danger Areas.


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Old 9th Jul 2007, 16:29
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What if the 'private site' is just a back garden? If the owner isn't aviation minded, would they even know (or care) what a Danger Area is?

They would, however, probably be able to tell you about the strange black (and blue and green and multiple other colours) helicopters that fly in and around the area at all times of day and night!

So, in this case, it's probably not the best idea to call the 'operator'. Like tegwin has already suggested, the best idea is probably to call Shobden and see if they can tell him any more. If the Air/Ground people can't help (I'm pretty sure that Shobden doesn't have ATC) then a call to Tiger Helicopters (who are based on the field and obviously operate locally) might furnish the required details.
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Old 9th Jul 2007, 16:35
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I really dont understand the uncertainty here? If i am flying into Lydd for example, I simply ask Manston, London info or who ever I am working if the DA's(there are a few there) are active. Why wouldn't this be the case in this situation?
That is why i thought i smelled something iffy in the original post!
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Old 9th Jul 2007, 17:52
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Bob - Manston, as an airfield with full-on ATC, and as a LARS provider, will have access to information about whether nearby DA's are hot or cold. Shobdon, as a more grassroots style operation (no disrespect at all) without ATC, is unlikely to have access to that information. I personally have definate doubts about the value of working London Info, just for the sake of talking to someone, but in this instance I'd probably give them a call if, for whatever reason, I'd got airborne without knowing the status of the DA and no other agency was listed.
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