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Newcastle Aero Club

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Newcastle Aero Club

Old 3rd Dec 2004, 17:55
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Thanks for the info Mike..

I bet Danielson isn't there! But he has a lot to answer for!
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Old 3rd Dec 2004, 20:27
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Aussie Air

Hey Guys,

I spoke with Elia again today and he said that his new website
will be ready within the next 3-5 days so lets give him
until then for all his company details.

I also heard that the AGM meeting on the 9th has been
cancelled is that true????
can anyone shed some light on this one.
we need to save the club.
safe flying ALL

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Old 3rd Dec 2004, 21:16
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Paris Dakar
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I haven't heard that it's been cancelled.

The 'Group Captain' (see my earlier post) rang me to tell me when the previous one was cancelled so if I get to hear anything I will let you all know.

Lets hope that some good progress is made over the weekend

It may be a very Merry Christmas after all
Old 4th Dec 2004, 08:14
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I hope Elia and his "legal team" has more success in getting financial information out of th club than the membership!

The problem appears to be due to records being scattered between various committee and former committee members houses and various computers (not all on site), coupled with a complex accounting system between the two separate companies, Aero Club and Aero Engineering. It is doubtful whether any committee member other than perhaps one or two ever had a full financial picture, particulalry since not all club committee members were directors of both companies.

The financial recovery plan presented at the AGM was put together based upon the research of a qualified accountant member [LH](who incidentally gave willingly much of her own valuable time for the club pro bono), but she was unable to access several key pieces of information, and had to resort to making best guesstimates to calculate cash flow and profit/loss forecasts.

The best guess of the total debts in October was somewhere between 150K and 180K (including the scheduled loans on two aircraft). It was unlikely, even at that time, whether there were sufficient assets to meet creditor liability. With no income and continued regular expenditure since the aircraft were impounded, that picture must have worsened significantly.
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Old 4th Dec 2004, 11:20
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Thanks for that Matinidoc.

I would agree with all you have said. The current situation is so frustrating - there being many people who are prepared to support various rescue plans - who are all unable to get any accurate financial information so can't move forward.

The sooner an administrator is appointed the better. At least then we will have someone to negotiate with. If the remaining committee member won't bite the bullet and do this, then you can be assured that one of the many creditors will.

There is no choice. The club is trading illegally & every day that goes past just makes the debt bigger.
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Old 4th Dec 2004, 12:23
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Hey Guys

The debt of the aero club is extremely bad below is a breakdown
from what I got in Elia's proposal.

airport landing fees 42,000
tax department 20,000
air bp 52,000
aircraft loans 80,000
sundries 2,000

Well what do you think guys just incredible how the commitee
and the chairman have screwed it up for all the members.
some storys I heard were the way they were all paying thenselves and the salaries they were on just incredible.

The blame lies somewhere and it ain't the workers in the place.
Lets just see where Elia and the legal people go this week
just hope the debt ain't that bad or we will just loose the club
because of these people that used the club as a gravy train
over the last few years

other than that people
safe flying

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Old 4th Dec 2004, 13:34
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If anyone's interested there's a page article in today's Journal. Page 7, however does not appear to be on the icnewcastle.com website.
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Old 4th Dec 2004, 15:04
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Aero club

Hi everybody

Martindoc is correct - the membership have had NO success in obtaining anything!!

Various "rescue packages" simply can't meet the financial criterea needed to save the club.

Elia, with a combination of sale of aircraft replaced by his own fleet coupled with some financial investment should be good enough to satisfy the necessary people we hope.

It is really heartning to see people rallying together - we ALL want the club to survive, however an "overheard" telephone conversation between an "ex chairman" and one of his pathetic followers indicated that some people are willing to try and throw a spanner in the works, this I find abhorrent - its a case of "we can't have it so nobody else can"....

Heads up folks.
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Old 4th Dec 2004, 15:14
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You what?! Let me at him! Honestly some people make your blood boil!

Cant wait to see if it all works. Spoke to JC at the club today, he said they had been reading this thread earlier this morning.

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Old 4th Dec 2004, 16:44
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Thumbs up newcastle aero club

to let everyone know elia golfins website is WWW.SPEIGNER.COM/AUSSIE note this web site is under construction.
I have flown with elia before in deland Florida the list of aircraft that he has sent in his proposle is just a fraction of his flite most have new interiors and paint. Elia is down to earth and is true to his word---- expect good changes at the club.

hi everyone

dont use the link that has been posted as it does not work to get it to work you will have to type it in on search bar
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Old 4th Dec 2004, 17:29
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Newcastle Aero Club

Hello agian

Just had a lengthy chat with Elia and he remains up beat and extremely positive.

I'm really curious as to why certain "ex chairman" appear to be "uncomfortable" with the appointment of a different solicitor to handle things for the Aero Club.

I sincerely believe the decision was correct NOT to go with the solicitors appointed by our recently departed chairman - but why are other "ex chairman" so keen to continue with them?

I use the word "uncomfortable" because telephoning the ex secretary and virtually "begging" him not to change does set an alarm bell off.

Anyway, let them argue to their hearts content - we potentially have a bright new future ahead and only a true loyal member would back such a future.

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Old 4th Dec 2004, 17:51
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Thread Starter
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Well, without counting chickens etc., this looks like a positive development. I would urge the membership to attend the AGM, look at the proposal and if its as real as it seems, then make, and fully support, the change.

I would hope that the plans include keeping the people who make the Newcastle Aero Club run (JC, Andreas etc) it is vital that those who work long and hard are retained and rewarded.
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Old 4th Dec 2004, 18:23
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Aero Club


Yes, it is real mate.

Please please please - everybody get to the club to support this proposal, its vital.

I personally am not privy to the finer points of the proposal but the likes of JC, Andreas et al will around I'm sure, thats if JC doesn't retire for the 12th time!!!!


Hi everybody

I\'m just laughing to myself - our "user names" for PPRuNe, I\'m damn sure I know who the Aero Club people are but I\'m trying to put a user name to a face!!!!

All part of the fun I suppose...

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Old 4th Dec 2004, 19:47
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do you think the quiz will still run? how was exeter? find any mike india lima fox?
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Old 4th Dec 2004, 19:54
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Paris Dakar
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I would imagine that the AGM will be even busier than the last one - anybody want to contact the airport manager and ask him if we can have exclusive use of the EGNT departure lounge - we may need the space?

To those who don't want to back the venture - Carlisle is an hour away, Durham Tees Valley 40 minutes away and Eshott half an hour. Happy flying
Old 4th Dec 2004, 19:56
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Aero Club


The monthly Thursday quiz will probably still operate, if the members want it then it will still happen.

Exeter was great, lovely cabin crew on outward detail....

The Mike India Lima Foxtrot situation was "reasonable" - it just depends on when they go from Mike India Lima Foxtrot to Oscar Lima Delta!!!


Nice posting from Paris Dakar - people who won't back our plan need to know where to fly

It might not be a bad idea to contact John Parkin - he is very aware of Elia's proposal as they have been in dialogue. I would be happy to sit out on the apron if it all works out for the best.


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Old 4th Dec 2004, 20:09
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Just looked up the telephone number given on the Aussieair website.It belongs to Lynch Air in Florida.


Can someone explain the connection?
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Old 4th Dec 2004, 20:18
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Aero Club


Not sure what the connection is on that one


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Old 4th Dec 2004, 20:44
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Been following this thread from the beginning.We've all learned a great deal from the openness of the contributors,of which quite a few seem close to the action( or should that be inaction of the officers of the club).
The rescue proposal sounds great if it occurs, but the agreement of Parkin to the transfer of operator would be essential.I wonder how easily that will be secured?
Here's hoping!!!

See you all on the Ninth.

Do you think we should have an unofficial Ppruners night where we all wear badges with our usernames?
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Old 4th Dec 2004, 21:37
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I would be really careful dissing former committee members left right and centre; it's too easy to let conspiracy theories run away with all of you.

When I was on the committee, so far as I know, no-one was doing anything illegal, most people were working very hard for the club. Some were working in different directions than others, but most if not all had the club's best interests at heart.

Here's are some examples:
  • I wanted to diversify the fleet into other makes, since I thought it would give members more options, more flexibility and better experience. Others - KL included - thought that was a really bad idea since they felt pilots would not be brave enough to change types, and it would introduce currency problems.
  • I wanted to have a look at how we did currency, feeling that the 28 days on type rule was too restrictive. So that the TB-9 and PA28 were not interchangeable. Others felt this was not a good idea.
  • I wanted to introduce a "short and grass strips" course, but others weren't interested
  • I wanted to concentrate on "the flying side" but others felt we still had to cater for keeping "the social side" going and the people there happy.

None of this is conspiracy, but it is a sympton of a "business" which has no organised direction, and which will, when things get tough, very quickly feel it.

What has happened since I left I do not know, but I rather doubt that anyone on the committee was paying themselves a salary (unless they were an instructor, which I continually argued should disqualify someone from being a director of the company.) Anway, on the margins that existed in 1998 or so, the club could barely afford to pay the instructors and the woman behind the counter, let alone the directors.

With the flying rates as they were recently, I would imagine that it would be possible to rack up a significant loss even in the best run company! Another flying school could have rented NELI and sub-rented it to their own customers and made a profit!

So - in summary - while I can not comment at all on whether or not there has been any kind of inappropriate activity - all I want to say is that in the absence of any real leadership, and any strategic direction, it would have been possible to balls things up by sheer inattention and lack of organisation. It wouldn't have needed anything illegal!
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