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Ilyushin76 17th May 2020 21:34

Unable to access 'Rumors and News'
I have noticed that for the last few months I have been unable to access the "Rumors and news" section on this forum. A screenshot of the message displayed is attached for the moderators' reference. Please help !


Ilyushin76 1st Jun 2020 20:56

Wow. talk about a zero response !

Lantern10 1st Jun 2020 23:41

I get similar from "Jet Blast". Must have been something I said.

Asturias56 2nd Jun 2020 18:47

I was banned from R&N over a year ago for a definite (but unintentional ) breaking of a rule. Can I get reinstated? No way - I've emailed Mods who have been sympathetic but they have little control over whoever actually runs the site.

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