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Peter47 30th Nov 2019 08:24

Annoying pop ups
In the last couple of days I am getting a popup for various miscellaneous advertisers in the bottom right of the screen when I boot up & when browsing which is very annoying. I think that they are linked to chrome even when I am browsing in firefox. I've tried a couple of steps to stop this to no effect. Can anyone suggest a solution?

Repos 30th Nov 2019 11:57

I never had much of a problem with PPrune but did on some news sites.- Duck Duck Go has changed my life in this respect. It has an extension to chrome and greatly reduces intrusions and is free.

Peter47 2nd Dec 2019 06:55

I eventually solved the problem by uninstalling chrome. I might try reinstalling it in a few days & see if I still get the problem.

Jhieminga 2nd Dec 2019 15:07

You may have inadvertantly installed some sort of extension within Chrome that picks up these ads and displays them. Depending on the way you uninstalled/will install Chrome, this extension may still be around. Have a look at this topic: https://www.pprune.org/computer-inte...eradio-co.html

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