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Account closure

Old 10th Nov 2020, 13:48
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Account closure


Id like to close my pprune account permanently and have sent a message to the moderators without any response.

Any ideas, and any reason why there isnít an account closure button?

many thanks in advance.
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 14:35
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Click on this link. It usually takes a few days for the right person to get to it.
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 14:54
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I clicked on the link to get a minor character change in my name to upper case and all I got was a log in screen requiring an access code
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 15:18
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The very fact that a mod has transferred your post from R&N to this forum would suggest that even they don't know either. I guess they are only moderators and not administrators. However, speaking to a friend some months ago, he told me that a couple of enquiries he made to the administration remained unanswered.
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 15:24
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Write something offensive and then ask the question, at least it will be read. Maybe mention the unmentionable airline, that will raise a flag somewhere!
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 15:25
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The provided link doesnít work. I donít want to amend my account or open a new one. I just want to close up. Posted a few comments on a thread last week which were removed, so I just want to close up. Been on Pprune for years but my time is over.

Any other comments on how to close my account would be welcome. Anyone moderators that could do this for me?
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 16:06
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How about going to the source?
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 16:49
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Why not simply remove any notifications from your profile and stop logging in?
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 17:28
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To my knowledge there never has been a way of deleting an account entirely. I'm not up to date on recent developments but it has always been a source of complaint.
I think the problem lay in the fact that in the event that someone registered and then either caused trouble or used the forum for illicit gathering of data or information then there was no way of tracing them if required.
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 20:08
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Interesting, I've had the same objective and experience.

I currently seem to be on the naughty step, and I have been since August. It happened for a few days a month or so before - I've no idea what my misdemeanour was on either occasion, and whilst I might have been a bit forthright in some posts, I always sought to stay within the rules and never to be offensive to anyone on the board. Despite sending a message when I was able, to ask what I had done wrong, I never had any response. Now that my account is limited, I cannot send or receive private messages and my posts appear to need to be approved by someone before they appear, sometimes days later.

So, I'd had enough and I wanted to close my account, essentially to disappear from PPRuNe. As I can't send messages on PPRuNe, I tried e-mailing the head honcho at InternetBrands - it didn't bounce but I never got any response....and my account is still here..

Next try was to delete all my posts. This was interesting. I've been posting under this moniker for nearly 10 years and it was fascinating to look back over some of the exchanges that I got involved in, and some of the erudite characters who were good enough to spend their valuable time educating me and others with their expertise and, of course, the dry humour that I so much enjoy from some posters. It took a long time but I deleted most of my posts - not all of them, because, whilst my account is limited I am unable to post anything which includes a link.....and can't delete anything that contains a link either.

Despite what BoeingBoy writes, it is (or has been in the past) possible to delete an account. There was an occasion when the identity of those behind different usernames was publicly visible for a short while. I know of one account that was deleted, certainly as far any public viewer was concerned, after this leak because it could have been rather career-limiting if the true identity were to be matched to some of the posts. The posts remained but the Join date and location etc. were replaced by the word 'Guest'.

It seems a shame that aileron, who, like myself, has been part of this community for over 20 years, like myself, wants to leave. Whatever his/her reasons, it represents a huge amount of experience which will go missing. Probably more significantly for the owners, he/she is quite likely a pretty high-value potential customer for their advertisers - it puzzles me that no-one seems to care enough to enquire why anyone would want to leave. (Of course, the irony appears to be that it's actually a bit like Hotel California.)

I've been hanging around in the hope that my account will be made unlimited again so that I can, once again, try to get my account closed.....but this is the closest I've come.
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 20:29
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trouble is with GDPR that's not acceptable any longer. Some data can be retained for a reasonable amount of time but not indefinitely.
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 22:10
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Iíve been locked out of one forum for many years now, by my good friend Rob. No cool down period, no fixed period, just locked out. A request for a review of ęmy caseĽ was met with no understanding. Itís their train set, so they get to do what they want to, but itís a weird way to moderate.
For the OP, AFAIK GDPR says you should have an easy way to leave a site/forum/mail list.
The question is if GDPR applies since this site is not based in Europe. Or is it?

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Old 10th Nov 2020, 22:36
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The EU certainly intend GDPR to apply to non-EU websites:
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Old 11th Nov 2020, 06:17
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Does this help: Right to be forgotten
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Old 11th Nov 2020, 07:01
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I was also ę zeroed Ľ with no warning or whatsoever and I never broke any rules as far as I know. I opened a new thread in the technical forum to ask why I was zeroed thinking it was a glitch, I did not get a clear answer and my topic was locked. Then I sent a message to the admin and I was only told: ę Because you been a pain Ľ and they punished me again a second time by zeroing my account... All of these because I tried to seek an explanation. I got punished twice like I was a kid after being here since 2006...
Look around, so many members are being zeroed or banned...
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Old 11th Nov 2020, 07:04
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Thank you for the replies. No more keyboard bashing for me now, but it seems my account will have to remain in limbo. Smile, nod your head and walk away.
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Old 11th Nov 2020, 07:49
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Then they are in vialation of GDPR rules. They care enough to move this thread to another forum, so they are aware of your situation.
That makes it worse.

BTW, my forum ban has now lasted 6 years.
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Old 24th Nov 2020, 16:03
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Just irritate the Mods and they will soon kick you off!
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Old 10th Mar 2021, 00:36
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A previous account of mine was banned (as usual, I've no idea why) and I asked for it to be removed properly under GDPR.

I got several emails back mocking me, so I contacted the hosts directly. That account has now gone.

Unfortunately there seems to be a real issue here with bullying moderators.

This account has been zeroed for no reason that I'm aware of, it's really quite sad that people get their kicks out of "punishing" people they've never met, for things those people never knew were wrong!

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Old 13th Mar 2021, 10:55
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Just seen this. Same problem. "Contact us" does not appear to be manned at all. I have been denied access to the Jetblast forum. Some reasons on the 'Denied access' page but do not make sense. I too was told to stay away from the CV thread but in defending myself against pure vitreol, I am the one gagged ! I have no idea if this gag is permanent or might have a time limit such as the temporary bans. All a bit immature really.Play by the rules- sure. Offend any of the 'inner' circle - guess it's their playpen.
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