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Denti 3rd Jul 2022 13:09

I was lucky to work for airlines that were quite reasonable even after 9/11. Yes, we had to advise the fleet office and get an OK from the other colleague, but we could still take family, which enabled me to show my parents and siblings what a normal four sector day means. Sadly, around 2015 things got more complicated and difficult, the last freedom we had was taking ATCOs and pilots (badge was required from either group) from other airlines on the jump seat and eventually that was taken away as well. As far as i know there are still some airlines that allow crew from other carriers on standby tickets, but as i don’t have standby travel anymore (the perks of flying low cost) i can’t say from first hand experience if that is true.

Coachcpt 5th Jul 2022 15:22

New here
After lurking for a while, Ive signed up to perhaps mildly add semi intellectual readable/enjoyable posts.

Certainly when flying back from Rhodes with EXS a few weeks back and all being boarded and awaiting ATC clearance and the subsequent delays that were involved - the captain was quite happy for
families and curious folk on board to come up
to the deck for a photo or two on the deck.

It was a nice touch, great customer service and sadly as much I didnt pluck up the courage to go
and have a looky look myself due to not having a little person in tow - I really wanted to!

Obviously once clearance was getting close and prior to the doors being closed and the bridge being pulled everything was locked up and we were on our way.opening the cockpit door for anything post 9/11 or even Eurowings I expect is simply a no no - I expect sadly.


S.o.S. 6th Jul 2022 12:06

Hello Coachcpt and welcome to the Cabin of PPRuNe. Yes, locked doors and, when FC or CC have to go through the door, they have to have another crew on 'look out'.

25F 8th Jul 2022 23:37

It's a shame that cockpit visits are not allowed. I cannot recall any hijacking beginning with a polite request to CC to go up front.
Although perhaps the following wasn't a great idea. My oldest brother - maybe 20 at the time - during a VC-10 cockpit visit was invited to sit in one of the front seats (presumably on the right), put his hands on the yoke, and then they disengaged the auto-pilot. I remember him saying that it went into a *very* gentle bank at which the captain (or FO) swiftly resumed control.
Madness perhaps.
Before inevitable comparisons with Aeroflot 593: the crew *knew* that the autopilot was disengaged. And were monitoring very closely. And (somehow?) knew that my brother was doing his very best to keep it level. He'd already set his sights on an aviation career by then.
Years later, brother ended up sitting LHS on Big Airways 777s.

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