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modelflyer 12th Nov 2020 08:20

Flying out of UK in current restrictions
The current (as at 12 November 2020) UK covid restrictions appear to prevent travel out of the UK apart from limited exceptions.

Has anyone flown out of Luton (or any other UK airport) in the last week? If so, were you asked about your reasons for departure?

We were booked to fly to Alicante on 17 November to spend 3 weeks at our second home in Alicante province, but have decided not to go because of the isolation requirements on our return (which would have ended on Christmas Eve, to the dismay of the lady of the house).

Thank you in advance for any information.

S.o.S. 14th Nov 2020 15:41

Hi modelflyer, Have you checked in the LTN forum? They are an active bunch but might not have checked into our cabin recently.

Mr Mac 15th Nov 2020 06:07

Yes I have flown out of the UK (Manchester and LHR) but I have not been asked for the reason for my trip (Business). However we do carry paperwork showing that we are travelling on company business, and that under Govt guidance our profession is classed as essential worker, and are therefore exempt from the restrictions on travel. I have yet to be asked by anyone in the UK to produce it, but I have been asked in Europe the reason for my visit a couple of times.

Paul Lupp 16th Nov 2020 08:59

What were to happen if you had a business trip booked involving a flight and you had previously arranged to take your spouse with you?
Do I presume that under the current UK rules, spouse would have to stay back home?

What a mess the UK is in.....

davidjohnson6 16th Nov 2020 09:35

Business travel is really low at the moment. The number of spouses hitching a ride is extremely low, given the constraints around quarantine and all the fun stuff abroad often being closed

Spouses travelling as part of business during a lockdown and how to handle cancellations is a LONG way down the priority list

PAXboy 18th Nov 2020 07:59

This from an article in The Guardian on Tuesday 17th:

Airlines have piled more pressure on the UK government to open up transatlantic air corridors after the first confirmed “Covid-free flight” arrived at Heathrow and the launch of a pre-departure testing trial by British Airways.

A United Airlines flight from Newark arrived at London Heathrow on Tuesday morning having tested all of the passengers onboard to certify them free from coronavirus before departure.

About 40 passengers were cleared to travel, but one was refused after testing positive. The US carrier plans to operate 11 more Newark-Heathrow flights over the coming weeks, where every traveller agrees to be tested and cleared before takeoff.

Meanwhile, BA will give volunteer passengers a series of free tests before and after departure on a number of US-UK routes, to demonstrate that flying is safe and that testing could replace quarantine.

While the government has signalled a “test-and-release” scheme will soon be introduced to cut the isolation period for international arrivals, BA has urged it to scrap quarantine in favour of pre-departure testing.

Paul Lupp 18th Nov 2020 15:26

Even if/when we are allowed to fly out of England for "leisure" purposes, there are still significant restrictions in many countries that would prevent you from venturing there..... I understand that the USA and Canada both have their borders closed to Brits, for example and many other countries have requirements for recent test results etc. Effectively it is a "stay at home" situation which must make the lives of those in the travel industry even more frustrated than I myself feel. Quite how anyone even contemplates scheduling commercial flights between countries when such draconian measures are in place, I do not know. It is a crazy world that we are now living in

Mr Mac 18th Nov 2020 16:14

Paul Lupp
Sorry a bit late to come back to you. In normal times myself and my wife flit between Munich and Yorkshire weekly / bi weekly. Her career and job (at which she is far better than I !) is based in the UK and she could not work in Germany without a lot of retraining (Law). She can work remotely from Germany, as we all do currently, and has done so pre covid. However, though we own our apartment there, her profession and industry is not classed as essential and she does not have a resident permit like myself, and therefore she would not be classed as essential travel. It is me who has been flying back and forth, though I have spent longer in the UK under the current lockdown restrictions than I normally do, but have continued to travel within Europe, and indeed down to the Gulf a few times, though I am getting tired of being tested for travel purposes (over 20 tests now). I do not find the test that invasive to be honest, its just the hassle of getting it done in the required time period. On the plus side the A380 back in the air and the bar is open :)

PAXboy 19th Nov 2020 15:30

Mr Mac You might be able to help with this query.
  • Transit: A friend is planning a trip where the best price involves a short layover (couple of hours) in Transit in MUC. Currently, the German govt lists the UK as an elevated risk.
  • My friend will have a Covid test certificate with her for the destination. Does anyone know whether she will be allowed to Transit (out and back a couple of weeks later)
  • Lastly, if they allow the Transit, would she further be allowed to go landside to have a meal with a cousin who travels out to the airport, before continuing her journey?

Paul Lupp 20th Nov 2020 10:19

PAXboy - as to the cousin meeting the friend - unlikely if not a breach of the regulations in Germany....

Dear Berlin visitors and Berliners,

from Monday, 2 November, stricter corona restrictions will apply throughout Germany. Only if we are all careful together in the coming weeks and adhere to the given rules can new infections be avoided.
  • Reduce your contacts to an absolute minimum. Meetings with one other household and a maximum of ten people in total are permitted.
    • Please restrict private meetings to a fixed additional household.
      • Please avoid private parties.
        • Please refrain from leisure activities, private trips and tourist day trips.
          • Don't use public transportation if not necessary and avoid staying in closed spaces.
            • Only visit people from risk groups if you do not have any symptoms of illness.
              • If you have a respiratory disease, call in sick.
    • Unfortunately, you can only experience art and culture digitally in November. Of course, we will send you home inspirations from Berlin again this time. Museums, concert halls, operas theatres, tourist attractions, cinemas and clubs will remain closed until 1 December.
      • Restaurants, bars, fitness and yoga studios, swimming pools, trade fairs and other event locations will remain closed. Major sporting events will be broadcast virtually and on television.

Similar to England, it would appear that trips "just to visit someone" are banned... I wonder if there are any places to get food in the airport at the moment or if they have all had to close down?
As to passing through "landside" during the layover/wait, I understand that so long as the friend's certificate meets the German requirements (test performed within the past xx hours etc) there would not be a problem. Similarly when checking in for the next flight, reason for travel being that he/she was in transit and already had a ticket for the next flight should be a valid reason to permit onward travel.

Mr Mac 20th Nov 2020 15:08

I think Paul Lupp may have answered your question for you, with regards being able to do what your friend wanted. I do not change planes in Munich, as it is always my final destination when going there. I may fly in, go to the office for a day or more, and sometimes very occasionally, fly out the same night, but I know I have yet to transit there straight onto another flight.

PAXboy 21st Nov 2020 16:59

Thanks very much Mr Mac and Paul Lupp. Have passed info on.

ps Found the Lufty FAQ to be very helpful and their vitual assistant found information very quickly.

PAXboy 24th Nov 2020 17:02

Qantas CEO states 'No Covid Vaccination = No fly"

Qantas plans to make vaccination against COVID-19 compulsory for passengers once the airline resumes international flying next year, and expects other airlines around the world will follow suit.

Speaking with Channel 9's A Current Affair this evening, CEO Alan Joyce said "we are looking at changing our terms and conditions to say for international travellers, that we will ask people to have a vaccination before they can get on the aircraft."
Reported in various places if you search but I saw it here: Executive Traveller magazine

TimGriff6 25th Nov 2020 16:20

That is a strange thing for an airline (or any organisation) to ask for isn't it? Perhaps I have it wrong but I thought that a vaccination protects the person who has had it, not the people around them. If I've had an effective vaccination I don't care whether the people around me have the disease or are carriers, I won't get it. I am taking responsibility for myself and don't care about what other people are doing. Now, if they were asking for proof by test that I haven't got the disease in the interim period when vaccinations have been started but the world programme has not completed, I could understand it because proof of a vaccination has a much longer life than a test result. Given that the UK Government have already suggested that they will give priority to the elderly and care workers, it is likely to take a long time before the younger part of the population is in a position to produce proof of vaccination. I think that they are barking up the wrong tree here but as I said, I may be wrong.

Please put me right?

fitliker 25th Nov 2020 17:16

Which vaccines are effective against all Six mutations ? Or will we need all vaccines under development ? Or just the vaccine for that particular Covid mutation in that particular region ?

Hartington 25th Nov 2020 17:55

If a vaccination is going to work the vaccinated person has to be exposed to the virus and it has to enter the person so that the vaccination can reject it. It means that, essentially, you have to catch it for the vaccination to work. That's why the vaccinations are NOT 100% effective.
It means that we have to get to a high vaccination rate to beat this. Polio was beaten largely becuase the world managed to vaccinate everyone. It's why measles keeps reappearing because we are failing to vaccinate enough people.
On its' own the fact that I've been vaccinated doesn't mean I can drop my guard; yet.

PAXboy 3rd Dec 2020 18:16

How fortunate that no biz travellers, jounalists or elite sports personalities have caught the virus yet ...

Business travellers, journalists and elite sports personalities will be among those exempt from the government’s 14-day quarantine restriction from 5 December.

At the moment, anyone returning from a destination that’s not on the government’s travel corridors list are subject to a mandatory 14-day self-isolation. Even those transiting through a country that’s not on the travel corridors list will be subject to quarantine. Travellers can shorten this to five days under the test to release system, by paying for a private test on day five and provided it returns a negative result.

However, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed on Twitter that certain individuals will be exempt from all quarantine on arrival in England.
The Independent

Asturias56 4th Dec 2020 08:00

Originally Posted by fitliker (Post 10934625)
Which vaccines are effective against all Six mutations ? Or will we need all vaccines under development ? Or just the vaccine for that particular Covid mutation in that particular region ?

Current view is that CV19 doesn't mutate that much and that right now there isn't a lot to worry about. Current vaccines should be able to cope with them

However, like flu', in future years it WILL continue to mutate and at some point other vaccines will be required. But , like flu', these will be relatively easy to modify as the basic structure of both virus and vaccine are well understood. You'll get a yearly CV19 shot same way as you can get a yearly flu jab.

Remember the point isn't to erase the disease , it's to protect the vulnerable and keep the level on infections low enough that normal (-ish) life can continue and the hospital system s don't get overwhelmed.

PAXboy 20th Dec 2020 16:23

Does anyone know if there is Govt/Police action at LHR (or others) to stop people travelling. I am, truly, asking for a friend!

Musket90 20th Dec 2020 17:30

If your friend lives in a Tier 4 area then they should remain within the Tier 4 area and not travel. If not living in a Tier 4 area but need to travel through LHR which is in Tier 4 then they "should consider the public health advice in the country you are visiting".so travelling in this situation is permitted. I don't know who would do checks at Heathrow to verify, maybe at airline check-in or passport control.

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