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Pontius Navigator 12th Jun 2010 20:26

BA v easyJet - difference?
What is the difference between BA and easyJet - Barcelona - LHR?

Apart from price? On easyJet you could buy a sandwich. On BA they gave you a packet of crisps.

On easyJet you could buy a large cup of good and hot coffee. On BA they gave you a cup of coffee.

Fare for fare, service for service, there is no comparison. It is just not worth paying a premium for a boarding card with a seat number.

Hotel Mode 12th Jun 2010 21:00

The main difference is that Easyjet dont fly to LHR. :hmm:

Pontius Navigator 12th Jun 2010 21:02

And that is an advantage?

Anansis 12th Jun 2010 21:20

And that is an advantage?
Couldn't agree more, especially for the 55Million-odd of us who do not live in London.

It must be remembered however that Easyjet are not always cheaper than BA, particularly when booking a flight at short notice. I think a lot of the time the loco's rely on consumers assumuing that they will be cheapest and not shopping around. The reality is often surprising (especially now that BA allows customers to book one way flights without paying a premium).

Hotel Mode 12th Jun 2010 21:20

T5 is a lot nicer than LGW!

BAs LGW-BCN fares are rarely that different from Easyjet, so comparing like with like theres little difference.

Anansis 12th Jun 2010 21:26

T5 is nice. But despite all it's beauty and wonder, it's still a diamond stuck slap bang in the middle of a steaming pile of horse manure...

wiggy 12th Jun 2010 21:49

BA v easyJet - difference?

OK, commenting as frequent flyer with both BA and Easyjet between London and somewhere not a million miles from Barca..

Prices often not that different - especially when you factor in all the extras Easy throw at you for bags, etc.

Boarding - here BA win hands down. The whole Easy free boarding "scrum" is the worse side of the orange experience.

On board -here Easy win hands down. The BA economy product is very, very tired.

Arrival...Easy at LGW, BA at LHR T5 - BA win - LGW is a building site......

All in all, swings and roundabouts.......

Capetonian 12th Jun 2010 21:58

I agree with all the above, but I would add that easyJet make a profit, don't go on strike, seem to appreciate customers, and their PR is better. They also offer a wider range of regional flights.

Given that air travel is no longer a pleasure, I prefer to use the airline that acts as if it cares about its customers. I made that choice a long time ago and have not regretted it.

I just wish they would do advance seating, I too hate the boarding scrum.

deltahotel 12th Jun 2010 23:09

Don't get involved with the boarding scrum, then. I use Easy/RYR a lot and it's rare for the ac to be completely full. If they give you the best fix of price/time/destination etc then either pay the extra for speedy boarding (but not if all it does is get you on the bus first) or (my preference) sit in the boarding lounge with a coffee and paper until the queue is almost gone and then board. At the end of the day, a seat's a seat and I don't really care where i sit!


dhc83driver 12th Jun 2010 23:16

BA is not all about LHR, for BCN with BA you could fly from LCY, Brand new Aircraft with very large seats, easy london airport with a 15min check in. agreed the economy product is not the best in the world, but it is included in the price!, And if it all goes wrong the chances are you won`t be left waiting around to be told we will fly you back in 5 days time.

You also have the choice of a premium service if that's what you want and the ability to get a flexible ticket.

The prices may even be cheaper, you have the choice of several BA served airports and even the flexibility of the one world alliance. Very useful if it ever goes wrong.

These are some of the advantages of a legacy carrier versus low cost. And don`t get me started on the orange scrum, it begins at check in and from that moment on is stress and hassle until you get strapped in.

fincastle84 13th Jun 2010 05:48

I've flown Easy once, well actually twice 'cos I had to get home! I've flown BA hundreds of times; I rest my case.:ok:

Pontius Navigator 13th Jun 2010 06:50

I am with Capetonian on this one. I too flew BA lots of times and enjoyed the airmiles that accrued. We used to get a fair plate of sandwiches on the hop from LHR to Brussels.

Yesterday, on a normal service flight from BCN and 3.5 hours on board we got one cup of coffee or juice. That is NOT service.

Basil 13th Jun 2010 09:42

T5 is nice
You heard it here from an independent user.
T5 is a great terminal.
We don't seem to hear much from the naysayers now.
They couldn't have been largely plants by competitiors, could they? :E

ExXB 13th Jun 2010 11:08

Well, with Easyjet you pretty well know what you are going to get. A flight and just about everything is extra. You choose what you need and what you don't.

With BA - its become a lot more difficult to know what you are going to get. Shorthaul meals, perhaps before a certain time in the morning. Snacks (and not very good, or substantial) and a drink. Oh, it's a strike day, or the day before or day after or ... so ...!

Flew back from DXB the day before the last strike. 0915 departure, no time for breakfast before leaving the hotel, no time to grab something at the airport. BA: "Because of the IA we are providing a reduced meal service"! Absolute rubbish. Got a bag thrown at us (literally) and a drink and didn't see the CC for the rest of the flight.

If it's about expectations, the Squeezy delivers. BA doesn't.

Capetonian 13th Jun 2010 11:19

sit in the boarding lounge with a coffee and paper until the queue is almost gone and then board.
That's precisely what I like to do, but with no assigned seating it means getting lumped with the middle seat between the squabbling couple, two 120 kilo lumps, the mother and fractious child, or Halitosis Harry and Sweaty Sam. At least with a window seat you've only got someone on one side of you.

Basil 13th Jun 2010 12:36

Just had a text message from an Easy passenger who arrived half an hour ago with wife and three kids:
"Easy boarding queue crazy!"

No, thanks - I can do without commencing my flight with a punch-up!

PAXboy 13th Jun 2010 13:12


You heard it here from an independent user.
T5 is a great terminal.
We don't seem to hear much from the naysayers now.
They couldn't have been largely plants by competitiors, could they? :E
Us naysayers have not gone away. :E
I have used T5 to:
  • deliver a pax x 2
  • collect a pax x 1
  • depart as pax x 1
  • arrive as pax x 1
on each occasision I found problems in the parking, signage, layout (landside + airside) and I shall not bore you with repetition. The place is what it is and is no better or worse than T4 was/is. In my view, any benefits are more than neutralised by the demerits. If I were to use it every week, I might change my mind.

Ther terminal does not discourage me from using BA, as they manage to do that all by themselves, I simply use it when need demands. My closest port is LTN and I thoroughly dislike their new terminal as well but I use the port for the flights. There ARE ports where I enjoy the terminal but they seem to be few.

With regards to the question: The answer can be as clear cut as others have stated but it will depend upon:
  • Your personal requirements of origination and destination
  • Your personal requirements of social and cultural response
  • Your personal requirements of money and time
  • Your personal perception of what constitutes good service
  • Once in a while it may depend upon the time of day, day of week, crew on duty
  • All the time, it will depend upon what happened to you in the preceeding 12/24 hours and how YOU are feeling!

Anansis 13th Jun 2010 13:20

I don't think the orange boarding scrum is an issue if you use speedy boarding. In fact, this product has a premium over BA as you use a dedicated check in aisle, bypassing the queues.

It is very rare to be bussed to the aircraft (especially LON-BCN) and even when you are, if the aircraft is busy to the point where seating will become an issue there will be two busses, meaning you still get an excellent choice of seats even if you are the last to get off. Personally I have NEVER failed to get a window seat on an easyjet flight.

fly12345 13th Jun 2010 13:29

On a less than two hours flight the choice of carrier is really irrelevant for just service, location, frequency and price are the most important parameters you might be wanting to use, if you were an eligible BA card holder you ll be able to use the lounges where you can have all the snacks and drinks you can possibly eat and drinks before a flight, seat pitch is also a lot more generous on BA.

pwalhx 13th Jun 2010 13:55

Easy doesnt have to be a boarding scrum just check in and get tot he gate early enough, I never have a problem.

I would much prefer to fly Easy in future than suffer the appaling level of service now on offer by BA.

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