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Nicotine Replacement FOC on Flights?

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Nicotine Replacement FOC on Flights?

Old 15th Dec 2002, 20:39
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Nicotine Replacement FOC on Flights?

Anyone who's given up smoking, or worse - been the partner of someone who's been giving up - knows that nicotine starved addicts can be the unpleasant 'normal' people you'll meet.

So, just a thought - for the expense of a few quid per sector, why not have some nicotine gum available on a flight?

It might just help a few desperate but misguided smokers from sparking up in the loo, and sometimes having a situation escalate as has happened a few times recently.

There's some complications with the idea (legality in some states/countries), but where it would be allowable by law, one could have disclaimer form to avoid any litigious issues.

Put some signs up in the loos to say it's available, and mention it during the briefing where the non smoking policy is covered.

Although it wouldn't help every wayward smoker make the right decision, every one that did that could have otherwise escalated into a row would be a cheap victory for safety and common

[this is a complete aside from the Astraeus thread - no flames relating to that please]
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Old 15th Dec 2002, 20:45
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I think the problem (in the UK at least) is that such nicotine supplements can only be marketed as an aid to giving up smoking, rather than just getting you through a few smoke-free hours...
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Old 15th Dec 2002, 22:24
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It would be far too sensible to have it displayed for sale in the many stores at the airport.

I have no problem with those who need their baccy fix as long as I'm not also required to ingest
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Old 16th Dec 2002, 00:35
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Before I gave up I used goodole chewin bakka. worked for me on long haul, just make sure you have an empty coke bottle to spit in and keep it discreet ie in the toilet.
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Old 16th Dec 2002, 04:20
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Personally, I think it is a very good idea! I do not know if they still offer it, however EVA air out of Taiwan offered nicotine gum to passengers on their SFO-TPE route about 18 months ago. That being said, how about crew who light up in the galley(s)?
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Old 16th Dec 2002, 22:09
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That's a straightforward one: If I were to see a member of CC smoking, then I report to CSD (or equivalent). If not 101% satisfied, then I write to CEO by registered post.

I would also mention it on that obscure web site, PPPRuNe.
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Old 18th Dec 2002, 09:19
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Question Crew smoking in galleys?

Sorry folks ... but that must be a dream!! As far as I am concern (and know) never knew of any crew somking in galleys
Where did it come from PA-28-180? Rules are rules ... and no smoking in A/C means "NO SMOKING" and applies for both pax and crew ....
If u can't cope with no smoking ... yeah ... bring along your own nicotine gums! .... I don't believe airlines will provide it.
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Old 19th Dec 2002, 12:24
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I think Paulo may have a good point here. I'm sure that the increase in air rage incidents is in part due to the smoking ban on aircraft. Surely any ideas to combat this are worthy of consideration?
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Old 19th Dec 2002, 14:49
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Surely fires on board have became also fewer since smoking have been banned on A/C!
... Don't get me wrong ... I am a smoker But also believe that at 42.000 ft ... safety cames first
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Old 21st Dec 2002, 20:12
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Is Non Smoking Safer?

Xenia are there any statistics that back up your fewer aircraft fires since smoking bans statement. Before I start saying any more I would like to say that I have no statistics to back the point I am going to make....its just my point of view. At least when smoking was allowed it tended to be in the cabin...not in the toilet and therefore probably safer.....in terms of fire....not lung cancer etc etc...than the present situation. Anyone know of any comparative statistics....my understanding is that most smoking bans were for reasons of public health and customer demand as oppose to preventing in flight fires.
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