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UK Passport renewals

Old 15th Sep 2021, 17:03
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Talking of renewals - this could be fun!

Thousands of travellers are set to claim millions of pounds from airlines and holiday firms after being wrongly denied trips to Europe.

Since the UK left the European Union, The Independent has repeatedly warned the government that it is misrepresenting post-Brexit passport validity rules.

Two European Union rules for “third country nationals” apply. Travellers are told: “You will need a passport valid for at least three months after the date you intend to leave the EU country you are visiting [and] which was issued within the previous 10 years.”

The two conditions are independent of each other. That means you could happily go to Europe on 1 January 2022 with a passport issued on 2 January 2012 with an expiry date of 1 July 2022 and stay there until 31 March 2022.

But the UK government claims otherwise, and many travel firms have followed its online advice.
The Independent
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Old 16th Sep 2021, 09:07
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Originally Posted by MerchantVenturer View Post
Earlier this year my wife and I decided to renew our passports with about six months remaining on them.

We went to a Crown Post Office (Bristol in our case) having previously ascertained that no appointment was necessary. The counter clerk took our photographs and entered our details digitally on application forms. She then took possession of our old passports to return to the Passport Office. At the time the Press was warning that passport applications could take several months and the counter clerk told us it could take up to eleven weeks.

This was on a Wednesday. On return home the same day email acknowledgements of receipt of the digital applications awaited us (we don't have smart phones, only a desk top computer). On Thursday further emails told us the applications were being processed and on Friday I was told my new passport was on its way. It was delivered on Saturday just three days after I had applied for it. My wife's new passport arrived two days later on Monday. Our old passports were returned to us about a week later.

It cost a few quid more to go via the Post Office route but we considered it well worth the extra money.
This is similar to my experience except that I made the application on line. On Wednesday last I had my photograph taken [Timpsons] and received 4 photographs and a digital photo reference to put on my application. That afternoon I submitted my application and posted off my old passport. By Friday morning I was informed that my old passport had been received, my application was successful and my new passport had been printed and despatched. I received it this Monday [TNT didn't deliver on a Saturday]. At the moment I am awaiting the return of my old passport - but this seems to take about a week. Excellent service and all done on line so no extra charges.
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Old 21st Sep 2021, 15:16
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Renewing whilst holding another passport

I hold UK and Irish passports. Looking at the UK renewal process, the online system asks not only for my UK passport, but also the current Irish one. Presumably I've no choice but to send off both? I'm not happy about trusting both passports to the UK system and its postage.
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Not that I doubt your words, but what does any other sovereign passport have to do with another country ? How would the details you supply, as in all those that the UK Govt already has by dint of you being a UK citizen, not suffice ?
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To be fair to Tim00 - the UK passport form does ask for the applicant to send in all uncancelled passports, but I suspect the wording is perhaps a little too broad - maybe intended for people who already hold citizenship of another country and wishing to apply for their 1st UK passport. This allows the UK to have some sort of way to verify identity instead of just relying on potentially forged paperwork. Not foolproof, but forging passports with an embedded biometric chip is difficult, so the presence of a chip is a good way to filter out some of the fake applications

Mrs Johnson (UK citizen since birth, lived solely in the UK, never been a resident of Spain and has no Spanish Govt ID whatsoever) became a dual UK-Spanish national this year. She went to the Spanish consulate in London earlier today to apply for her 1st Spanish passport. The Spanish Govt in Madrid and the consulate in London have been VERY keen to see her UK passport multiple times to verify her identity as part of the process

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UK Passports

The Uk passport remains a good one overall but its main use in the last 20 years has been ID for travel to Europe as we are too lazy to have ID cards and we are now third country nationals despite being Europeans. As the vast majority of all travel ex Uk is back and forth to Europe the passport is it is now no longer as good as it was .And all for nothing in return, No amount of pro Brexit nonsense can change the fact that the UK is in Europe and always will be and also that its only 20 miles away, no one is going to go to Sydney for the weekend and even though time difference makes a weekend trip to the US East coast possible its many many times more expensive than a trip to say Amsterdam or Paris and not an option for most of the population.. Also countries like Australia make work permits for Brits very onerous and while on paper the qualifications for a passport in UK and Aus are the same millions of Aussies have UK grandparents but very few Brits have Aussie grand parents, same with all the old colonial places and of course for many of them no one really wants to settle there anyway.. My pet peeve is that having lived in Bermuda for 10 years a UK passport has no special privileges at all even though BDA is still a colony . Work permits are extremely difficult to get and yet in recent years numerous Bermudians (relatively speaking as there are only 50,000 of then in total, ) come to the UK for medical treatment, social security or because they have a criminal record and cannot go the the US , another case where UK authorities allow completely asymmetric processes and privileges .

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Renewed my passport in jan 2020 and was disappointed to still get a crappy red one instead of a nice blue one. Online system worked well and both new and old were back in a couple of weeks. Been gathering dust since though
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Exactly one month later and an automated message has arrived saying it’s in the post.
Another request to fill in their satisfaction survey, but I’ll hold on that until both my old and new passports are in my hands, thank you.
No real complaints so far…
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"My pet peeve is that having lived in Bermuda for 10 years a UK passport has no special privileges at all even though BDA is still a colony . Work permits are extremely difficult to get and yet in recent years numerous Bermudians (relatively speaking as there are only 50,000 of then in total, )"

Perhaps because they want to keep Bermudan jobs for the Bermudans - I can't imagine there are a lot of good jobs there in the first place - FYI its much the same in the Falklands - limited time work permits only
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