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Heathrow drop off charges

Old 30th Aug 2021, 01:34
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Heathrow drop off charges

A heads up for anyone not aware, signs up around Heathrow today advising a 5 fee will apply to drop off at terminals from October.
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Old 30th Aug 2021, 08:53
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Posts: 314 From October 2021, Heathrow will be introducing a charge for vehicles dropping off passengers at its terminal forecourts. A 5 charge per visit will apply to use the designated drop-off zones located directly outside the airport terminals.

The Terminal Drop-Off Charge will apply to all vehicles entering the forecourts of Heathrow’s terminals, although some exceptions will apply, such as blue badge holders and emergency vehicles. The forecourts are the easiest and quickest way to drop off passengers.

Our car parks remain available, and normal charges apply. This will not impact passenger pick up, which should continue via the car parks, as picking up passengers is not permitted on the terminal forecourts.

More details on the scheme, registering your vehicle, and making payments will be published in due course. see the link above for updates
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Old 30th Aug 2021, 19:39
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What is going to make this more difficult is:
The Terminal Drop-Off Charge is payable online, via mobile phone, automated telephone service or by autopay functionality

The service is operated via Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) - there are no barriers in the Drop Off area
There are no gates. For those who do not use the place often, or for the first time, they might be late in registering or paying. You may be certain that the outsourcing of this is to a company that expect to make more than just their percentage of each 5.00.

I do understand that every company is trying to claw back money lost in 2020. The problem is that, all the little bits added to charges - across the span of activity - right down to the price of a take away drink in the terminal or the high street, will fuel inflation.

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Old 30th Aug 2021, 20:04
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That prediction is a little premature, given that Heathrow has yet to publish what provisions there will be, if any, for late payment penalties (or indeed what will be considered as "late").
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Old 30th Aug 2021, 21:14
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You can be certain that there will be a significant penalty. Maybe not in the first week of operation, but that penalty will happen and it will be sizeable
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Old 31st Aug 2021, 00:22
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A couple of months ago, I dropped a friend off at a North London hospital for some tests. After dropping her, I moved the car away (not using a parking space) and checked my phone for messages and set the SatNav to next destination. About 5 minutes.

I was fined (not by the hospital but their outsourced agents) 50 for not paying a parking fee. No - I did not read the signboards as I was not parking and I made sure not to obstruct the drop off zone. No - there was no right of appeal because the small print made it clear that I had used the car park.

Thus, there will be fines at T5.
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Old 31st Aug 2021, 08:30
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Point of order - unlike a hospital or a local authority, a private company such as Heathrow, while it can still charge you for parking or pretty well anything else it wishes to, can only issue "fines" if there is provision in their byelaws to do so. So far, there is no sign of Heathrow amending theirs, so we don't know exactly what the provisions will be.

Failing provision in the byelaws, while there will clearly be repercussions from any non-payment of the drop-off charge, then rather than a penalty or a fine this will take the form of a "charge notice" i.e. an invoice (presumably with an incentive for early payment) but which can only be enforced by going to court. Heathrow's contractor will also need to show that the amount of the charge is proportionate to the loss incurred.
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Old 31st Aug 2021, 17:57
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Interesting points. I have heard this before - about them not being able to directly fine but most do not know that.
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Old 31st Aug 2021, 18:05
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Yet another reason to put one off flying. Is the UK trying to kill off its aviation industry?
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Old 31st Aug 2021, 18:42
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Its not the UK - its LHR - they want our money and they also want to discourage traffic so they can meet the Environmental cut-offs for R3
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Old 31st Aug 2021, 19:01
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So you're not going to fly? To save a fiver?
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Old 31st Aug 2021, 19:46
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I have said before that every company is trying to claw back income lost to Covid - One Pound at a time. Be they restaurants or airlines or any discretionary spending.

Secondly, over the last 23 years numerous UK companies have moved steadily towards the pricing model of a well known airline that does not operate out of LHR. The Brits have made it clear that they want the headline price to be low - thus everyone follows that route. As BA will tell you.
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Old 1st Sep 2021, 20:52
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In order for them to ‘fine’ people, the drop off area would need to be clearly signed with regard to the charges, so that you can decline the option of dropping off your passengers. For those unfamiliar with the area, it’s very easy to go the wrong way. I have certainly had to go around a couple of times in order to find where I actually wanted to get to. You wouldn’t expect to be fined by simply driving through, but these numberplate cameras don’t always capture what you actually did.

I can see that it’s going to generate a lot of complaints.
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Old 1st Sep 2021, 23:43
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Particularly as Heathrow's own publicity doesn't make it clear whether the charge is simply for entering the zone, or for actually dropping off passengers.

"The Terminal Drop-Off Charge will apply to all vehicles entering the forecourts of Heathrow’s terminals"
Terminal Drop Off Charge | Heathrow
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Old 2nd Sep 2021, 17:50
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" We have always said that we would consider introducing a form of road user charging and several other approaches to improve air quality and reduce congestion at Heathrow in our 2.0 Sustainability Blueprint and in the Airport Expansion Consultation documentation.This charge forms part of our updated Surface Access strategy and sustainable travel plans. We updated these plans after reviews were conducted of all airport projects in light of the collapse in passenger numbers experienced at Heathrow due to the impacts of the pandemic and the subsequent loss of 5 million a day. This review included looking at Surface Access projects with the aim being that environmental impacts will continue to be prioritised and reduced, whilst we also protect the business and jobs. This charge goes some way in helping us to achieve this.

The Terminal Drop Off Charge replaces our previous plans to introduce a Heathrow Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (HULEZ) by 2022 and a Heathrow Vehicle Access Charge (HVAC) ahead of the opening of the third runway, which would have incurred a 10-15 charge. "
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Old 2nd Sep 2021, 19:15
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These costs will only rise above this. Khan's inner M25 charges on top of this makes delivering and picking up pax (what goes out comes in, and v.v.) very expensive. It won't stop here.
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Old 2nd Sep 2021, 21:56
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Presumably if the purpose,as stated, is to improve air quality at Heathrow then electric vehicles would be exempt. As the percentage of electric vehicles increases (or is planned to increase) this income stream will reduce.
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Old 3rd Sep 2021, 07:53
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I'm not sure why you would assume that. EVs don't currently get any discount in Heathrow's car parks.
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Old 3rd Sep 2021, 14:11
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Free drop off still available when using the long stay car park and then using the shuttle bus to and from the terminals, but if this becomes popular, how long will the queues be for the shuttle buses be when 'parkers' and 'drop-offs' all want to go to the terminals at the same time ? As I understand, most long-stay parking is pre-booked therefore the car park management know when people are arriving and can put extra buses on at peak times.
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Old 4th Sep 2021, 16:03
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Byelaw 4.6 says: No person shall fail to comply with any Sign prohibiting or restricting access to any building, road or any part of the Airport. Not paying your bill as described on the sign for accessing the terminal drop off area sounds like it is covered by this. I don't expect that the Level 3 fine (1000) will be applied because of reasonableness as noted above but on the face of it, they can set a fine and from experience with what TFL do,, the fine will be in the 120 range, reducing to 60 if you pay on first notice. If you haven't registered for Autopay, there is unlikely to be an option to pay when you get the letter letting you know that you didn't see the sign and read the small print on it.

Shall we come back to this thread in 3 months time and see what has happened? 5 says you are being overly optimistic, Dave
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