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Some MPs want a return to Duty Free

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Some MPs want a return to Duty Free

Old 30th Aug 2017, 11:42
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Paxing All Over The World
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Some MPs want a return to Duty Free

Another brilliant idea to help at airports post Brexit...

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Old 30th Aug 2017, 13:56
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Why the roll eyes emoji?

It seems logical to me, once we are out of the EU there should surely be a return to duty free.
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Old 30th Aug 2017, 13:59
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Wow real strategic thinking here, bring this vital topic to the top of the heap of chaos that Brexit is turning into

destroy the nations economy but dont forget you can now buy ciggies and vodka a bit cheaper

What a farce
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Old 30th Aug 2017, 14:07
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From a pax pov, the goods may be duty free to the retailer but not cheaper to the purchaser
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Old 30th Aug 2017, 14:56
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And if you are really sneaky, you probably can guzzle that vodka while on board.
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Old 30th Aug 2017, 16:42
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Then again, some MPs want a return to hanging, the birch and conscription.
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Old 30th Aug 2017, 16:44
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Yes, but only for Brexiters.

Sounds eminently sensible to be.
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Old 30th Aug 2017, 17:19
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Four damn good ideas, keep em coming
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Old 30th Aug 2017, 21:54
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Not having Duty Free shops hasn't really been a burden to UK airports has it? They are still shopping malls and 'duty free' sales are a cashcow even if they aren't even DF for EU flights.

I don't actually know anyone who buys duty free on their way out of the UK, not on on a regular basis anyway as even on non-EU flights it's almost always cheaper to buy the same thing locally once your arrive. I've never noticed any huge bargains on my various journeys through UK airports, but see plenty of people carrying around Duty Fee bags...are they just buying it because they think it's a good deal? If the shop chain wasn't called World Duty Free would they even go in?
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Old 31st Aug 2017, 05:28
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The good old days of 200 fags and a litre of your favourite tipple - £5. What would be the price now?
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Old 31st Aug 2017, 07:24
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indeed - back in DF days the crews made a bomb selling this - I recall Madeira flights where the perfums and gifts would be almost empty for the return - well heeled punters - where as on the Palma's etc is was booze n fags

the crews relied on massive DF sales to top up their wages

but that was in the days before BonB catering which today often sees a 4 hour flight to the Canaries or Rhodes where the crew are still struggling to get to the back rows to serve bacon baguettes slimey cheese toasties and teas n coffees and often some pax do not get served - even in 4 hours>
BA crews are now facing the same nonsense on the BA's euro routes with BonB catering

when DF was king the cabin crews had a well oiled routine of a drinks round, the meal service followed by tea n coffee then DF sales and it worked - even on a quick ski flight

cannot see the crew being able to sell DF like they used to if BonB grub causing so much work and passengers not getting served.
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Old 31st Aug 2017, 08:25
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Over 60 British agricultural products have been protected from European Common Market restrictions prior to the Brexit vote. What possible difference would Duty Free cigs and booze make?

Prior to the EU, imagine a nation's economy that was a global force in the production and design of aircraft, aero engines, automobiles, ships and locomotives, now threatened by the loosening of trade protection(s) on their beloved Wensleydale cheese and Melton Mowbray pork pies.. Oh the horror! Even Monty Python couldn't write this absurdity.

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Old 31st Aug 2017, 11:37
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Originally Posted by MNRAF View Post
From a pax pov, the goods may be duty free to the retailer but not cheaper to the purchaser
Yip, you got that in one dead right. Duty free, but only the retailer benefits. Over the years I have price checked my favourite tipple (Speyside single malts) at Glasgow Airport retail park. Without variation I noted that the ""duty free" prices are no cheaper, and in many cases significantly more expensive than at high street outlets. No prize for guessing who's taking the p*ss then?
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Old 31st Aug 2017, 11:41
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[It seems logical to me, once we are out of the EU there should surely be a return to duty free.[/QUOTE]

Given my observation above, why bother?
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Old 1st Sep 2017, 08:08
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The reason that DF stopped was the instigation of the EU Single Market, which allowed free movement of goods across borders, and that included Joe public being able to buy what they wanted, wherever they wanted to buy it, and take it to another member state. There were notional limitations placed excise goods to avoid people trading them without a licence.

Logically when we leave the EU this freedom, that can benefit every single citizen over 18 (for excise goods) ought to go. What replaces it heaven only knows, but at present there is insufficient space in most airports to accommodate large enough red and green channels to effectively police limits; same goes for surface access points such as the Irish land border and the Channel ports at Dover and Eurotunnel. I doubt many voters even gave this hit to their wallets when voting to leave the EU.

My money is on HMG putting in fairly relaxed rules in terms of quantities, but then strictly enforcing them, using profiling and APD / number plate data to identify frequent travelers on particular routes.
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Old 2nd Sep 2017, 20:37
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It's a few years ago (early 80s), but I did a trip to Guernsey and was able to buy spirits at 'Bonded' prices in the town. At that time it meant a bottle of Vodka was £1.00, whereas if I had bought it at 'Duty Free' prices at the airport, same bottle would have been £5.00 (which itself was somewhat cheaper than mainland prices).

Most duty free shops give you the impression that you are not paying any tax and therefore it must be cheaper. I'm wise to that, and as you can usually buy before you leave the airport, I now check out the prices for something I might want and compare it with the local shops. It's often cheaper (in Europe at least) to buy before your return journey in a supermarket.
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Old 2nd Sep 2017, 21:10
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Paxing All Over The World
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I started the thread because of my 'amusement' of the typical politician way of trying to distract folks with trivia. Until a group of MPs start talking publically about how the routes between the UK and multiple destinations on the Continent are going to be affected, the possible of Duty Free remains an irrelevance.
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Old 3rd Sep 2017, 01:34
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Duty free is one of the biggest scams going and the Advertising Standards Authority should get involved. The description implies a lower price as no tax is paid which is misleading.

Every few years they get caught out when a newspaper runs a story showing a bottle of whisky being sold cheaper in a local off licence. Then they get their act in order for a while and run an advertising campaign showing favourable comparisons. Once interest dies down, prices go back up.


The big DUTY FREE rip-off
Airport ‘discount’ shops dearer
By DANIEL JONES, Consumer Editor
31st July 2015, 11:01 pm Updated: 5th April 2016, 6:48 pm
HOLIDAYMAKERS expecting a bargain in airport duty free are in for a shock.

Prices there are as much as DOUBLE what they are on the web or high

Airport bosses boast their prices offer “great value” tax free savings —
meaning many families assume they are getting the best deal.

But a Sun investigation has found hundreds of bigbuy purchases are as much as
50 per cent cheaper on websites such as Amazon or big name stores.

For example, Calvin Klein Be eau de toilette is £44.70 at World Duty Free, the
chain in most airports straight after security checks.

But it is under half that at Amazon, at £20.69, and almost half price in Boots
at £25.

Many of the biggest price differences were on gadgets, which varied by more
than 70 per cent.

A top-end Eclipse hair styler made by GHD costs £123.30 at World Duty Free but
£109 from website Urban Retreat.

The iPhone 6 seems to be a bargain at £673.99 from Heathrow’s Dixons Travel,
down from its High Street price of £789 at PC World.

But savvy shoppers can bag an even better price from Amazon – £659.

While a Casio Baby-G Grey/Green Watch costs £70.80 at the World Duty Free
chain at Gatwick, 70 per cent dearer than Amazon, which sells it for £47.39.

Guy Anker, from MoneySavingExpert.com, said: “There’s a false assumption
duty-free is always cheapest, largely due to canny marketing ploys from
airport stores.

“Do some research before you fly to nail the best possible price.”

The Sun also found a range of perfumes, booze and books were also cheaper on
the high street and online.

A 50ml bottle of Giorgio Armani Si perfume costs £43.60 at Gatwick, but £39
from Asda.

And a one-litre bottle of gold Russian Standard Vodka was £24.99 from the
World Duty Free chain at Gatwick, compared to £22 from Asda.

Also at World Duty Free a 70cl of Pimm’s was £14.99 but £12 at Tesco, though
at Heathrow only a special offer made it £9.99.

Burberry sunglasses cost £149.17 from Sunglass hut at Heathrow, but the same
pair are just £98.03 from Amazon.

The only item on which shoppers are guaranteed to make a saving is tobacco,
which is typically 50 per cent cheaper in airports.

A Heathrow spokesman said: “Shopping at Heathrow gives passengers access to
VAT free pricing across a range of fantastic brands.”

Gatwick did not respond to The Sun’s questions.

The rise and rise of fly-buy bargains
THE world’s first airport duty free shop opened at Shannon Airport in 1947.

The shop’s founder Dr O’Regan claimed that after a passenger had left passport
control, they had left the country and its tax obligations.

But it wasn’t until the 1960s that the concept of airport shopping started to
develop, after American entrepreneurs started DFS (Duty Free Shops), one of
the world’s largest and most influential retailers.

Then in 1999 EU rule changes meant only those flying outside the EU could get
duty free prices, so airport shops simply paid the tax themselves to avoid
losing custom.
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Old 3rd Sep 2017, 04:45
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Then again, some MPs want a return to hanging, the birch and conscription.
All eminently good ideas it would appear!
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Old 3rd Sep 2017, 12:57
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Paxing All Over The World
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In 2014 (I think it was) The Independent ran a feature about UK airports overcharging on VAT to European destinations. I can't find the thread at the moment but, along with the nonsense of carrying the stuff on board and cluttering up the cabin, the subjet has often been discussed in here.
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