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Flight cancellation

Old 18th Apr 2015, 17:30
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Devil Flight cancellation

Checked in on time in UK for a flight with a British Airline to the West Coast of USA, going a day early to get over jet lag for business meeting on Monday am. Flight delayed for over 4 hours with usual offer of stale sandwich and undrinkable coffee. Flight then cancelled and only offer available was a flight 24 hours later plus taxi fare home and back to the airport. The flight is the next scheduled service and not a replacement. Presumably it will be packed to the rafters. Am I entitled to any for of recompense due to the delay ? the check in staff are being deliberately dumb or playing stupid. Advice would be helpful, thanks in advance Alan

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Old 18th Apr 2015, 17:47
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In a word - No. They will get you to your destination with no further cost to yourself. Inconvenience Yes.

Yes the flight will be full but you will almost certainly find in the small print that they could have delayed you longer still!

The airline staff (or their outsourced staff) WILL 'act dumb' because there is nothing that they can do. It is a subject much debated in here. In short, the carrier givs the staff zero discretion - they must treat these events by the book to limit costs. Therefore, it is better for them to 'act dumb'. They don't like it either.

I had something similar many years ago going to HKG and was nodding off during the (project critical) meeting.
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 17:59
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Thanks, just as well I am not going on some time critical holiday with a cruise departure at end of flight. Again thanks
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 18:41
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unless it was 'extraordinary circumstances' then yes you can make claims. look up EC261.

Under EU rules, airlines must pay compensation for cancelled or heavily delayed flights, however, they can escape this under some 'extraordinary circumstances'. This can include sudden severe weather events, such as the hurricane and the volcanic ash cloud episode almost three years ago will fall into this bracket.

Compensation is 250 (190) for inter-EU flights of 930 miles or less, 400 (310) for flights between 930 and 1,860 miles and 600 (460) for other journeys.

It applies to any flight leaving an EU airport and any flight into the EU on an EU-based airline.
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 18:50
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And Martin Lewis agrees with spannersatcx:

Flight delay compensation: get up to 440 per person - MSE

there's a useful table within Section 4 of the above link, in respect of flight cancellation and/or delays of 3+hours - plus template example letters to the airline concerned.
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 21:10
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Well that's good luck for bigal1941. Since the rules came in - I've not had a severe delay but I fly much less than I used to.

I recall when being delay in NYC (a power cut that WOULD have been extreme circumstances) I hesitated at the first flight they offered and by the time I called back, I had to wait another two days. hence my view to take the first offer.

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Old 19th Apr 2015, 04:49
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A very experienced PPRuNer in the field, believes flights to the EU are not covered. Are we sure you are right?
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Old 19th Apr 2015, 06:53
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The Regulation applies to any passenger

travelling to an EU member state on an airline based in an EU member state
if that person has:

a confirmed reservation on the flight, and
arrived in time for check-in as indicated on the ticket or communication from the airline, or, if no time is so indicated, no less than 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight

have been transferred from the flight for which he/she held a reservation to some other flight

Except if the passenger is travelling on a free or discounted ticket not available to the general public, other than a ticket obtained from a frequent flyer programme.
To avoid conflict of law the EU Regulation allows a third country law to apply for flights departing from that country, even on EU airline. There are very few of those, although some EU airlines claim that, in the US, the DOTs Denied Boarding Compensation rules override Regulation 261.
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Old 19th Apr 2015, 07:04
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I had a similar experience to the OP's in the Middle East back in January when the aircraft when tech and then was delayed 24 hours without accomodation, but all you can eat in the local cafe. A week later I got a bank transfer so well satisfied. However I had a guilty conscience as I feel the price of the fare in future will probably soar.

Providing it was the carrier's fault (as it was in my case) you should be fully compensated.
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Old 19th Apr 2015, 08:33
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To add insult to injury the flight has been delayed yet again, no reason given. Am awaiting text to confirm flight is overbooked and would I like to be bumped, can I expect a first class upgrade ????. Awaiting rest of day with interest. Alan
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Old 19th Apr 2015, 10:36
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Bigal1941, thanks for the update. It's getting beyond a joke now, and we're all on tenterhooks awaiting the next instalment! Also, any chance you could share with us the name of the airline and routing?
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Old 19th Apr 2015, 10:41
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Yes, I wondered that, and had a quick look to see which BA west coast USA flights from LHR were cancelled yesterday.

There were none that I could see.

I, also, looked at Virgin and didn't notice any there either.

Perhaps I've missed one or the poster left from another airport.
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Old 19th Apr 2015, 17:44
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Thumbs up update

To put you out of your suspense, no expected text message, the flight left 26 hours later than its scheduled departure time. My suggestion that the flight crew yesterday, would have run out of flight hours by the time it reached Las Vegas after repair, was treated with disdain. But them I am a cynic and retired hack. Information was forthcoming insofar that there had been a refuelling problem, hence the delay, make that of what you will ?. We were told that there would be a second flight today to accommodate todays passengers, I looked for it on the departure boards at LGW but didn't notice it. The flight yesterday was rammed to the gunnels, so unless they delay todays flight, there would have to be a second flight to accommodate everybody. I would say that Virgin did their best, 2 meals in Witherspoons, taxis home from the airport and back again, offer of hotel accommodation in the Gatwick area, and a refund of the outbound ticket price, plus payment of the unused nights accommodation booked in Las Vegas, and Emailing the hotel concerned to confirm the rest of the trips bookings. What was a let down was the exit from Gatwick, collecting the baggage, and Customs and , 2hours for your bags to appear !!!! Obviously this can't be down to Virgin more LGW infrastructure. I wish that there had been a text first thing this morning to advise of the delay. So far 80% to Virgin and we will see what happens next.
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Old 20th Apr 2015, 11:19
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Bigal1941, thanks for the closure. We're now assured that you're not still floating around LGW, awaiting the flight that wasn't! Also, good luck with any consequent "homework" with VS upon your return.
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