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Economy Seat Survey

Old 26th Sep 2013, 11:32
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For a while, I almost exclusively crossed the pond with AA while they had their "More Room in Coach" deal
The AA experiment proved very neatly that lower cost is what works best for the Pax and filling your a/c with the max number of seats was what works best of the carrier.

N779UA welcome aboard. Do use the search function for topics before posting, as there may well be a 'thread' already in place possibly even with answers you seek. Do keep your seat belt fastened at all times as the cabin [aka Forum] can experience unexpected turbulence ... ]
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Old 14th Oct 2013, 14:53
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survey still running if anyone fancies it who hasn't done so already

Long Haul Economy Survey (long haul = more than 6 hours)
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Old 17th Oct 2013, 22:48
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If you use this flight from the UK, what tax do you pay. Short or long haul.
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Old 18th Oct 2013, 16:23
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Give me width!

I'm short (4' 18") so legroom isn't an issue for me. But I've got wide shoulders, so I end up hanging over the armrests on either side. Or getting an aisle seat and leaning out in the path of meal carts and passengers trying to get to the loo.
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Old 21st Oct 2013, 10:09
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I'm afraid that seat width, like pitch, can only be determined by the airlines. My objective is to maximise the passenger comfort within the constraints of current airline seat spacing.

Increasing shoulder width is an issue of how many seats across a carrier crams in.

I've seen a few designs that attempt to increase shoulder width, mainly by staggering adjacent seats, but that has the problem of what you do at the end of each row, or exit rows, since the current aligned design is the most efficient at the ends. With a staggered design you'll lose six to eight seats where economy class is obstructed by a toilet or galley.
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Old 24th Oct 2013, 03:30
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You've floated your seat idea over on as well.
If you can actually build a practical better mousetrap, good for you and for everyone who flies where most of us fly most of the time when we're paying our own way.
Cost is always a concern when traveling, but so is value.
It's certainly worth some premium to have greater comfort, although how much of a premium will depend upon the length of the flight.
We've bought seats up front for four hour or longer flights where the upgrade cost wasn't too horrible and it makes a world of difference.
It's not always about saving a couple of dollars, or even a couple of hundred.
Good luck with your deign idea.
It does sound promising.
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Old 26th Oct 2013, 12:36
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thanks for the support... I've not floated the idea on as you have to pay for membership there.

Plus I'm frightened of becoming a full-blown plane-spotter from exposure to that site.
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