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How strict are Emirates about checking baggage late

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How strict are Emirates about checking baggage late

Old 13th Dec 2012, 01:47
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How strict are Emirates about checking baggage late

Hi, first of all, sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section. Feel free to move it if there is somewhere better. It just seems like the section where I'm most likely to get any help.

So tomorrow i'm flying LIS-DXB at 18:00.

The problem is my train doesn't arrive in Lisbon until 16:22, this leaves me 8 minutes to taxi to the airport and check in my luggage (It should take about 7 minutes, but clearly I won't get to check in before 16:30) I have already completed check in online and printed my boarding pass, just need to check in 1 bag.

Does anyone know what will happen if I'm say 10 minutes late for the 90 minute deadline, will they take my bag anyway?

If not i'll still take the flight and pack what I can in my carry on bag and leave the rest, but i'd rather find out now if that's the case and I can leave it with a friend.

Thanks if anyone has advice.
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Old 13th Dec 2012, 11:44
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The only safe assumption to make is "very"
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Old 13th Dec 2012, 12:11
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getting out of Lisbon station and to the airport check-in in 8 minutes at 16:22?? Very doubtful I'd say

get an earlier train for heavens sake - you may miss the whole flight never mind your baggage
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Old 13th Dec 2012, 12:20
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This is not directed specifically at the OP, so don't take it personally.

Why do people insist on trying to make connections as tight as possible?
Why book a flight at 1800 if you know you won't be able to get before the 90 minute check-in time?
Why not give yourself an additional 30 minutes or even an hour in case there's a traffic jam or some other delay?
Are people really afraid or sitting for an extra 1/2 hour or hour in the airport with 'nothing to do'? Bring a book.

I used to try for the shortest connection times, giving myself just enough time to get from leaving work to the airport/train station, then having just enough time at the airport to get from one gate to another...

But a few years ago, having had a string of flights go through Chicago (always late, always), I realized that having a 1 hour connection time often meant I'd spend 3 or 4 hours in the airport because the inbound flight arrived 30 or 45 minutes late and I missed the outbound flight, then I had to find an agent and get put on another flight, and there might not be seats, and then (you get the picture).

However, now I give myself 2 hours between flights, and up that to 3 or 4 for long haul flights. And I get to the airport 2 or 2 1/2 hours before the first flight. I haven't missed a flight or connection in years, nor have I had my luggage sent to the wrong country since I started doing this.

It takes days, weeks even, to get some place by car/train/bus/boat, and only hours by plane, what's a few more minutes in the airport compared to the comfort of not rushing or missing a plane or losing your luggage?

The people of the world need to relax, read a book, take life a little slower, smell the flowers.
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Old 13th Dec 2012, 14:03
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I'm one of the relax, read a book, take life a little slower, smell the flowers brigade. Knowing Portugal as well as I do, I would say this is asking for trouble. You haven't allowed for getting to the check in area, queues, traffic problems, train being late, etc. If you are refused embarcation, you will be annoyed with yourself, but if you are like most people, you'll vent your frustration on the check in agent. Is that really necessary?
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Old 16th Dec 2012, 07:55
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Many airlines also won't rebook you for nada if being late is your own fault.... so you could be facing rebooking fees as well. Right before Christmas, it's anyone's guess as to if there would even be seats on the next flight. (or if they will be in the same fare category)

Do as others have said, get an earlier train. If you can't, well book better connections next time.

Have had it up to the eyeballs of copping abuse from other pax because we've had to wait for/offload luggage of, late pax. Consider the other 2-300 people who will get inconvenienced if any slot time is missed.
Never ceased to amaze me how many people allowed a 1hr 30 connection domestic to international in Oz, then were surprised when the flight left without them. The plane doesn't board at departure time, it LEAVES at departure time, something which many pax these days seem amazed at!

Lots of the time, you can't just 'leave' stuff behind because of security issues. It needs to go with someone...
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Old 16th Dec 2012, 10:35
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Fully endorse the remove stress policy promoted above. Even though I'm only 1 and a quarter hours away (by car) from the airport I aim to arrive 2.5 hrs (3 if long haul) prior to departure. If any problems crop up on the roads/motorways (and they have on the odd occasion), I have a panic-free 60 min buffer available and a mild-panic 30 minute reserve. Once at the airport I go find myself a quiet corner and catch up on my reading.
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Old 16th Dec 2012, 11:46
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I echo all of the above- you most certainly should not be aiming to arrive at the airport in the full knowledge that you are going to miss check in for all the reasons outlined by others.

However, at most European airports Emirates check in closes 60 minutes before departure (although they tell people to be at the airport 90 minutes before)- therefore I assume you made your flight without too many problems.
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