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Siemens boycotts Ryanair

Old 29th Sep 2012, 00:59
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None of us enjoy the FR experience, but they get you there...

There is no statistical reason to boycott FR...
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 04:17
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IF and it is a big if, this is down to FR CRM rather than risk, it could be argued that Siemens are shooting themselves in the foot as by boycotting FR, they could well be forcing their employees to take two flights instead of one.

Risk analysis on that would be interesting, plus factoring in the additional time and stress for the employee(s).

Strikes me that Siemens is coming out of this in a worse light than FR, I've flown FR on occasion and I found them no worse than any other LoCo.
Some EGAE approaches especially were quite interesting in that I was very aware that the plane was being flown rather than directed, given the general concensus on lack of hand flying skills this is a positive for FR IMO.

BTW, Hepone, you seem somewhat smaller to my eyes.

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Old 29th Sep 2012, 05:20
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I would suggest that maybe the discounts Siemens get from trad carriers and the location of plants make using Ryanair not that attractive. Also the " Look" of flying LOCO with some clients may not fit with their image, combined with Ryanair customer service, which I suffered on a trip tio Stockholm last year from Liverpool. 1 day late as plane went Tech and no back up so never again for me or my company.
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 05:38
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As someone who has worked for 15 years at a German technology multinational that is somewhat smaller than Siemens (about 50,000 employees worldwide) but culturally similar (down to the fact that we had a CEO who came from Siemens, ushered the company that was still revelling in its 19th and 20th century glory fast-forward into the 21st century and brought quite a few executives with him from Siemens), I have seen my fair share of corporate travel policies, and I suspect that the newspaper story is plain bullocks, or that the local Siemens executive was dreaming about what he'd do if he were king.

We don't typically use LoCos, but, as someone pointed out, if they happen to fly from A to B and no legacy carrier happens to serve that route, we are not forbidden to do so.

The only safety-related action I ever saw was after 9/11, and even that was evident only to an avid observer: we used to have a pretty good contract with United and were required to use them on flights to North America unless it resulted in really absurd routings. After 9/11, management felt it was not wise to force people to fly on N-registered planes, so the rule was no longer enforced, but there wasn't even an internal memo to all employees about it, and the contract eventually expired due to lack of volume.

We also used to have an on-site travel agency at headquarters that was staffed by company employed travel agents. Like all good travel agents in the good old days, these folks had a fair amount of travelling experience of their own, owed to a decent salary, a IATA discount card and also some company sponsored travel to IATA meetings.

These days, we use a large travel agency that specializes in corporate travel and operates a large office and call center in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, those guys are pretty clueless about the geography and quirks of American and Asian hubs and about discounts that airlines offer on certain routings or days, and they will gladly try to book you on a MUC-CDG-NCL or FRA-INC-NRT routing if it appears slightly cheaper than the negotiated rate with LH, even if this makes no sense whatsoever when you consider total travel time, risk of delays and the track record of the carriers involved. The way I usually deal with them is that I select my routing, airline and travel days based on my own experience, and when as usual I am not happy with their suggestion, I simply email them the rate I researched on the internet, and they are happy to book it for me.

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Whilst browsing through the college library the other day I came across a customer service guide for dummies.

Customer Service For Dummies Cheat Sheet - For Dummies

Maybe Ryanair should adopt this for their 'manuals ' both on the ground and in the air!
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 08:44
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in case they ever had to cancel or reschedule an appointment
Personally, if I want to be late for an important meeting, or miss it altogether, I will fly with BA. They are consistently late, and always have a 'we don't really care we're late, you should be grateful you are flying BA, this aircraft is older than you are, the stewardess is older than your mum - so show some respect' attitude.

When i have flown RYR they get me there on time. That's all I really care about.

Being served a free shit sandwich, by an overly made up stewardess with a superiority complex, doesn't make up for being late and loosing business.
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 09:13
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None of us enjoy the FR experience,
Can you highlight who exactly you are speaking for ?
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 09:13
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I do not think that any of this FLAK (Fliegerabwehrkanone) in this thread is directed towards Ryanair pilots (who are to be praised and whom I admire for doing a good job in such an unpopular company!) but towards its policies and customer services ammounting to (in my own experiences) people not only not getting what they are not paying for but ending up paying just as much as people paying for what they are getting.......... get it? (you're good then!) with the aggro of bad customer and luggage handling/bullying etc... plus the unsecurity feeling of not knowing what they will short circuit in order to save themselves some cash..... (sorry but I love litotes...) Safe flying all. Al
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 11:14
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Maybe it's because Ryanair don't fly to Iran?
Siemens probed over exports to Iran | Germany | DW.DE |
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 11:41
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In recent weeks the German media seems to have been campaigning against Ryanair. Hardly a day goes by without a story on ARD teletext about "another Ryanair incident".

Is it because Germany aren't happy about Ryanair's (predictable) reaction to Germany's new air travel tax, or because Ryanair are retrenching in the German market? who knows.

Personally I won't use Ryanair, having used them twice, but I would never think of them as being unsafe - just unsavoury!
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 11:55
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the stewardess is older than your mum - so show some respect' attitude.
Personally, I would value experience over youth.
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 13:16
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Shame Siemens didnt say the FR ban was because of the way FR treats it's employee's .............
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Shame Siemens didnt say the FR ban was because of the way FR treats it's employee's .............
Why would they? That might be an issue for a consumer boycott or one of the trade unions, but can't see what relevance it has to another company, unless they have a very specific ethical policy (eg the Co-op).
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Shame Siemens didnt say the FR ban was because of the way FR treats it's employee's ....
Would be a bit rich from a company who used Slave Labour in WW2 and worked them to death.
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if Siemens care so much for the safety of their employees while travelling presumably they are stopping them driving to work?
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According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.26 million deaths worldwide in the year 2000.
and that total has increased year-on-year. So I assume, on that basis, that Siemens do not allow its staff to drive.
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It is really funny to see here all Ryanair worshippers moaning and blaming anyone that does not like their beloved airline.
First it was Spain, the ATC, the media, Iberia, the goverment conspiration, now it is Siemens, the German media, Merkel........ A true worldwide conspiration

Wake up. Ryanair image to the public and to the aviation professionals is very low.
The juicy nice numbers they make are based in transporting scores of people that for 10 pounds will fly in a kite no matter what.

I like Siemens attitude, their care for their employees, something Ryanair does not.

I do not fly with Ryanair even if the only other option is to take a train, and as professional pilot I have recommended my family and friends to avoid it at all cost.
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Wake up. Ryanair image to the public and to the aviation professionals is very low.
I'm not sure it's as high as that, is it?
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Siemens vs. Ryanair.

I am glad to see that a real company has standards.
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Pprune has been traditionally very hostile towards Ryanair and its pilots, so any comments redressing the balance are hardly 'worshipping', which is a term that denotes blind faith.

Look, we pilots who fly for Ryanair also dislike many aspects of the company but to label us all as unprofessional and unsafe operators is patently absurd given the Airline's overall safety record.

It is also a slur on the many very competent and dedicated flight crew at
Ryanair who operate safely in trying circumstances, many of whom have worked at other Airlines who curry favour with some of the bigots on here.
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