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help needed please

Old 18th Jul 2012, 15:25
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help needed please

i apologise if this is the incorrect place to post this but i need some help.i am about to fly for the first time and there is something holding me the flight crew ever fear the plane crashing?is there any medication that works for fear of flying?is there any statisitics that make you feel safer when flying?thankyou
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Old 19th Jul 2012, 17:22
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I have flown for 13 and a half years and nothing that has happened to be fair.
It is always said and cant remeber the stats but yur more likely to be hit by a bus whilst crossing a road than being in a aircraft incident.
Aircraft are so technically advanced now, your safe up there than on the bloody motoway.

There is a medication you can take which you can get from herbal shops for nerves.

Try this Turbulence

You will be fine
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Old 19th Jul 2012, 19:07
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I'm ex industry, Territorial Army, Merchant Navy, RAF & airline pilot.
I was almost killed once in industry and once in a ship's engine room but didn't come close in the Army, RAF or airlines.

I reckon you're more likely to die of a heart attack engendered by the stress of getting through the airport

p.s. Don't drink loads and get sh*tfaced to try to 'calm the nerves'.
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newbie020 - I've moved your post into this forum, since the CC forum was not the best place.

Please start by reading the Forum FAQ for this forum, where some of the answers that you require may be found. Once done, I suggest that you return with more specific questions - At the moment, it's all a bit vague.

Finally, please make some small attempt to use Caps and Grammar - It makes it much easier for others to read and therefore to understand and help.
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What do you think will happen, mechanical failure, pilot error or air traffic control issues?

British Airways, in its current and previous configuration has only had one incident that led to fatalities, can you say that about British Rail, London Underground or a Toyota Corolla? Fear of flying is irrational, but that doesn’t make it any less real. I’d be interested to hear from people if watching Air Crash Investigation on various channels would help. Despite its slightly sensationalist tone it shows how much redundancy is built in to the systems to ensure safety

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newbie02, in 2010 the number of fatalities on Britain's roads numbered some 1850. That same year 1115 people died worldwide in airline accidents (a/c carrying 6 pax or more), and most of these were in countries with much less of a safety culture than in our part of the world. Strangely enough most of us step into our cars without ever thinking about dying in an RTA and yet we get nervous about flying. Relax and enjoy. A drink might help to calm the nerves but as already mentioned don't drink excessively, especially if it's a long flight. My wife was CC for a number of years and she never felt uneasy about flying at any time. She always said that she felt a great deal safer in the air than driving to and from the airport.

I do hope you can relax and enjoy the wonderful experience of flying (once you've battled through the airport experience)!
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Old 20th Jul 2012, 10:32
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About a million kms ago, I remember the Captain coming on and saying "welcome to London, ladies and gentlemen, the safest part of your journey is over".

You are much more likely to die or be injured on your way to, or from, the airport.

Relax, enjoy the view, and be confident that your professional crew will get you there safely.
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Old 20th Jul 2012, 10:34
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Here's an interesting experiment...

go for a ride in a car with your favorite driver, but either lay down in the back seat, or wear a blindfold. Feel nervous? most people do.

But how many times have you ridden in that same car with that same driver and not felt nervous?

Go for a flight in a small plane on a fairly smooth day, and you won't be as nervous as you are in a large plane... why? because you can see out the windows, you can see what the pilot is doing, how he's 'driving' the plane.

I believe that the largest factor contributing to a fear of flying is not the fear of flying, but rather the fear of not being in control. Of having to trust someone else.
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No Fears

22 Years million miles sometimes 6 flights a month as SLF and not even once a gut in mouth feeling due to turbulence. Same period being rear ended 4 times and T boned once, besides numerous dinks and dings on the car.

Get on board tell the Hostie your fear, hopefully you have a Frequent flyer in the seat next to you and off you go.

Have had a fearful lady (thank god she was a model) seated next to me on a flight. Had my arm gouged out by her at take off, pleasant conversation enroute where she asked me to keep talking and some more nail marks during landing, but it seemed to have worked for both of us
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That's good advice from Wannabe Flyer. I flew once a month on my own to see my Mum in the UK and back, usually within 24 hours, for about three years. I chatted to quite a few people who were quite clearly nervous. Chatting does make you feel better. I was surprised at how many people do fear flying. Look around surreptitiously during take-off or landing and watch the body language. There's a surprising number of people who really do not like flying. You're not alone but you will cope. Have a good trip and then a lot more relaxed ones.
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There is a story in today's Mail on Sunday about a schoolboy stranded in Abu Dhabi as he has suddenly developed an irrational fear of flying and will not/cannot step on to a plane. His father is now planning on bringing him back to the UK by road The article says the fear is about the height rather than the plan crashing!

They have no idea where this has come from as he has flown long haul all his life.

Some journey back to the UK by road though!
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I have sympathy with the OP as I don't much care for flying either. would agree with earlier poster about riding blindfold in a car. Think it a good idea to register the bumps and vibration we routinely accept in other modes of transport so that any anxiety over the odd bump and rattle is in perspective. Think to be honest what most people like us have is a mild anxiety rather than fear. So put it into perspective as it's not like going over the top in the somme is it? And if the young (and not so young) women in the cc are walking about content what really is there to worry about, let alone fear.

edit: oh, try and get a window seat if you can. The views are amazing and it puts the dynamics in perspective. Bear in mind that the wings will not fall off of their own accord. These things are very very tough and reliable.

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I'm surpised noone has mentioned Flying with Confidence - Fear of flying course from British Airways or Virgin Flying Without Fear

Personally I doubt you need to attend one, my own view is that flying is normal to the extent that I actually enjoy the experience.
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In the meantime, armed with all this excellent advice, we haven't heard further from newbie020. Has he flown yet? How did it go?
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