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Ryanair-Pilot kicked 120 pax out of the aircraft at ACE, 05FEB11

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Ryanair-Pilot kicked 120 pax out of the aircraft at ACE, 05FEB11

Old 6th Feb 2011, 12:57
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Ryanair-Pilot kicked 120 pax out of the aircraft at ACE, 05FEB11

found in several newspapers and magazines today. e.g.

Lanzarote: Ryanair-Pilot wirft 120 Passagiere aus dem*Flugzeug - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Reise

Flugverkehr - Nach Streit: Ryanair wirft 120 Passagiere aus Flugzeug - Aus aller Welt - Hamburger Abendblatt

anyone knows details on this.

.....in the report they write that the Foreign Ministry of Belgium interferred and had to put pressure on RYR to return the "stranded" pax.
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 13:02
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This is from Daily news and information in English for Spain - an English online newspaper about Spain for expats:

After a passenger pushed a flight attendant this morning, a massive fight broke out inside a Ryanair plane due to leave Guacimeta Airport in Lanzarote this mroning, as reported to Europa Press Corps the National Police (CNP), who were forced to intervene on board the low cost carrier.

The incident occurred shortly before 10.30 am, when a Ryanair plane was preparing to fly to Charleroi (Brussels), A passenger was was asked to leave the plane after pushing over a crew member. When he refused to disembark, his friends intervened and faced off against other staff members. Some other passengers got involved on behalf of the crew members, starting a fight onboard the aircraft.

Consequently, the Captain requested the intervention of the Security Forces of the State, which ended the incident by arresting twenty passengers. The plane later took for Brussels with the rest of the passagengers.

According to sources, the passengers were evacuated from the aircraft by members of the Guardia Civil and National Police and are still in the airport terminal Guacimeta, where they are protesting their innocence in the events. Police confirmed that they are likely to face charges of assault.
The nationalities of the detainees has yet to be established.
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 13:15
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100 Passengers Offloaded from Lanzarote - Charleroi flight

From Ryanairs website-

100 Passengers Offloaded from Lanzarote - Charleroi flight

Ryanair today (5th Feb) confirmed that it had offloaded a group of 100 passengers travelling from Lanzarote to Brussels Charleroi on FR8175 at the request of Spanish Police. This group became disruptive, and refused to comply with crew instructions after a number of their group were required to pay a gate bag fee for outsized luggage.

Lanzarote police required the entire aircraft be offloaded, each passenger identified. Following further disruptive behaviour, the police required for security reasons that this enitre group be refused travel.

Ryanair apologises sincerely to the 66 remaining passengers who suffered a 3hr delay while Ryanair and the local police were dealing with this disruptive group. Ryanair's handling agent in Lanzarote will be reaccommodating some of this group on later flights to Charleroi but any individuals who engaged in disruptive behaviour or refused to follow crew instructions will not be allowed to fly.

The safety and security of Ryanair's passengers, crew and aircraft will remain Ryanair's number 1 priority.
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 14:13
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Lock them up for a LONG time in a choice Spanish jail {goal if you must} and then put them on a LIFETIME No Fly list! Good for the captain, and good for Ryan Air, its time to put an end to this crap!
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 14:16
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 14:27
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Better still load them onto cattle trucks and drive them slowly to brussles,if they behave like wild animals treat them so
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 14:31
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I don't know what the specifics of this case are.

I don't care about the Ryanair culture at this point or how the treatment of their passengers might have induced this behavior. Before the usual hysterics start as it always does when FR is mentioned, just spare a thought for the Cabin Crew.

They are the ones left to deal with a situation that no one should ever have to face. It's in these situations that they get crapped on from above. Young girls, maybe as young as 19 years of age dealing with packs of larger louts behaving like wild animals and a situation that developed into something similar to a spaghetti western or a bar brawl. Can you imagine how frightened they must have been?
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 14:50
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Although one can't help thinking that some rough justice may mean that passengers who attempted to protect said 19 year old cabin crew may get treated the same as the people who started the fight. Which would not be a good outcome.
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 14:54
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Full marks to the Captain.... but I rather suspect that he did not "kick" them off the aircraft, unfortunately.
Old 6th Feb 2011, 15:04
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As a passenger I would say, you get what you pay for.....
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 16:17
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Angel Interfeering With Cabin Crew.

Not surprised, more and more passengers turn up at the airport half in the bag from the night before and indeed can be very beligerant and rude. They think because it is a low cost carrier that they can get away with anything, they are paying a very low premium to fly anyway then they think they can push the cabin crew around. Interfeering with flight crew is a very serious offence so well done to the Capt. and the Spanish Police.

There is no room for this type of loutish behaviour on ANY airline. I hope when the culprits are identified that they get punished for their actions as it will send out a message to prospective troublemakers.
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 16:31
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I do not condone violence or bad behaviour like this by passengers but having been fleeced by Ryanair at check-in in the past I understand their anger and frustration about being relieved of their cash to pay for some jumped-up extra charge. After my experience I have vowed never to fly with Ryanair again. Their modus operandi with regard to pricing is little short of scandalous and has put me off going anywhere near them again. I repeat, I do not condone what these people did but I fully understand it.
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 17:11
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but I fully understand it
So threatening and pushing over underpaid and overworked Ryan Air cabin crew, steaming off at these guys and gals is 'understandable' then? As if they are the responsible ones?

As you did, smudger, they should vote with their feet. If paxnumbers are down Ryan needs to rethink its policies. As long as they fly Ryan, nothing will change.

I can´t understand these people.

You pay next to nothing and therefore you get next to nothing, at least you get no service whatsoever and they rip you off where they can. That is not a secret, but widely known, even to the public IMO. They (Ryan) set the rules on their A/C. Pay a tad more and you get way better service and usually more 'leeway' towards slightly oversized baggage etc. No rocketscience....

If one does not understand that, he shouldn´t be on an airplane anyhow.
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 17:18
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There's no way to justify or excuse this sort of behaviour.

Whether the whole situation could have been avoided is a completely different matter. It wasn't and so booting these idiots off the aircraft was the right decision obviously.
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 17:35
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Other passenger's point of view in a Belgian newspaper, courtesy Google translate:

'Felt held hostage by students'

"We were not threatened, but held hostage" says a passenger who was here yesterday on the Ryanair plane in Lanzarote where students from the ULB ran amok.
The students were not drunk, according to the traveler in a response to our editors, or noisy. And not particularly well co-operate.
"What exactly happened when checking we do not know, but apparently was not a boy from the group of Ryanair check-in. The rest is then started to run amok on the plane. They wanted their friend necessarily get on board. "
This launched what chaos on board. The passengers are not felt threatened, "but held hostage".
"The students refused to sit down when they asked that. Even when the pilot moegeterd said they had to get out, they listened not. "
Police had to intervene.
Every time a police car appeared, the students began to cheer. They assumed that it was their friend who was still on board. "
Ended up the other passengers leave the plane because the students refused to sell. "That way they separated us, we were glad to," it sounds.
After half an hour everyone was allowed back into the baggage on board the now empty equipment."Upon returning to the aircraft was all our luggage on a cart. We had our cases indicate, so that those students could be separated. "
Three hours later, the device still set course Charleroi.

original link De Standaard Online - 'Voelden ons gegijzeld door studenten'
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 17:44
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And the original mention of the incident in the same paper, also thanks to google translate.

Ryanair evicts Belgian students from aircraft

Belgian hundred students, especially the French-speaking University of Brussels (ULB), are stranded at the airport in the Canary island of Lanzarote. One of them refused to pay additional fee for luggage, which Ryanair than other students but all of the flight bande. According to local media, the students were drunk.
The students took advantage of a free week to use some of the sunshine on the Spanish island of Lanzarote. But their trip ended Saturday morning in a minor key. According to Aurelia, one of the students, came after boarding the plane a discussion between a student and a flight attendant low cost airline Ryanair. 'Instead of the professional situation to go, the air hostess began to call themselves and to hurl accusations around, "says the student at the French-speaking radio stations. According to her behaving the rest of the Belgian group is not brutal. "But we were all put off the plane."

Local media speak 'good behavior' of the Belgians against. According to the website La Voz de Lanzarote was a large proportion of those aged between 20 and 25 years under the influence of alcohol.

The plane eventually left without the students to Charleroi. Another flight back home is far from obvious, says the student.
"Our vacation is over. Our money is gone. "

At the ULB have no knowledge of the incident.
"I suppose that this group took a vacation after the exams. There were no students already part of their training in Lanzarote, "said Valerie Bomb Aerts.

Ryanair confirms the incident. We have a group of passengers on the plane removed at the request of the Spanish police. They bewailed her after some of them had to pay a surcharge for overweight luggage, "it sounds. According to Ryanair, all passengers on the aircraft and subjected to an identity check.
"Because some passengers were disruptive behavior, the police decided that the entire group to which the disturbing elements was not allowed to travel further."

Ryanair apologizes to the 66 passengers who could leave for the delay. "We ensure that a portion of the group that remained on Lanzarote in Charleroi hit. But the makers amok, we will not allow any of our aircraft. "

In foreign affairs it sounds different. "The Belgian consul in Tenerife is intervened. One problem with such a large group can not be unaddressed, "said spokesman Bart Ouvry. "Therefore, the students fly the next day in small groups of five or six back to our country."

Original link De Standaard Online - Ryanair zet Belgische studenten uit vliegtuig

I hope the translation makes some sense.

No mention in either article of any physicalities, just shouting and loutish behaviour... Still a very bad thing, but less so than shoving the cc around.
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Old 6th Feb 2011, 18:08
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Sure their behavior was unacceptable but I am not surprised. We refer to these aircraft as "cattlecars", there is little human dignity given to the common pax. You stand inline to get shuffled into a metal tube, stuck sitting in a smaller bt the day seat next to strangers shoulder to shoulder. Have to suffer the repetative BS from cabin crew. Are restricted from when you can and can not use the bathroom! Now this is at the aircraft, not to mention security and all the crap you went through within the few hrs prior.

Not excusing behavior, I was not there. I just detest flying commercially. Give me a 9 hour flight on a dingy freighter any day. I eat, crap and sleep when I want. Hell I prefer it to a pimped out exec jet.
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Like the airline or not, if you can't be a human being on board, don't buy a ticket and walk home.
I wish all European authorities would be VERY ROBUST in dealing with these little darlings...

Maybe a month in a cell and no stupid EU rights to make sure they get better room service than thier 1* holiday they booked!
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One of them refused to pay additional fee for luggage
All of that mess over several euros for luggage?

Kind of reminds me of a certain idiot Polish politician who having paid for an economy seat tried to start a riot on Lufthansa plane because they would not let him put his coat in first class. Yes, its true. And it shows how ignorant the public is of both laws on books and potential for massive harm in these kinds of situations.

Like others, I detest being a passanger on a commercial airline, but people have to understand there is no way to avoid the cattle wagon experience unless people are willing to pay several times more for tickets – and they aren’t. There have to be stiff penalties for things like that because any disorder with that many people cramped into small space is disaster waiting to happen. Crowd stampeding/suffocating each other to death in panic is not exactly an unheard of issue.
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Agressive & disruptive passengers removed from aircraft!

This would have been much better dealt with at check-in, in the terminal, where there is an available and visible police/security presence, IMO.

Passengers who won't pay extortionate, but legal and well publicised charges, can pay up or not fly. People who turn up drunk and act agressive should be denied boarding as well. Once they are on the aircraft the problem is very difficult to manage, as this incident shows.

I rarely fly FR but when I do I know what the rules are and what I am going to get for my money.
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