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Ryanair-Pilot kicked 120 pax out of the aircraft at ACE, 05FEB11

Passengers & SLF (Self Loading Freight) If you are regularly a passenger on any airline then why not post your questions here?

Ryanair-Pilot kicked 120 pax out of the aircraft at ACE, 05FEB11

Old 7th Feb 2011, 23:36
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I think the issues is most people now treat airlines like buses, they have a huge amount of variety in where and when you go as well as how often and what they pay.

Most self loading freight don't know nor do they want to know anything about the environment they'll be locked into for the next N hours, most want to sit down have a drink watch a movie etc... Its a Bus, get on get off.

They have no idea of the training that is involved in the people who are up front behind the bullet proof door (theya re just the bus drivers) or walking the Aisles (serve the food, serve the booze). They also have no comprehension of how hostile the environment can be at 30000ft, bad weather just means 'bumps' etc.

It comes down to respect, for the crew and the environment. Its the difference between a Bus driver and an ATPL Pilot. I'm not knocking bus drivers but theres a bit more invloved in an ATPL....
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 06:05
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Self Loading Freight = Customers = The People that pay your Salary

(Whether you're a bus driver or ATPL)

Just a thought
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 06:31
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Well said. SLF is the pejorative term of choice by these throw backs to a bygone age of sub servience and misplaced respect. If you treat people badly, do not hide behind your 'rights'. Treat people like a POS and you will reap your reward

Flying with a proper airline includes staff who understand the difference between firmly applying high standards and pushing people around because you have the power so to do.

Cheap is a poor measure. Value always was and always will be the only relevant benchmark

Having saidi that, well done to the Ryan Air captain. I would love to have seen this unwind albeit as a fly on the wall rather than a fellow piece of SLF.
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 08:19
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Well said. SLF is the pejorative term of choice by these throw backs to a bygone age of sub servience and misplaced respect. If you treat people badly, do not hide behind your 'rights'. Treat people like a POS and you will reap your reward
Look i have never seen a Captain or first officer push anybody around, and very few cabin crew, counter staff thats another thing. Its more a product of the companies themselves, and their sometimes bizzare policies.
What i'm talking about is the everyday common courtesy. OK i do not expect the average punter to understand Slot times (no you cannot board the plane 20 minutes before departure), or ATC delays in Brussels, but they need to understand Airplanes are more complex than a train or a bus, and by extension the systems that control them. There is usually a very good reason why push back is delayed. sometimes its for your safety sometimes its totally beyond the control of the person your venting at.

Flight crew deserve your respect they do a hard job, they sacrificed allot to fly you about and they don't get paid that well to do it (certainly not the regionals)
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 09:16
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Ryan Air workers are the equivalent of the call centre operatives who make cold calls that bug our evenings and weekends even though your numbers have been registered with the TPS for decades.

Are they scum or victims when knowingly participating in the excesses of Leary ? Should you be polite to them because it's not their fault or express your views on a scale that quickly goes from polite to 'robust' ?

Are cabin crew endowned with a service culture or proponents of the 'can arrest, must arrest' mentaility that infects the UK plodforce?

When I fly BA and KLM. I find their staff to be professional and competent

When I fly Flybe or Easyjet, I find the staff hounded by a management culture of profiteering and rip off (and I laughed heartily as I recognised everyone of the Flybe staff in ?Come Fly with Me?)

I have flown Ryan Air and it is not an experience I am looking to repeat if there is a good train service.

Next week I fly BA LCY/EDI and it'll be OK. I then fly Flybe EDI/BHX and am already trying to ignore what I know will be an, at best, acceptable experience

Let's not forget that without Leary, flying would still be the preserve of the inbred and self opinionated.

It's my choice and I will smile to myself at the good fortune I have to be a paying passenger with a need to travel.

Let's all remember Ronnie Barker's BAFTA speech. Every line started 'What luck ........................'
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 09:46
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You get what you pay for.
This often quoted line is the biggest misunderstanding of all if we are talking about your rights as a party of the contract with Ryanair. The truth is not "You get what you pay for", but rather "You get what you have entered into a contract for". How much you have paid for it is totally irrelevant. If Ryanair pleases to enter into a contract for 1p, that is wholly up to them. The legal obligations arising from the contract are always the same, regardless whether they sell the product for 0,01 GBP or for 200 GBP. I must admit, however, that Ryanair is pretty good at brainwashing all those without a law degree into believing that by buying a cheap ticket you surrender your legal rights. Which is a pretty impressive achievement and saves them a lot of money.
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 10:59
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Tony SLF, do Call Centre workers not take calls rather than make them?
Either way, I'm at as loss to see how Ryanair staff are comparable to cold callers.
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 12:45
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Young girls, maybe as young as 19 years of age dealing with packs of larger louts behaving like wild animals
What has their size got to do with this?
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 17:05
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I can't see where Ryanair or any other carrier come to that should be criticised for the action taken.
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 17:43
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Originally Posted by irishpilot1990 View Post
Tony- I think you should go onto a forum which discusses an area u actually have knowledge in. Ryanair crew are amongst the best trained and sought after in the industry, the pilot training is known for it's high standards! Your BA pilot next week was probably taken from Ryanair!
Sought after?! Coveted, desired, in demand. No, they aren't.

Taken from Ryanair?! Head hunted. No, he wasn't.

This coming from a Ryanair pilot who wouldn't fly an aircraft with an inop autopilot out of a London airport.

Back in your box.
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 18:17
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You Think, Therefore I Am
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Dial it down guys...
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 19:18
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Thanks for the feedback Irish.

Having averaged around 50 return flights a year since 2001, I thought I did know something on this topic.

I sit corrected oh great one
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 19:45
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There is more than enough debate about the term SLF elsewhere that, I suggest, we don't need to clog up this thread with it.

I really like my GP, he looks after me well and if he calls me bad things behind my back - I don't care. Now, back to the sensible behaviour of FR staff to off load bad customers.
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Old 8th Feb 2011, 20:07
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Again, I idly wonder if I fly on some "parallel universe" on Ryanair 6 times a month.

Admittedly, you do have to know what you are doing when you book a Ryanair flight but once on the a/c I have only ever found a polite and attentive service from the crew - whatever their nationality. Invariably the flights are on-time or slightly ahead of schedule.

Just my experience.
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Old 9th Feb 2011, 00:46
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catching a flight is like catching a bus and act accordingly.
Absolutely. Air transportation is nothing more than a glorified omnibus - with perhaps a free cup of tea if one is lucky.

Or, if you like: you get what you have paid for.
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Old 9th Feb 2011, 06:57
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Being 25 years in this buisness and flying more than 300k miles a year, I have no understanding for such people.
Beside that they are a risk of safety, they disturb all other passengers, which simply wnat to have a quiet flight from A to B.
But we are not only talking about students. I am hating this "businessmen", who are not willing to switch off their phones even the aircraft reaches Vr. All crews shoudl make it like a crew I had a month ago. The guy did not listen during take-off, he did not listen for landing. When the door opened, two policeman waited for him and I am sure he missed his connection.

Full understanding for all crews, which are not accepting unruly passengers.
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Old 9th Feb 2011, 14:53
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Interestingly, the SPIEGEl doesn't mention the police intervention and claims that upon a quarrel between a flight attendant and a male passenger the captain ordered 120 passengers out (threw them out of the plane) and than took of with a considerably empty plane. The passengers in the plane state that the action was out of proportion. Now, the Spiegel is pretty reliable and up to good journalism so there seems to be some disconnect between the english and the German reporting.
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Old 10th Feb 2011, 13:49
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Well done Ryanair !

Any one involved in an altercation aboard an aircraft whether in the air or on the ground that impedes the crew in any way , is seen as threatening or which has an adverse effect on other passengers should be removed from the aircraft and not allowed to fly no matter which company is the carrier !
I have flown Ryanair for the last ten years & have never been able to fault the crew or the service which i have received .
I have how ever been able to fault the behaviour of some of the passengers but ive seen that the same behaviour on Ba , Bmi , Thomson's , Iberia , Monarch flights etc etc and have come across passenger's who have been unruly , drunk , violent , sexist
you name it i have seen it !
Like the passenger on a channel air flight that had been chartered from manchester to Faro who screamed that he was an engineer , that we where all going to die , that the aircraft was unsafe and would explode mid air and who proceeded to drag his wife and two young children out of their seats screaming, The doors had bee already closed so he argued with the captain and steward and was then allowed to disembark with a final scream off " your all going to die "!
But by far the worst event ever was on an Easyjet flight ( pre sept 11th )
Originally due to fly out from Liverpool to Amsterdam that due to fog at liverpool had to fly out of manchester . We where delayed but bussed to Manchester in order to get our flight .
A lot of people used the delayed time to drink more alcohol and consequently coming in to land at schipol we heard a scuffle and loud altercation going on at the back of the plane . One very drunk mancunian guy was having some sort of panic attack and was trying to get into the toilet , he flattened the stewardess who was blocking his way then legged it from the back off the plane right down the ailse past us in the 2nd row and drop kicked the cockpit door open !
screamed sorry at the stunned pilots then hid and locked himself in the toilet !
As Long as i live i will never forget seeing the runway lights thru the cockpit windows and the look ov horror on the Captains face ! We landed 60 seconds later
The dutch police boarded toting machine guns and carted that lunatic off the aircraft with plastic ties on his wrists and ankles and two of his stag weekend buddys got the same treatment after trying to interfere ! The whole plane erupted in aplause !
So as far as im concerned For 100 people to be taken off an aircraft with the help of lanzarote police then something pretty horrendous has had to have happened !
Students hey ! shud carry a public health warning !
more like an army holding a flight to ransom if you ask me !
Well done Ryanair !
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Old 16th Feb 2011, 12:11
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FR slagging

We refer to these aircraft as "cattlecars", there is little human dignity given to the common pax. You stand inline to get shuffled into a metal tube, stuck sitting in a smaller bt the day seat next to strangers shoulder to shoulder. Have to suffer the repetative BS from cabin crew.
IMHO, FR flies the same type of people that you'd find on any other airline in europe. Lager louts and associated "cattle" if you like, business people, common folks going or coming from their holidays, etc. Most flights are perfect, fit for purpose. You check in, get on, get out, meet your family, friends on the other side. There's sufficient dignity left.

FR cabin crew in general is very professional and I respect them a lot. You may have one that isn't up to the job. We see these in every walk of life. I bet there may be a good few folks here that would BS the passengers if they had to work in the cabin. (I know I would have liked to kick that scum of the plane if I had the chance).

From a member of cabin crew involved, I heard that this bunch of students were very irritating and their behavior was childish and irresponsible. The captain did what was normal under these circumstances and cabin crew had to put up with a lot prior to that.
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Old 25th Feb 2011, 15:50
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No excuses for violence - ever! Totally bad form!

Love 'em or hate 'em, everyone is well aware of their reputation for Ryanair's ruthlessness when it comes to excess baggage. Read the T&C's and stay within your limits and you won't have a problem! There's many a little Irishman takes a weekend jaunt into Europe with just a bag slung over his shoulder on the 99p or 1.99 each way deals and doesn't get any nasty shocks!
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