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No Cockpit Door - What Do Pax Think?

Passengers & SLF (Self Loading Freight) If you are regularly a passenger on any airline then why not post your questions here?

No Cockpit Door - What Do Pax Think?

Old 20th Feb 2009, 13:43
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I regularly lead seminars and give keynote talks to companies.

People often give me feedback which is clearly based on their lack of understanding of the subject and also of the professional skills required to do my job.

I always take time to listen, thank them for their interesting views and then get on with my life (trousering the fees for the engagement.)

And Rainboe, I think that you ought to take the same view, since for every pax who makes a silly comment, tens will love the experience, tell their friends and spread the good news about aviation.

Also, to 'track someone down', can be a criminal offence, mandating a custodial sentence.

Not the attitude I would expect from an airline captain.

Still, you haven't (at least to my knowledge) dropped your trousers for the security peeps yet, so maybe there is hope for you yet
Old 20th Feb 2009, 14:17
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I don't think it makes any difference. The kind of pax who are going to panic will do so regardless. I've seen it countless times here, where we have the Dash 7 & Dash 8 (cockpit door closed), and Twin Otter and Caravan / Grand Caravan (no cockpit door) operating the same routes. Pax who are claustrophobic, have control issues or simply don't like being tossed around in a smaller aircraft when the bumps come, have the same reaction regardless of equipment type.
This certainly doesn't apply across the board - I am a frequently dodgy flier and I am far more at ease when I can see the pilots sitting there confidently!

I know they all sit there confidently no matter if I can see them or not, but for whatever part of my brain that can't be rational about these things, I do actually like to see them

Used to love Eastern Airlines in the UK for exactly this.
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Old 20th Feb 2009, 16:21
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We don't have a door on our jet. We don't get that many visitors. If they do they are usually asking for the temperature to be adjusted or the location of the bottle opener.

Occasionally one or two shows interest and has a chat about the view and what's going on.
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 09:34
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I am a frequently dodgy flier
The mind boggles
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 10:37
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I just took a scheduled flight with BIH to the Isles of Scilly and back (Sikorsky S61), one of many down the years.

There is no curtain and the flight crew sit somewhat aloft, providing a great view of ops. It was an absolute treat to sit in the front row and appreciate the high workload these guys face. The taxiing procedure is fascinating; forwards, backwards, sideways, or all three according to the subtleties of the wind. This unique service is now under real threat and they appear to be down to just a single machine for operations, so I urge all cockpit-view fans to get down to Penzance PDQ.
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 12:04
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Mr Soft

As a PPL (Aeroplanes), I have nothing but admiration for the and to eye coordination and skills of helicopter pilots.

Having been fortunate enough to sit in the left hand front seat of a JetRanger (pilot sits front right), I know exactly what you mean, its fascinating to watch.
Old 21st Feb 2009, 13:26
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Danger No cockpit door !!!

During my airline flying years, often did moonlight as Learjet pilot.
Had to make extra $$$ since we airline pilots are paid such high salaries...!
The worst was often, no cockpit door - no privacy.
Among passengers, always was one that knew how to fly better than me.
Or the "rich and famous" asking you to serve them a double whisky.
That when you are busy copying a departure clearance and taxiing.
But the worst was the annunciator panel with red or yellow lights.
I always tried to cover some of these lights with a masking tape.
These lights are my business, not theirs
There were 2 lights saying L/R ENG ICE... NO, we're not going to crash.
And NO, it is not ice cubes for their vodkas.
The worst light was "LOW FUEL".
To their (drunk) mind - means "imminent crash, out of fuel"...
Wish we had a "rich and famous low booze" warning instead.

Happy contrails
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Old 26th Feb 2009, 00:28
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yep there is. But its always cold when it happens from my experience.
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Old 26th Feb 2009, 01:46
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Yes, the fuel lights get them everytime! Especially when your about ready to change tanks...
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Old 26th Feb 2009, 10:18
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Love The 80's

As a kid (11 years old) I got the opportunity, along with a few other kids, to get up the pointy end of a 747 during cruise - those were the days.

Thanks Lufthansa

P.S I think it is best to leave the door closed to the cockpit - however next time you fly El Al - ask them....................
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Old 27th Feb 2009, 22:11
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i flew on an airline once who had a camera mounted just behind the front nose gear... you could switch to the channel from your inflight tv and watch everything happening from taxi, take off, inflight and landing... it was an awesome function... they have since taken off this function now as i heard it caused panic for some passengers who would watch the landing, and panic due to not seeing the runway when landing and thinking they were going to crash... when in reality the aircraft crabbing in due to the crosswind...
for some.. ignorance is bliss...
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Old 28th Feb 2009, 18:53
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I loved it

Many - really, really many - years ago I flew FfaM to Paris and back at least once a week, usually in a 727 or 737. I found sitting up front, RH aisle seat, where I could watch the cockpit activity thru the open door, was great, really instilled in me a sense of confidence in professional air crew which has never left me, even though it all takes place these days behind a (dark blue) locked door. On several occasions I was invited into the cockpit and yup, it was a thrill.

Flying with an open cockpit door in a commercial passenger aircraft is unlikely ever to become the norm again, but as an SLF I'm glad I was there, when it was.

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Old 28th Feb 2009, 21:48
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I remember a pre-September, 2001 departure out of Barcelona onboard an Aviaco MD-something-or-other. It had a flightdeck door but this had been left open. Because it was a night-time departure there wasn't much to see from my aisle seat, although I do remember the runway lights as we turned to line up for take off.
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Old 21st Mar 2009, 15:47
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A380 Tail mount camera

Recently flew with Emirates, Heathrow to Jakarta via Dubai and first leg was on the A380. Apart from it being an amazing piece of kit, there is a choice of nose mount, tail mount and down facing cameras, selectable on the IFE screen.

Have to say the tail mount view is incredible. Just before the trip I saw a Richard Hammond TV program about the challenges facing the designers of the 380 wing and how they had used a bird wing as a template, enabling them to use a shorter span design. You almost felt that you were looking down from a hawks head. Incredible! And a great in flight bar too, though that wasn't mentioned on the program.

Also was fortunate pre 9-11 to get a jump seat into both Heathrow and Gatwick and thoroughly enjoyed it. Such a shame that my kids will never get that chance.
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