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Bangladesh - Visa on Arrival

Not many travellers know about the "visa on arrival" facility at Dhaka Airport - and those who do have also heard many confusion details about who it applies to. In the past, it has also been withdrawn and re-instated on more than one occasion.

It now is permanently available to passport holders from a list of countries that includes EU, USA, Australia, Japan. Upon arrival at DAC, you approach the leftmost immigration desk to apply, then pay $50 at the Somali Bank desk, go back to the immigration officer who then stamps a landing permit valid for 30 days (might vary according to your nationality) into your passport.

The advantage is not only the convenience, but frequent travellers will appreciate that it also avoids the usual full-page visa stamp they would otherwise get from an embassy or consulate. The landing permit is the size of the usual immigration entry stamp.
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Thanks for that!

Having said that, if they're like some of the people at the Bangladesh High Commission in London, you'll need to make sure that every single item of documentation they ask for is present, and 100% in order. While I was there last time (2003), several people got turned away for insufficient documentation, including a person dealing with the applications for journos and broadcasting staff who were going there to cover the cricket.

Personally, I think I'd still be inclined to get my visa in advance, because I'd rather be turned away from the BHC in London than put back on a plane in Dhaka!

On the other hand, this will be useful for people who do the trip regularly and know exactly what documents to bring. Sounds cheaper, too!
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Big Harvey:

The documentation you have to produce at Dhaka Airport Immigration is:

- your passport.

That's it, plus the $ 50 official fee (no hanky panky).

The airline you fly into Bangladesh on will have a list of approved nationalities for the "visa on arrival" scheme, so if you're a passport holder from one of these countries, you sail through.

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