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Aborted landings/Go-Arounds

Old 21st Mar 2007, 15:36
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No GAs, only one missed approach that I can recall: in to DUB from DXB last New Year's Eve, on an Aer Lingus A330. Pilot told us the winds were pretty awful on the ground, so we did a figure-8 over the sea, at higher angles of bank that I thought was safe (60deg?). Landing was uneventful, though there was a bad crosswind.

I've had a few flights when I've wished the pilots had gone around, into Dublin, and most memorably a "triple jump" at LCY (London City) last year, courtesy of CityJet.
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Old 23rd Mar 2007, 00:58
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Missed Approach, pressurization problem and rejected takeoff all on the same flight..... Sorry about the length of the videos, its my first time using youtube..
Missed Approach from 200feet
Pressurization test (Event happens after 1 minute 25 secs, I dont have software here to edit it)
Rejected Takeoff from 80 KIAS (only worth watching the first 10 secs)
Not the worlds most dangerous airline, but part of new aircraft acceptance testing.
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Old 23rd Mar 2007, 10:00
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reason being most slf blame the first person they see, is probably because they haven't been told whats going on, as slf myself ,had 2 go arounds and one we got explained what happend , and on the other we didnt, as you can imagine the one where were had no information, agreat number of people were certainly concerned to put it politely.. its ok for pilots and crew to say the pax over react but the majority probably only get on a plane once or twice a year, just sayin a little information is sometimes better than none at all. appologies if it sounds like a rant but, if you look at it in another way the person flying the plane has apassengers life in his/her hands, thatmay sound over the top, but when you look at it that way , doesnt the pax have some right to know whats going on?

appologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes, just finished a nite shift
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Old 25th Mar 2007, 21:46
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Hope you got some sleep, take-off!

Not sure I agree, if you opt to fly with an airline you are vouching trust in their procedures etc, a previous post mentions how there often just isn't time on the lfight deck to make announcements, and the last thing they want is the typical trumped-up overreactions of "knowledgeable" amateurs who'll shout their little heads off on the strength of a bit of hearsay.
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