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Old 18th Apr 2005, 00:52   #1 (permalink)
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BA Checked baggage Toy Guns OK?

Apologies for the inane question but I've searched and couldn't find an answer.

Am currently sunning in Florida and am due to fly home to London from Miami next Sunday with BA. Have bought young lad two rather nice toy guns (they are quite obviously toys and NOT replicas) a revolver and a bolt action style rifle for any possible future cowboy style shoot out. The guns came handily labeled 'if travelling by air check in with luggage' so I assumed they were OK.

Mrs Biz said, silly [email protected]%r, of course you can't take them home, so I called local BA office in Orlando and after checking they said, throw them away!! As will cause hoo hah at Miami.

Is this correct? I checked the BA web-site and no mention of toy guns as being banned from checked luggage.

Can anyone advise, I had intended to mention at check-in that they were in the bags and it seems a shame to bin them.

Otherwise how about if I send them home via UPS or similar, is that allowed?
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Old 18th Apr 2005, 01:07   #2 (permalink)
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If they are indeed toys, and not replicas, there should be no problem. TSA may open the bag to inspect it if they show on the X-rays, but the fact they are toys should be obvious after that.

Worst case, they confiscate them (which I think is unlikely), and you've lost no more than if you bin them.

Just don't forget, and put them in a carry-on...
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Old 18th Apr 2005, 08:53   #3 (permalink)
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Is it really worth the risk? If it does cause a problem Mrs Biz will never stop saying I told you so!
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Old 18th Apr 2005, 12:13   #4 (permalink)
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My suggestion would be to ensure they are packed in their original packing when in the luggage, to ensure our friends from TSA see them as toys.

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Old 18th Apr 2005, 19:16   #5 (permalink)
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Wouldn't it be best to buy the toy guns when you are out there?

BAe 146
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Old 19th Apr 2005, 13:01   #6 (permalink)
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Not worth trying to get them onboard.

Besides, If we look at the percentage of deaths and shootings in the hands of youngsters in the USA, in comparison to the UK, and it seems american toy guns are better than the UK ones, doesnt that say something about how we should be discouraging kids to find guns fun? Just my opinion.
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Old 19th Apr 2005, 13:14   #7 (permalink)

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bizflyer have you thought of posting them to yourself? Postage isn't v expensive in USA and plastic toys can't weigh v much. You can either go to a Post Office or to a mailing company (like Mailboxes etc) - just a thought
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Old 20th Apr 2005, 07:54   #8 (permalink)
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Real ones OK too

I noted last week that you can check in real weapons on US flights, meaning that you declare them at checkin, and hand them over. You get them back at the other end. Of course they have to be legal at both ends of the flight, which would not be the case in the UK, presumably.

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Old 22nd Apr 2005, 14:55   #9 (permalink)
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As you can check in real weapons onto most flights (including BA - been there, done that) then I see no problem with replicas or toys.
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