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Mumbai Merlin 30th Jun 2022 20:44

Sir Jacob Luke (PNG) buys Embraer Jet
In what appears to be a remarkable success story a private PNG citizen has bought an Embraer Jet

Sir Jacob Luke's story appears one of hard work and good advice.

tail wheel 30th Jun 2022 21:56


aroa 30th Jun 2022 23:22

Interesting side story to that article regarding a new memorial and scholarship foundation honouring the lost legend, Amelia Earhart.
The mystery of her disappearance in 1937 only recently eclipsed by MH 370.

Duck Pilot 3rd Jul 2022 20:30

Fake news which I also heard from another reliable source a few days ago.

Obviously some people have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker on this rubbish story.


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