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Mumbai Merlin 21st Feb 2021 10:26

Cessna C206 crash at Efogi PNG - P2-ALP - 16th Feb 2021
Has been confirmed that a Cessna C206, P2-ALP, operated by Airborne Logistics, based in Port Moresby, was severely damaged in a landing accident at Efogi, Central Province.
Soft ground is believed to be the cause of the accident.

Same airstrip where Air Sanga PAC-750 suffered a landing accident due soft ground on 7th October 2019

Kagamuga 21st Feb 2021 12:36

PNGAIC probes aircraft incident | Loop PNG

PNG AIC announce investigation into accident at Efogi involving C206, registered P2-ALP

Magnetomick 21st Feb 2021 22:03

Thanks MM& Kaga, predictive text got me in the bad books when I couldn’t copy the LoopPng link so I copied and pasted the text. Sori tumas. Tenk yu tru for getting the post up.

To keep discussion moving would they have been landing “uphill or downhill”? I’ll look for the report for the 2019 incident.

Kagamuga 21st Feb 2021 23:16

EFOGI 0909.45 14739.56 AYEF 4 17/35 3800 487 9.5 N L17 T/O35; undulating; updraft with t/winds

One way strip!

BTW, it is a short strip for a C206 at best of times, drainage is not the best, and agent strip reporting is important. The AIC might not do anything other than a 'desktop' audit and report. The aircraft was crewed by two pilots, one of considerable PNG time; well respected therefore a written report from him would most likely be sufficient.

Magnetomick 22nd Feb 2021 04:24

2005 but I don’t think that’s the entire length!


poteroo 22nd Feb 2021 07:51

Difficult strip with much steeper lower end. If I recollect it required less than full flap, 5kts+ more approach speed, and a strong roundout to avoid nosewheel contact. In my day, it was 185 only until the Porter appeared.
happy days,

Pinky the pilot 22nd Feb 2021 08:17

Went into Efogi many times but always treated the strip with the greatest respect/caution. The Douglas Airways 'Bible' stipulated an extra 10kt in speeds turning final, and you were committed from 4,000' on final.

Don't remember the fence in the picture shown above though..:hmm:

.Maybe too much Red since!:}

It was the one place where I was nearly always given fresh veggies, bananas etc whenever I landed there. And always from some of the local Meris!:E

Flingwing47 22nd Feb 2021 17:32

Boo boo

there but for the grace of the gods go I !

i loved the Sunday Jungle Runs

doublemamba 26th Feb 2021 07:42

Does Air Sanga serve sammiches on the flight?
Or is everyone too puckered up to contemplate such triflings?:}

Flingwing47 26th Feb 2021 10:03

Sunday jungles were a lot of fun - early start, 4 or 5 quick trips, finish around noon.
my favourite Stop though was Fane, had a 4 week stint based there lomglining with a 206 B4 I switched back to welded wings.
the Brothers there Sure knew how to live !

Captain Nomad 4th Mar 2021 12:41

That fence be there to keep the Kokoda track walkers off the strip! The track goes right past the top of the strip there. Definitely more strip out of view. I have landed on the approach end of the strip and been in cloud by the time you get to the parking spot at the top... Less of a rollercoaster take off than Kagi across the way though...

Petropavlovsk 12th Mar 2021 21:16

Having seen a photo of the damaged C206, there is every possibility it might be too expensive to recover.
Airframe repairs, new prop, minimum of engine bulk strip, and cost of Mil8 to lift out and sling back to Port Moresby.

Kagamuga 24th Mar 2021 09:35

Still "sleeping" in Efogi!
Strip it and leave it !

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