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Mumbai Merlin 4th Feb 2021 22:48

Solomons new Ikana Twin Otter
Solomons, new rebuild zero time Ikana Twin Otter DHC-6-300 HG, (high gross weight) has departed USA on delivery flight to Solomons.

The aircraft can be flown at weights up to 14,000lbs plus...

SIUYA 5th Feb 2021 07:29

Mumbai Merlin.....you sure about the 'plus'?

I thought that the IKHANA can be only operated above the normal TCDS MTOM up to 14,000 lbs in Restricted Category Ops. Happy to be proved wrong though. :ok:

It's an impressive offering....see Microsoft Word - IKHANA RWMI DHC-6-X2 Fact Sheet (1603) (ikhanagroup.com)

Mumbai Merlin 5th Feb 2021 08:20

All Ops including Charter and Regular Public Transport (Airline)
Mind you the Solomons regulator might not agree; but that's a country issue.
To fly above 5.700kg or 12,500 lbs, you may have to fit CVR and FDR, etc, again it's a country thing !

Mumbai Merlin 5th Feb 2021 08:24

Go to the Ikana web site
Check out the list of STC's
Item #12 for a 300 series Twin Otter

Mumbai Merlin 17th Feb 2021 02:22

Ikanha DHC-6-300 (HGW) Twin Otter arrived in Solomon's, Friday 12th Feb, on delivery to Solomon's.
1975 model

Car RAMROD 17th Feb 2021 05:00

N805RT if you really wanted to know the rego.

I also find it interesting that this one has got the little vertical fins top/bottom of the horizontal stab that the seaplane versions have. Normal twotters don’t. Was this frame on floats in a previous life?

nonsense 18th Feb 2021 02:00

Details of N8055RT here.
Older photos do not show the additional vertical fins; Ikhana list "Amphibious or Float Landing Gear" as an option.

Car RAMROD 18th Feb 2021 08:56

The little vertical fins are there in that “sold” pic. Well, one is visible. Look on the far right edge of the frame, you’ll see a white one sticking down.

whats the cylindrical-ish box on top of the cockpit with what looks like a lens? Or is it a different air scoop?
its still there on the IE aircraft.

witwiw 18th Feb 2021 12:25

Here it is in IE’s livery - fins on the horizontal stab clearly visible.


type in “blog spot” (as one word, no spacing) where the asterisks are if the link doesn’t work.

TBM-Legend 18th Feb 2021 23:42

Looks like Air Kiribati are ditching their Twotters [one leased from IE] and Harbins for seven Tecnam P2012 Travellers...

megan 19th Feb 2021 01:05

The fins of the seaplane version are standard on the 14,000 pound version.



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