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Bell Man 13th Dec 2019 11:15

Bose A20 Headset Replacement Parts - Essendon
Does anyone know if any flying schools or aircraft spare parts suppliers stock Bose A20 headset replacement parts - ear pieces, etc at Essendon Airport or close by?

tail wheel 13th Dec 2019 22:09

No Bose aviation retailer listed for Melbourne. THIS appears to be your only option, via mail order.

Bell Man 14th Dec 2019 00:19

Thanks Wheelie!

Lazyload 14th Dec 2019 05:53

My advice is to buy genuine Bose parts even though a pair of ear pads will cost around $60. I bought a pair of knock offs on eBay for $12, spent the best part of an hour trying to fit one of them, then threw both into the trash.

blackburn 14th Dec 2019 10:54

To the best of my knowledge, Avionics 2000 do sell the complete Bose headsets. May be worth a try.

Bell Man 14th Dec 2019 20:03

Many thanks Blackburn, very much appreciated.

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