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Motorola 29th Aug 2018 10:54

Airstrip Cabarita/Hastings Point
Hi, Google satellite shows what looks like a disused airstrip near the beach between Cabarita and Hastings Point, south of Kingscliff, NSW.


Any info on this please?

Thanks, M

triton140 29th Aug 2018 12:18

The sign on the entrance track says "KEEP OUT - EFFLUENT DISPOSAL AREA".

If it's an airstrip, it sounds pretty crappy.

mcoates 30th Aug 2018 10:52

I was told (hanger talk at the airport) that this was used to fly people up from Sydney on a Foker Friendship to sell them a slice of Queensland for retirement. (didn't matter it was still in NSW) This must of happened 20-30 years ago. It could all be wrong but just passing on the information.

Lancair70 30th Aug 2018 11:50

WOW, I did all my training around there in late 80's early 90's and dont recall seeing anything like a strip there but certainly looks like one. Was one further south near Wooyung, one over near Mooball that my instructors liked to use for practice forced landings.

bloodandiron 30th Aug 2018 11:55

If you look at satellite imagery from 2003 on Google Earth you'll see there was nothing there. I'd wager a guess that the strip of land would not be able to take a Fokker Friendship due to its length and surface type.

Possum1 30th Aug 2018 16:42

Mcoates is talking about Tyagarah which was originally built by developers to fly prospects in, in the '70s.

mcoates 30th Aug 2018 22:59

Tyagarah is at 90 degrees to the coast, this strip runs parallel to the beach. I don't know the history of Tyagarah but Ian McPhee (glider specialist) has pretty much lived there forever and would know for sure.

As i mentioned, it was only hanger talk when we were talking about it one day after flying back from Evans Head with a group on a club fly-away day and spotted it. It is actually longer than it looks and i don't know how much has overgrown in the past 20-30 years.

Lancair70 30th Aug 2018 23:25

I have lived in the area most of my life and never recall any Fokkers at Tyagarah, doubt theyd get in there with only 1000m. Im probably wrong about length req'd but as I said, I dont recall anything that big there.

Thanks bloodandiron, I was beginning to suspect my memory was faulty, LOL. glad to hear it wasnt there in 2003.

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