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Sunfish 3rd Jul 2018 07:21

RAA Stance On Aviation Reform???
I'm puzzled by the apparent refusal of the RAA to wholeheartedly support the call of AOPA for reform of the Aviation Act as evidenced by their non submission of anything in the agenda for the conference on 10 July.

I also note that CASA has recently offered RAA a group of operational concessions for their activities that potentially appear to include the transfer of many GA aircraft to their register.

As RAA appear to now make up half the aircraft registrations in the country, is this significant? Does RAA support AOPA? Does it support general aviation reform?

Vag277 3rd Jul 2018 08:17

Don,t let facts get in the way of a good rant.
CASA have not offered anything. They are considering proposals from RAAus with associated requirements.

Total aircraft on VH and RAAus registers approx. 18800. Approx as the numbersare taken from the web and not necessarily up to date. RAAus register 3400. Far from half.

AOPA 3rd Jul 2018 12:01

26th June 2018

Mr Shane CarmodyDirector of Aviation Safety, CASA
GPO BOX 2005
Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Mr Rob WalkerGroup Manager Stakeholder Engagement, CASA
GPO BOX 2005
Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Mr Michael McCormack MPDeputy Prime Minister
Minister for Infrastructure and Transport
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600, Australia

Approval for CTA and 601-760KG MTOW for RAAus Pilot Certificate Holders

Mr Carmody,

Further to your Briefing Notes of 26th June 2018, distributed by email to the aviation industry.

Your announcements this week regarding CTA access and an MTOW increase of 601-760KGS for Recreational Pilots Certificate holders is viewed as excellent news for Australia’s aviation industry.

By way of your announcement you have communicated CASA’s acceptance, that a private drivers license self-certification medical standard for pilots of aircraft with an MTOW of up to 600kg currently represents ‘no reduction in the existing safety standards’. This view aligns with the view of the AOPA Australia who has been advocating for Class 2 reforms.

We are furthermore encouraged that CASA is reviewing an MTOW increase of 601-760KG for Recreational Pilots Certificate holders signaling that the regulators decision in December 2017 to reject self-certification for general aviation RPL and PPL holders was premature.

Understanding that CASA’s role is to develop aviation safety standards for the whole of our industry, we applaud CASA in making this decision and now look forward to its implementation for RPL and PPL holders who fly private category VH registered aircraft with an MTOW of up to 600kgs and onwards to 601-760KGS once CASA approves.

CASA must agree that it would be entirely inappropriate for it to discriminate between an RAAus RPC holder or CASA RPL/PPL holder, given that you have stated ‘no reduction in the existing safety standards’ exits. Furthermore, you are aware that CASA sets a higher standard of pilot training for both RPL and PPL holders, along with higher airworthiness standards for VH registered aircraft than what is applied to RAAus.

We would also like to convey our full support for owner maintenance for all private category VH registered aircraft with an MTOW of up to 600KGS and onward to 601-760KGS on the basis of your Briefing Notes of 26th June 2018. The AOPA Australia requests an urgent meeting with you and your team next week to discuss a timeline for immediate implementation. Thank you again and we look forward to meeting soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Executive Director

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia (AOPA Australia)
Hangar 600, Prentice Street, Bankstown Airport NSW 2200 Australia.
PO BOX 26, Georges Hall NSW 2198 Australia.

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