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Pterois Volitans 27th Jun 2018 21:40

Aircraft syndicates at YSBK.
Hi All,

I am trying to find out if there are any other aircraft syndicates at YSBK?
The alpha flying group looks good, however it is currently above my price range. With the AOPA aircraft hire project not working out, I am being forced into paying flying school rates, and fighting for availability.
I would rather my flying fund go to supporting a group or “not for profit” operation or maybe there is an private owner who’s aircraft is under utilized and would offer a sensible hire rate and availability. I would even consider wedderburn if that is an option.
Please feel free to PM

bloodandiron 28th Jun 2018 04:19

What happened to the aircraft AOPA were hiring out? Doesn't seem to have lasted long

Pterois Volitans 28th Jun 2018 06:29

I heard the AOPA aircraft was returned to is operated due to insurance issues.

LeadSled 28th Jun 2018 09:41

Groups have come and gone at YSBK over the years, that Alpha have survived suggests they are doing something right.
As for costs, YSBK would be a very expensive place to keep an aircraft, believe me, I know, because I have.
Tootle pip!!

dhavillandpilot 28th Jun 2018 10:25

Yes it costs me $80 a day at YSBK yet go to YSCN and it's $9

same owner go figure

thorn bird 29th Jun 2018 01:11

Yes it costs me $80 a day at YSBK yet go to YSCN and it's $9

Perhaps the reason is to encourage as many owners to vacate the airport as possible
thus making a case to Guv-mint for industrial development rather than an airport.
I have heard fully two thirds of Bankstown Airport is already slated for DFO's etc.
How long before BK contracts to a heliport for police and ambulance only?

Cessna 200 29th Jun 2018 02:36

Aircraft Syndicates
There are other syndicates available in the Sydney Basin if you network. For fear of advertising, PM me for further optiins.:ok:

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