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Tevans 9th Apr 2018 05:19

Lost logbook

i think i have misplaced my logbook recently and I know total hours but canít break down dual, solo pic etc
can I do a stat dec saying how many hours I have?

the school I did my initial flying and school I did my instructor rating and workmhave both gone under

anyones thoughts on the matter?
i rang casa but the girl on the phone wasnít helpful at all

drpixie 9th Apr 2018 07:08

To everybody else - back-up. Just take a photo of each page with your phone, then you could always recreate it with correct details.

TurboProp2120 9th Apr 2018 08:35

This has not happened to me, but surely CASA would be able to recover the paperwork from your last license, failing that the instructor rating.

If I remember correctly on the test paperwork total time, dual, solo and IF are filled in. So that would be a good marker. Anything accumulated after that date would be hard to track down however.

Good luck!

ozgv 9th Apr 2018 08:57

Same happened here but I had a manual spreadsheet that I completed the same time I updated the logbook but lost that to.

Lucky I had another file that had the dual/comm/inst all broken down to each aircraft but dont have dates or anything but do have the hours.

Casa said thats fine

Stab Bar 9th Apr 2018 20:24

Your training records may still exist at wherever the archives from the schools might have ended up. They're supposed to keep them for 7 years so there may be boxes sitting somewhere. It's not a great option but maybe a possibility.

thunderbird five 9th Apr 2018 21:17

I thought I'd scan the CASRs for you to see if there was any idea how to proceed. No.
I did find however, that you are now guilty of several breaches,
61.345 failing to keeping a logbook
61.355 failure to retain a logbook for 7 years
61.365 failure to produce a logbook (if CASA asks)
You're nicked Johnnie.

MEANWHILE, back in the real world, there must be some other government (non-CASA) regulations about replacing/recreating lost documents like this.

I like the suggestion about photographing logbook pages. Good idea, easier than scanning them.

thorn bird 9th Apr 2018 22:02

61.345 possible interpretation. You lost it therefore you failed to keep it.
An offence of strict liability. 50 penalty units and give up your wife/daughter for CAsA.s new staff entertainment camps

61.355 possible interpretation: you didnt retain it for seven years, you lost it.
Strict liability offence 50 penalty points and you must give up your first born son for CAsA reassignment to incompetence school.

61365 possible interpretation: you canít produce what you donít have. Hate to say it but your screwed.

Capt Fathom 10th Apr 2018 00:49

I've heard of logbooks disappearing with stolen cars and navbags, but misplacing it is a new one! :uhoh:

Nipper 13th Apr 2018 06:57

Apart from finding your old logbook, you have a couple of options.
Your last medical will have the total hours as of that date on it, plus hours flown last 90 days. See if your DAME can provide a copy.
Have you emailed a CV with a breakdown of hours on it?
Start a new logbook with a Stat Dec in the front stating why there is no previous logbook.
Don't use it as an excuse to add a few 100 hours, Murphy's law will catch you out.
If you don't want to keep an electronic logbook, keep an electronic monthly/annual summary.

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