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Squawk7700 31st May 2019 01:50

Cambridge / Hobart is now back online after a long hiatus caused by some technical issues.

Thanks to Par Avion.


22N114E 31st May 2019 01:53

I note additional cameras at YCAB.

Squawk7700 31st May 2019 02:04

Originally Posted by 22N114E (Post 10483113)
I note additional cameras at YCAB.

Well spotted.

They went up earlier this week with thanks to the Caboolture Aero Club.

Weather Cameras

Squawk7700 1st Aug 2019 08:46

New cameras came online today at Wollongong / Shellharbour / Illawarra with many thanks to our friends at HARS https://hars.org.au

Look under Aviation Cameras: https://mywebcams.com.au Best viewed in daylight; Sorry I have a habit of posting these updates at night!

The name is Porter 1st Aug 2019 11:09

Squawk, a young bloke from Ararat mentioned there's not many/any cameras around Stawell? Do you need a contact, I'll try a few people if so.

Squawk7700 1st Aug 2019 11:40

Originally Posted by The name is Porter (Post 10533882)
Squawk, a young bloke from Ararat mentioned there's not many/any cameras around Stawell? Do you need a contact, I'll try a few people if so.

Sure, send them my way. They may be on my list from a Facebook shout-out, but either way the more names the better.

The name is Porter 1st Aug 2019 12:08

Oakey-Doak, I'll get onto it!

Squawk7700 2nd Aug 2019 02:02


Squawk7700 8th Aug 2019 07:14

Kerang have now joined the weather cam craze and they are now up and running:


Additionally as of yesterday, Holbrook now have 4 cameras:

YHBK ? Holbrook | My Web Cams Australia

Finally, Yarrawonga is back up after some Telstra outages and now has a second camera:

YYWG ? Yarrawonga | My Web Cams Australia

It's been a busy week for even more cameras with 2 cameras signed up yesterday and 4 today.

Keep them coming guys and girls and spread the word!

Squawk7700 9th Aug 2019 10:42

Today we added a Melbourne CBD camera that covers the Yarra Helipads.


Squawk7700 19th Aug 2019 10:26

Boonah is now up in sunny Queensland thanks to the local flying club. Already on display in OZRunways and Avplan.

Boonah Webcams

Squawk7700 6th Sep 2019 22:08

mcoates 6th Sep 2019 23:26

You live in the wrong place, on the Gold Coast it is 28°, generally blue skies except for a little bit of smoke over the hinterland from a bushfire. At the moment, wind gusting to 4 kn, life is good in the sunshine state.

You should come and visit the Gold Coast - where it is beautiful one day and perfect the next according to our tourism slogans.

Let the fun begin !

Possum1 7th Sep 2019 02:23

I'll try. You had forecast severe turbulence and mountain waves this morning and I guarantee you would have found gusts a little higher than 7 knots in the rotors and lee mountain waves of Canungra and Tambourine Mountain had you gone to circuit height. Vis was 8000m reducing to 6000m by mid-morning.

Is that why none of you blokes did the usual circuit-hogging swarm to Kooralbyn for breakfast this morning? I noticed someone in a Sling 2? flew in that direction but turned around and came back promptly, finishing with a little scenic over Jumpinpin. The only other movement out of Southport this morning seems to be one of Peter Gash's Caravans heading for Hervey Bay. The rest of you stayed on the ground.

Squawk7700 9th Sep 2019 03:55

Two sets of cameras online today.

One set on a private strip just north of Benalla.


Second set at a private strip at Dalmore SA OZDAE.


Squawk7700 8th Oct 2019 23:34

YWSL West Sale airport has just come online with many thanks to the Wellington Shire Council.

Those that haven't been there for a while may notice in the second image to the north-east, that there has been a large runway expansion to cater for the overflow of training aircraft from the RAAF at East Sale since they took over training from Tamworth.


machtuk 9th Oct 2019 01:28

Best safety device ever!-) shame every drome doesn't have them?

Squawk7700 22nd Oct 2019 00:55

Southport in sunny Queensland is now online,
thanks to the Southport Flying Club.


Coming to your favorite EFB soon.


(Note: The branding will be moved to the bottom once the time stamp is moved up)

mcoates 22nd Oct 2019 01:18

Nice clear photos from their system, well done Southport and Squawk7700.

Squawk7700 30th Oct 2019 08:58

A second camera is now up at Warrnambool in Vic with many thanks to the hosts.

YWBL ? Warrnambool | My Web Cams Australia


PS: Stand by for 3 new cameras at Gympie in Queensland.

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