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Cralis 10th Jan 2018 03:17

Brisbane approaches from the north
Hi all,

Could anyone tell me what STAR (if any?) these guys are using? The first one is a little different from what I usually see.


And then the one that's more common is this one:


Are either of these SMOKA5A? None of them seem to pass over Dayboro, and there's a waypoint called DAYBO. So does that rule SMOKA5A out?


I live close to Carseldine (North of Brisbane), and see loads of aircraft going down south past where I live (Kind of matching the first image), and then do a left turn close to the river (Not matching the first image now) for RW01. That seems to be more aligned with the SMOKA5A, but ... is that maybe not common, as these guys both seem to be doing something different.

Edit: Actually, the 2nd image does show them coming past where I see them from. I look west from where I am, and they're descending in what I thought was a southerly path, but I guess it's SE.

So, sorry, babbling... but what approaches are these guys using, and is the SMOKA5A the most common from the north (as I see loads coming down past where I live in a line from Rocky, etc)

And bonus question - do the international flights get routed differently, because now that I think of it, I've never seen anything bust domestic come past us.

Fonz121 10th Jan 2018 05:10

The Qlink aircraft come in on the Laveg (Maleny) arrival and then get vectored for the 01 ILS approach.

Cralis 10th Jan 2018 05:28

Thanks for that. On the chart for LAVEG, when it passes over the VOR, it shows a dotted path after the VOR, going back. That wouldn't be fun surely? I'm guessing ATC will vector after BURPA ... or else, you're about to "swim up steam"?

Fonz121 10th Jan 2018 07:35

Yeah the aircraft don't actually make it to the VOR. Like you said, they get vectored somewhere around BURPA for either 01 as seen in your screenshot or 19.

Cralis 10th Jan 2018 23:35


And any idea on the 2nd one?

Possum1 11th Jan 2018 00:49

I was always told that the second one is via the Brekky Creek Hotel because all the pilots were supposed to know where that was!

topdrop 11th Jan 2018 01:04

Second one looks like the Smoka 5 Mike Arrival

ad-astra 11th Jan 2018 01:11

Second approach is the RNAV-M (RNP) RWY 01 Approach off the SMOKA 5 MIKE ARRIVAL.

The Arrival starts at SMOKA then OTGAT,DAYBO,ISVAN,SAGTA,BIPUD to start the Approach.

The RNP is very similar to the old Brekky Creek arrival (which was partially hand built), but is coded in the FMC data base and is a lot easier to conduct.

Capn Bloggs 11th Jan 2018 02:42

Smoka 5V with the River track (OLBEV, PUNIG, RWY 01).

Don't you wallys do visual approaches any more? :}

ad-astra 11th Jan 2018 03:12

Alas the Wally Controllers only issue the RNP or the IlLS.
Happy to do Visual Approaches via the River track as it was the norm but we are but mere servants.

Cralis 11th Jan 2018 03:24

I can't see PUNIG on the SMOKA5V chart.

Once you cross BIPUD, is the task to keep heading to the river, and once at the river, turn to intercept ILS? So, only valid in VFR conditions?

Capn Bloggs 11th Jan 2018 03:36

I can't see PUNIG on the SMOKA5V chart.
I can! Glasses on! Bottom right corner in grey...

Too close for an ILS turn-on. You can try it but it may get messy... Turn Before The Bridge!!! :ok:

only valid in VFR conditions?
Hence the "V" for Victor aka Visual in the name...

wishiwasupthere 11th Jan 2018 03:40

I noticed a Cathay arrival do the river approach a few days ago. Its the first time i've seen an overseas carrier do it.

Lancair70 11th Jan 2018 03:40

Cralis, see this link and youll find the info you need I think.

Airservices Australia AIS - DAP 154 - Aerodrome & Procedure Charts

OOPS RTT first huh. Sorry I see you've found the resource already.

Cralis 11th Jan 2018 03:41

Thanks Capn Bloggs... I missed the grey bit... damn. That's really cool. Hence the Brekky Creek thing... OLBEV is right on the hotel. And then PUNIG on the extended centre line.

And now I see what the V stands for. This all makes sense. :) It's as if someone thought about it.

So we have A, M and V. What's M and A then?

Cralis 11th Jan 2018 03:43

Thanks Lancair70. That's where I'm grabbing things from. Really informative... It's all out of proportion to maps, so it's hard to try and overlay them on a map to see where things happen. That SMOKA5V one has the river, which suddenly made things clearer...

megle2 11th Jan 2018 08:41

I’ll join in, is OLBEV short for old beverage ie old style beer at the Brekkie Pub
and PUNIG short for ... ???

OK4Wire 11th Jan 2018 08:55


We've been doing them since mid '96.

The only thing is these days ATC (apparently) is not allowed to offer the River Track to foreign airlines, but one is still allowed to ask. If you don't get your request in early, the ATC computer will slot you in for an ILS, and then it's normally too late for a late change.

Capt Fathom 11th Jan 2018 10:15

Its quite frustration when you report visual then get cleared for an ILS approach!
No Im visual. Youre cleared the ILS approach. Whos flying this aeroplane? According to ATC, not me. :ouch:

mikethepomme 12th Jan 2018 22:43

Originally Posted by Capt Fathom (Post 10016790)
Its quite frustration when you report visual then get cleared for an ILS approach!
No Im visual. Youre cleared the ILS approach. Whos flying this aeroplane? According to ATC, not me. :ouch:

Mainly because if we give you a visual approach you are going to fly it much quicker... so instead of clearing you visual approach then slowing you down, its easier to stick with the ILS

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